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    r15471 r15472  
    1717 (dl ((dt (wiki "elevator-pitch" "Elevator pitch"))
    1818      (dd "A brief explanation of why CHICKEN is suitable for Real World tasks"))
    19      ((dt (wiki "Chicken for programmers of other languages" ""))
     19     ((dt (wiki "Chicken for programmers of other languages" "Chicken for programmers of other languages"))
    2020      (dd "Chicken for programmers of C, Ruby, Python and other programming languages"))
    21      ((dt (wiki "Portability" "")) (dd "Supported platforms"))
     21     ((dt (wiki "Portability" "Portability")) (dd "Supported platforms"))
    2222     ((dt (wiki "platforms" "Platforms & packages"))
    2323      (dd "Listing of all platforms where CHICKEN is available in pre-packaged form"))
    24      ((dt (wiki "Download" "")) (dd "Get the sources"))
     24     ((dt (wiki "Download" "Download")) (dd "Get the sources"))
    2525     ((dt (wiki "maintainers" "Maintainers"))
    2626      (dd "People who maintain CHICKEN"))
    27      ((dt (wiki "Software" ""))
     27     ((dt (wiki "Software" "Software"))
    2828      (dd "Software people have written using CHICKEN")))
    2929 (Section 1 "Using Chicken")
    30  (dl ((dt (wiki "Tutorials" "")) (dd "Tutorials about all things CHICKEN!"))
     30 (dl ((dt (wiki "Tutorials" "Tutorials")) (dd "Tutorials about all things CHICKEN!"))
    3131     ((dt (wiki "man/4/The User's Manual" "The User's Manual"))
    3232      (dd "How to use it and reference manual"))
    33      ((dt (wiki "Eggs" ""))
     33     ((dt (wiki "Eggs" "Eggs"))
    3434      (dd "Information about CHICKEN extension-libraries (eggs)"))
    35      ((dt (wiki "Tips and tricks" "")) (dd "Some handy tips"))
    36      ((dt (wiki "Code snippets" "")) (dd "Various small coding examples")))
     35     ((dt (wiki "Tips and tricks" "Tips and tricks")) (dd "Some handy tips"))
     36     ((dt (wiki "Code snippets" "Code snippets")) (dd "Various small coding examples")))
    3737 (Section 1 "The Chicken community")
    38  (dl ((dt (wiki "Active Projects" ""))
     38 (dl ((dt (wiki "Active Projects" "Active Projects"))
    3939      (dd "join a CHICKEN-based project, or start one!"))
    4040     ((dt (wiki "discussion-groups" "Discussion groups"))
    4242     ((dt (wiki "Logos" "Art"))
    4343      (dd "CHICKEN-related art (logos, desktop backgrounds etc)"))
    44      ((dt (wiki "Users" ""))
     44     ((dt (wiki "Users" "Users"))
    4545      (dd "A list of users and contributors to CHICKEN Scheme"))
    4646     ((dt (wiki "svn checkout" "Wiki edits and SVN"))
    4747      (dd "How to edit this wiki using Subversion")))
    4848 (Section 1 "Developing Chicken")
    49  (dl ((dt (wiki "Internals" ""))
     49 (dl ((dt (wiki "Internals" "Internals"))
    5050      (dd "Documentation about the internal structure of CHICKEN"))
    5151     ((dt (url "" "Trac"))
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