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05/14/09 12:07:29 (11 years ago)
felix winkelmann

some types; fixnum and float type specifiers

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  • chicken/branches/scrutiny/defaults.make

    r14529 r14628  
    283283# Scheme compiler flags
    285286#CHICKEN_OPTIONS = -no-trace -optimize-level 2 -include-path . -include-path $(SRCDIR)
    286287CHICKEN_OPTIONS = -optimize-level 2 -include-path . -include-path $(SRCDIR)
  • chicken/branches/scrutiny/expand.scm

    r13965 r14628  
    50  ((not debugbuild)
    51   (declare
     50 (chicken   ;(not debugbuild)
     51  #;(declare
    5252    (no-bound-checks)
    5353    (no-procedure-checks))
    54   (cond-expand
    55    (hygienic-macros
    56     (define-syntax dd (syntax-rules () ((_ . _) (void)))))
    57    (else                                        ;*** remove later
    58     (define-macro (dd . _) '(void))))
    59   (cond-expand
    60    (hygienic-macros
    61     (define-syntax dm (syntax-rules () ((_ . _) (void)))))
    62    (else                                        ;*** remove later
    63     (define-macro (dm . _) '(void)))))
     54  (define-syntax dd (syntax-rules () ((_ . _) (void))))
     55  (define-syntax dm (syntax-rules () ((_ . _) (void)))))
    6456 (else))
  • chicken/branches/scrutiny/scrutinizer.scm

    r14618 r14628  
    7272(define (d fstr . args)
    73   (printf "[debug] ~?~%" fstr args))
    75 (define-syntax d (syntax-rules () ((_ . _) (void))))
     73  (when (##sys#fudge 13)
     74    (printf "[debug] ~?~%" fstr args)) )
     76;XXX (define-syntax d (syntax-rules () ((_ . _) (void))))
    8889;   BASIC = * | string | symbol | char | number | boolean | list | pair |
    8990;           procedure | vector | null | eof | undefined | port |
    90 ;           blob | noreturn | pointer | locative
     91;           blob | noreturn | pointer | locative | fixnum | float
    9192;   RESULTS = *
    9293;           | (VAL1 ...)
    103104    (cond ((string? lit) 'string)
    104105          ((symbol? lit) 'symbol)
    105           ((number? lit) 'number)
     106          ((fixnum? lit) 'fixnum)
     107          ((flonum? lit) 'float)
     108          ((number? lit) 'number)       ; in case...
    106109          ((boolean? lit) 'boolean)
    107110          ((list? lit) 'list)
    298301          ((eq? t1 'noreturn))
    299302          ((eq? t2 'noreturn))
     303          ((eq? t1 'number) (memq t2 '(number fixnum float)))
     304          ((eq? t2 'number) (memq t1 '(number fixnum float)))
    300305          ((eq? 'procedure t1) (and (pair? t2) (eq? 'procedure (car t2))))
    301306          ((eq? 'procedure t2) (and (pair? t1) (eq? 'procedure (car t1))))
    359364          ((list) (memq t1 '(null pair)))
    360365          ((procedure) (and (pair? t1) (eq? 'procedure (car t1))))
     366          ((number) (memq t1 '(fixnum float)))
    361367          (else
    362368           (and (pair? t1) (pair? t2)
  • chicken/branches/scrutiny/types.db

    r14618 r14628  
    6969(list? (procedure list? (*) boolean))
    7070(list (procedure list (#!rest) list))
    71 (length (procedure length (list) number))
    72 (list-tail (procedure list-tail (list number) *))
    73 (list-ref (procedure list-ref (list number) *))
     71(length (procedure length (list) fixnum))
     72(list-tail (procedure list-tail (list fixnum) *))
     73(list-ref (procedure list-ref (list fixnum) *))
    7474(append (procedure append (list #!rest) list))
    7575(reverse (procedure reverse (list) list))
    118118(exact->inexact (procedure exact->inexact (number) number))
    119119(inexact->exact (procedure inexact->exact (number) number))
    120 (exp (procedure exp (number) number))
    121 (log (procedure log (number) number))
     120(exp (procedure exp (number) float))
     121(log (procedure log (number) float))
    122122(expt (procedure expt (number number) number))
    123 (sqrt (procedure sqrt (number) number))
    124 (sin (procedure sin (number) number))
    125 (cos (procedure cos (number) number))
    126 (tan (procedure tan (number) number))
    127 (asin (procedure asin (number) number))
    128 (acos (procedure acos (number) number))
    129 (atan (procedure atan (number number) number))
     123(sqrt (procedure sqrt (number) float))
     124(sin (procedure sin (number) float))
     125(cos (procedure cos (number) float))
     126(tan (procedure tan (number) float))
     127(asin (procedure asin (number) float))
     128(acos (procedure acos (number) float))
     129(atan (procedure atan (number number) float))
    130130(number->string (procedure number->string (number #!optional number) string))
    131131(string->number (procedure string->number (string #!optional number) (or number boolean)))
    148148(char-upcase (procedure char-upcase (char) char))
    149149(char-downcase (procedure char-downcase (char) char))
    150 (char->integer (procedure char->integer (char) number))
    151 (integer->char (procedure integer->char (number) char))
     150(char->integer (procedure char->integer (char) fixnum))
     151(integer->char (procedure integer->char (fixnum) char))
    152152(string? (procedure string? (*) boolean))
    153153(string=? (procedure string=? (string string) boolean))
    161161(string-ci>=? (procedure string-ci>=? (string string) boolean))
    162162(string-ci<=? (procedure string-ci<=? (string string) boolean))
    163 (make-string (procedure make-string (number #!optional char) string))
    164 (string-length (procedure string-length (string) number))
    165 (string-ref (procedure string-ref (string number) char))
    166 (string-set! (procedure string-set! (string number char) undefined))
     163(make-string (procedure make-string (fixnum #!optional char) string))
     164(string-length (procedure string-length (string) fixnum))
     165(string-ref (procedure string-ref (string fixnum) char))
     166(string-set! (procedure string-set! (string fixnum char) undefined))
    167167(string-append (procedure string-append (#!rest string) string))
    168168(string-copy (procedure string-copy (string) string))
    169169(string->list (procedure string->list (string) list))
    170170(list->string (procedure list->string (list) string))
    171 (substring (procedure substring (string number #!optional number) string))
     171(substring (procedure substring (string fixnum #!optional fixnum) string))
    172172(string-fill! (procedure string-fill! (string char) string))
    173173(vector? (procedure vector? (*) boolean))
    174 (make-vector (procedure make-vector (number #!optional *) vector))
    175 (vector-ref (procedure vector-ref (vector number) *))
    176 (vector-set! (procedure vector-set! (vector number *) undefined))
     174(make-vector (procedure make-vector (fixnum #!optional *) vector))
     175(vector-ref (procedure vector-ref (vector fixnum) *))
     176(vector-set! (procedure vector-set! (vector fixnum *) undefined))
    177177(string (procedure string (#!rest char) string))
    178178(vector (procedure vector (#!rest) vector))
    179 (vector-length (procedure vector-length (vector) number))
     179(vector-length (procedure vector-length (vector) fixnum))
    180180(vector->list (procedure vector->list (vector) list))
    181181(list->vector (procedure list->vector (list) vector))
    218218(numerator (procedure numerator (number) number))
    219219(denominator (procedure denominator (number) number))
    220 (scheme-report-environment (procedure scheme-report-environment (#!optional number) *))
     220(scheme-report-environment (procedure scheme-report-environment (#!optional fixnum) *))
    221221(null-environment (procedure null-environment () *))
    222222(interaction-environment (procedure interaction-environment () *))
    226226(abort (procedure abort (*) noreturn))
    227227(add1 (procedure add1 (number) number))
    228 (argc+argv (procedure argc+argv () number list))
     228(argc+argv (procedure argc+argv () fixnum list))
    229229(argv (procedure argv () list))
    230230(arithmetic-shift (procedure arithmetic-shift (number number) number))
    231 (bit-set? (procedure bit-set? (number number) boolean))
     231(bit-set? (procedure bit-set? (number fixnum) boolean))
    232232(bitwise-and (procedure bitwise-and (#!rest number) number))
    233233(bitwise-ior (procedure bitwise-ior (#!rest number) number))
    235235(bitwise-xor (procedure bitwise-xor (#!rest number) number))
    236236(blob->string (procedure blob->string (blob) string))
    237 (blob-size (procedure blob-size (blob) number))
     237(blob-size (procedure blob-size (blob) fixnum))
    238238(blob? (procedure blob? (*) boolean))
    239239(blob=? (procedure blob=? (blob blob) boolean))
    255255(continuation? (procedure continuation? (*) boolean))
    256256(copy-read-table (procedure copy-read-table ((struct read-table)) (struct read-table)))
    257 (cpu-time (procedure cpu-time () number number))
     257(cpu-time (procedure cpu-time () fixnum fixnum))
    258258(current-error-port (procedure current-error-port (#!optional port) port))
    259259(current-exception-handler (procedure current-exception-handler () procedure))
    260 (current-gc-milliseconds (procedure current-gc-milliseconds () number))
    261 (current-milliseconds (procedure current-milliseconds () number))
     260(current-gc-milliseconds (procedure current-gc-milliseconds () fixnum))
     261(current-milliseconds (procedure current-milliseconds () fixnum))
    262262(current-read-table (procedure current-read-table () (struct read-table)))
    263263(current-seconds (procedure current-seconds () number))
    265265(delete-file (procedure delete-file (string) undefined))
    266266(enable-warnings (procedure enable-warnings (#!optional *) *))
    267 (errno (procedure errno () number))
     267(errno (procedure errno () fixnum))
    268268(error (procedure error (#!rest) noreturn))
    269 (exit (procedure exit (#!optional number) noreturn))
     269(exit (procedure exit (#!optional fixnum) noreturn))
    270270(exit-handler (procedure exit-handler (#!optional procedure) procedure))
    271271(expand (procedure expand (* #!optional *) *))
    274274(features (procedure features () list))
    275275(file-exists? (procedure file-exists? (string) boolean))
    276 (fixnum-bits number)
    277 (fixnum-precision number)
     276(fixnum-bits fixnum)
     277(fixnum-precision fixnum)
    278278(fixnum? (procedure fixnum? (*) boolean))
    279 (flonum-decimal-precision number)
    280 (flonum-epsilon number)
    281 (flonum-maximum-decimal-exponent number)
    282 (flonum-maximum-exponent number)
    283 (flonum-minimum-decimal-exponent number)
    284 (flonum-minimum-exponent number)
    285 (flonum-precision number)
    286 (flonum-print-precision (procedure (#!optional number) number))
    287 (flonum-radix number)
     279(flonum-decimal-precision fixnum)
     280(flonum-epsilon float)
     281(flonum-maximum-decimal-exponent fixnum)
     282(flonum-maximum-exponent fixnum)
     283(flonum-minimum-decimal-exponent fixnum)
     284(flonum-minimum-exponent fixnum)
     285(flonum-precision fixnum)
     286(flonum-print-precision (procedure (#!optional fixnum) fixnum))
     287(flonum-radix fixnum)
    288288(flonum? (procedure flonum? (*) boolean))
    289289(flush-output (procedure flush-output (#!optional port) undefined))
    290290(force-finalizers (procedure force-finalizers () undefined))
    291 (fp- (procedure fp- (number number) number))
    292 (fp* (procedure fp* (number number) number))
    293 (fp/ (procedure fp/ (number number) number))
    294 (fp+ (procedure fp+ (number number) number))
    295 (fp< (procedure fp< (number number) boolean))
    296 (fp<= (procedure fp<= (number number) boolean))
    297 (fp= (procedure fp= (number number) boolean))
    298 (fp> (procedure fp> (number number) boolean))
    299 (fp>= (procedure fp>= (number number) boolean))
    300 (fpmax (procedure fpmax (number number) number))
    301 (fpmin (procedure fpmin (number number) number))
    302 (fpneg (procedure fpneg (number) number))
    303 (fx- (procedure fx- (number number) number))
    304 (fx* (procedure fx* (number number) number))
    305 (fx/ (procedure fx/ (number number) number))
    306 (fx+ (procedure fx+ (number number) number))
    307 (fx< (procedure fx< (number number) boolean))
    308 (fx<= (procedure fx<= (number number) boolean))
    309 (fx= (procedure fx= (number number) boolean))
    310 (fx> (procedure fx> (number number) boolean))
    311 (fx>= (procedure fx>= (number number) boolean))
    312 (fxand (procedure fxand (number number) number))
    313 (fxior (procedure fxior (number number) number))
    314 (fxmax (procedure fxmax (number number) number))
    315 (fxmin (procedure fxmin (number number) number))
    316 (fxmod (procedure fxmod (number number) number))
    317 (fxneg (procedure fxneg (number) number))
    318 (fxnot (procedure fxnot (number) number))
    319 (fxshl (procedure fxshl (number number) number))
    320 (fxshr (procedure fxshr (number number) number))
    321 (fxxor (procedure fxxor (number number) number))
    322 (gc (procedure gc (#!optional *) number))
     291(fp- (procedure fp- (float float) float))
     292(fp* (procedure fp* (float float) float))
     293(fp/ (procedure fp/ (float float) float))
     294(fp+ (procedure fp+ (float float) float))
     295(fp< (procedure fp< (float float) boolean))
     296(fp<= (procedure fp<= (float float) boolean))
     297(fp= (procedure fp= (float float) boolean))
     298(fp> (procedure fp> (float float) boolean))
     299(fp>= (procedure fp>= (float float) boolean))
     300(fpmax (procedure fpmax (float float) float))
     301(fpmin (procedure fpmin (float float) float))
     302(fpneg (procedure fpneg (float) float))
     303(fx- (procedure fx- (fixnum fixnum) fixnum))
     304(fx* (procedure fx* (fixnum fixnum) fixnum))
     305(fx/ (procedure fx/ (fixnum fixnum) fixnum))
     306(fx+ (procedure fx+ (fixnum fixnum) fixnum))
     307(fx< (procedure fx< (fixnum fixnum) boolean))
     308(fx<= (procedure fx<= (fixnum fixnum) boolean))
     309(fx= (procedure fx= (fixnum fixnum) boolean))
     310(fx> (procedure fx> (fixnum fixnum) boolean))
     311(fx>= (procedure fx>= (fixnum fixnum) boolean))
     312(fxand (procedure fxand (fixnum fixnum) fixnum))
     313(fxior (procedure fxior (fixnum fixnum) fixnum))
     314(fxmax (procedure fxmax (fixnum fixnum) fixnum))
     315(fxmin (procedure fxmin (fixnum fixnum) fixnum))
     316(fxmod (procedure fxmod (fixnum fixnum) fixnum))
     317(fxneg (procedure fxneg (fixnum) fixnum))
     318(fxnot (procedure fxnot (fixnum) fixnum))
     319(fxshl (procedure fxshl (fixnum fixnum) fixnum))
     320(fxshr (procedure fxshr (fixnum fixnum) fixnum))
     321(fxxor (procedure fxxor (fixnum fixnum) fixnum))
     322(gc (procedure gc (#!optional *) fixnum))
    323323(gensym (procedure gensym (#!optional *) symbol))
    324324(get (procedure get (symbol symbol) *))
    325 (get-call-chain (procedure get-call-chain (#!optional number *) list))
     325(get-call-chain (procedure get-call-chain (#!optional fixnum *) list))
    326326(get-environment-variable (procedure get-environment-variable (string) string))
    327327(get-keyword (procedure get-keyword (symbol list #!optional *) *))
    339339(machine-byte-order (procedure machine-byte-order () symbol))
    340340(machine-type (procedure machine-type () symbol))
    341 (make-blob (procedure make-blob (number) blob))
     341(make-blob (procedure make-blob (fixnum) blob))
    342342(make-composite-condition (procedure make-composite-condition (#!rest (struct condition)) (struct condition)))
    343343(make-parameter (procedure make-parameter (* #!optional procedure) procedure))
    344344(make-property-condition (procedure make-property-condition (symbol #!rest symbol) (struct condition)))
    345 (maximum-flonum number)
     345(maximum-flonum float)
    346346(memory-statistics (procedure memory-statistics () vector))
    347 (minimum-flonum number)
    348 (most-negative-fixnum number)
    349 (most-positive-fixnum number)
     347(minimum-flonum float)
     348(most-negative-fixnum fixnum)
     349(most-positive-fixnum fixnum)
    350350(on-exit (procedure on-exit (procedure () . *) undefined))
    351351(open-input-string (procedure open-input-string (string #!rest) port))
    353353(parentheses-synonyms (procedure parentheses-synonyms (#!optional *) *))
    354354(port-name (procedure port-name (#!optional port) *))
    355 (port-position (procedure port-position (#!optional port) number))
     355(port-position (procedure port-position (#!optional port) fixnum))
    356356(port? (procedure port? (*) boolean))
    357357(print (procedure print (#!rest *) undefined))
    358 (print-call-chain (procedure print-call-chain (#!optional port number * string) undefined))
     358(print-call-chain (procedure print-call-chain (#!optional port fixnum * string) undefined))
    359359(print-error-message (procedure print-error-message (* #!optional port string) undefined))
    360360(print* (procedure print* (#!rest) undefined))
    394394(symbol-plist (procedure symbol-plist (symbol) list))
    395395(syntax-error (procedure syntax-error (#!rest) noreturn))
    396 (system (procedure system (string) number))
     396(system (procedure system (string) fixnum))
    397397(unregister-feature! (procedure unregister-feature! (#!rest symbol) undefined))
    398 (vector-resize (procedure vector-resize (vector number) vector))
     398(vector-resize (procedure vector-resize (vector fixnum) vector))
    399399(void (procedure void () undefined))
    400400(warning (procedure warning (#!rest) . *))
    411411(binary-search (procedure binary-search (vector (procedure (*) *)) *))
    412412(butlast (procedure butlast (pair) list))
    413 (chop (procedure chop (list number) list))
     413(chop (procedure chop (list fixnum) list))
    414414(complement (procedure complement (procedure) procedure))
    415415(compose (procedure compose (#!rest procedure) procedure))
    435435(noop (procedure noop (#!rest) *))
    436436(o (procedure o (#!rest (procedure (*) *)) (procedure (*) *)))
    437 (project (procedure project (number) procedure))
     437(project (procedure project (fixnum) procedure))
    438438(queue->list (procedure queue->list ((struct queue)) list))
    439439(queue-add! (procedure queue-add! ((struct queue) *)) undefined)
    447447(rassoc (procedure rassoc (* list #!optional (procedure (* *) *)) *))
    448448(right-section (procedure right-section (procedure #!rest) procedure))
    449 (shuffle (procedure shuffle (list (procedure (number) number)) list))
     449(shuffle (procedure shuffle (list (procedure (fixnum) fixnum)) list))
    450450(sort (procedure sort ((or list vector) (procedure (* *) *)) (or list vector)))
    451451(sort! (procedure sort! ((or list vector) (procedure (* *) *)) undefined))
    452452(sorted? (procedure sorted? ((or list vector) (procedure (* *) *)) boolean))
    453453(string-chomp (procedure string-chomp (string #!optional string) string))
    454 (string-chop (procedure string-chop (string number) list))
    455 (string-compare3 (procedure string-compare3 (string string) number))
    456 (string-compare3-ci (procedure string-compare3-ci (string string) number))
     454(string-chop (procedure string-chop (string fixnum) list))
     455(string-compare3 (procedure string-compare3 (string string) fixnum))
     456(string-compare3-ci (procedure string-compare3-ci (string string) fixnum))
    457457(string-intersperse (procedure string-intersperse (list #!optional string) string))
    458458(string-split (procedure string-split (string #!optional string *) list))
    459 (string-translate (procedure string-translate (string number #!optional number) string))
     459(string-translate (procedure string-translate (string string #!optional string) string))
    460460(string-translate* (procedure string-translate* (string list) string))
    461 (substring-ci=? (procedure substring-ci=? (string string #!optional number number number) boolean))
    462 (substring-index (procedure substring-index (string string #!optional number) number))
    463 (substring-index-ci (procedure substring-index-ci (string string #!optional number) number))
    464 (substring=? (procedure substring=? (string string #!optional number number number) boolean))
     461(substring-ci=? (procedure substring-ci=? (string string #!optional fixnum fixnum fixnum) boolean))
     462(substring-index (procedure substring-index (string string #!optional fixnum) fixnum))
     463(substring-index-ci (procedure substring-index-ci (string string #!optional fixnum) fixnum))
     464(substring=? (procedure substring=? (string string #!optional fixnum fixnum fixnum) boolean))
    465465(tail? (procedure tail? (* *) boolean))
    476476(random-seed (procedure random-seed (#!optional number) number))
    477477(randomize (procedure randomize (#!optional number) undefined))
    478 (read-byte (procedure read-byte (#!optional port) number))
    479 (read-file (procedure read-file (#!optional port (procedure (port) *) number) list))
    480 (read-line (procedure read-line (#!optional port number) *))
    481 (read-lines (procedure read-lines (#!optional port number) list))
    482 (read-string (procedure read-string (#!optional number port) string))
    483 (read-string! (procedure read-string! (number string #!optional port number) undefined))
     478(read-byte (procedure read-byte (#!optional port) fixnum))
     479(read-file (procedure read-file (#!optional port (procedure (port) *) fixnum) list))
     480(read-line (procedure read-line (#!optional port fixnum) *))
     481(read-lines (procedure read-lines (#!optional port fixnum) list))
     482(read-string (procedure read-string (#!optional fixnum port) string))
     483(read-string! (procedure read-string! (fixnum string #!optional port fixnum) undefined))
    484484(read-token (procedure read-token ((procedure (char) *) #!optional port) string))
    485485(sprintf (procedure sprintf (string #!rest) string))
    486 (write-byte (procedure write-byte (number #!optional port) undefined))
     486(write-byte (procedure write-byte (fixnum #!optional port) undefined))
    487487(write-line (procedure write-line (string #!optional port) undefined))
    488 (write-string (procedure write-string (string #!optional number port) undefined))
     488(write-string (procedure write-string (string #!optional fixnum port) undefined))
    490490;; files
    492492(delete-file* (procedure delete-file* (string) undefined))
    493 (file-copy (procedure file-copy (string string #!optional * number) undefined))
    494 (file-move (procedure file-move (string string #!optional * number) undefined))
     493(file-copy (procedure file-copy (string string #!optional * fixnum) undefined))
     494(file-move (procedure file-move (string string #!optional * fixnum) undefined))
    495495(make-pathname (procedure make-pathname (* * #!optional string string) string))
    496496(directory-null? (procedure directory-null? (string) boolean))
    522522(irregex-match-end (procedure irregex-match-end (* #!optional *) *))
    523523(irregex-match-substring (procedure irregex-match-substring (* #!optional *) *))
    524 (irregex-search (procedure irregex-search (* string #!optional number number) *))
    525 (irregex-search/matches (procedure irregex-search/matches (* string number number *) *))
     524(irregex-search (procedure irregex-search (* string #!optional fixnum fixnum) *))
     525(irregex-search/matches (procedure irregex-search/matches (* string fixnum fixnum *) *))
    526526(irregex-match (procedure irregex-match (* string) *))
    527527(irregex-match-string (procedure irregex-match-string (*) *))
    539539;; lolevel
    541 (address->pointer (procedure address->pointer (number) pointer))
     541(address->pointer (procedure address->pointer (fixnum) pointer))
    542542(align-to-word (procedure align-to-word (*) *))
    543 (allocate (procedure allocate (number) pointer))
    544 (block-ref (procedure block-ref (* number) *))
    545 (block-set! (procedure block-set! (* number *) *))
     543(allocate (procedure allocate (fixnum) pointer))
     544(block-ref (procedure block-ref (* fixnum) *))
     545(block-set! (procedure block-set! (* fixnum *) *))
    546546(extend-procedure (procedure extend-procedure (procedure *) procedure))
    547547(extended-procedure? (procedure extended-procedure? (*) boolean))
    555555(locative-set! (procedure locative-set! (locative *) *))
    556556(locative? (procedure locative? (*) boolean))
    557 (make-locative (procedure make-locative (* #!optional number) locative))
     557(make-locative (procedure make-locative (* #!optional fixnum) locative))
    558558(make-record-instance (procedure make-record-instance (* #!rest) *))
    559 (make-weak-locative (procedure make-weak-locative (* #!optional number) locative))
    560 (move-memory! (procedure move-memory! (* * #!optional number number number) *))
     559(make-weak-locative (procedure make-weak-locative (* #!optional fixnum) locative))
     560(move-memory! (procedure move-memory! (* * #!optional fixnum fixnum fixnum) *))
    561561(mutate-procedure (procedure mutate-procedure (procedure procedure) procedure))
    562562(null-pointer (procedure null-pointer () pointer))
    563563(null-pointer? (procedure null-pointer? (pointer) boolean))
    564 (number-of-bytes (procedure number-of-bytes (*) number))
    565 (number-of-slots (procedure number-of-slots (*) number))
     564(number-of-bytes (procedure number-of-bytes (*) fixnum))
     565(number-of-slots (procedure number-of-slots (*) fixnum))
    566566(object->pointer (procedure object->pointer (*) *))
    567567(object-become! (procedure object-become! (list) *))
    568568(object-copy (procedure object-copy (*) *))
    569 (object-evict (procedure object-evict (* #!optional (procedure (number) pointer)) *))
    570 (object-evict-to-location (procedure object-evict-to-location (* pointer #!optional number) * pointer))
     569(object-evict (procedure object-evict (* #!optional (procedure (fixnum) pointer)) *))
     570(object-evict-to-location (procedure object-evict-to-location (* pointer #!optional fixnum) * pointer))
    571571(object-evicted? (procedure object-evicted? (*) boolean))
    572572(object-release (procedure object-release (* #!optional (procedure (pointer) *)) *))
    573 (object-size (procedure object-size (*) number))
     573(object-size (procedure object-size (*) fixnum))
    574574(object-unevict (procedure object-unevict (* #!optional *) *))
    575575(pointer->address (procedure pointer->address (pointer) number))
    577577(pointer->object (procedure pointer->object (pointer) *))
    578578(pointer-f32-ref (procedure pointer-f32-ref (pointer) number))
    579 (pointer-f32-set! (procedure pointer-f32-set! (pointer number number) undefined))
     579(pointer-f32-set! (procedure pointer-f32-set! (pointer number) undefined))
    580580(pointer-f64-ref (procedure pointer-f64-ref (pointer) number))
    581581(pointer-f64-set! (procedure pointer-f64-set! (pointer number) undefined))
    582 (pointer-offset (procedure pointer-offset (pointer number) pointer))
    583 (pointer-s16-ref (procedure pointer-s16-ref (pointer) number))
    584 (pointer-s16-set! (procedure pointer-s16-set! (pointer number) undefined))
     582(pointer-offset (procedure pointer-offset (pointer fixnum) pointer))
     583(pointer-s16-ref (procedure pointer-s16-ref (pointer) fixnum))
     584(pointer-s16-set! (procedure pointer-s16-set! (pointer fixnum) undefined))
    585585(pointer-s32-ref (procedure pointer-s32-ref (pointer) number))
    586586(pointer-s32-set! (procedure pointer-s32-set! (pointer number) undefined))
    587 (pointer-s8-ref (procedure pointer-s8-ref (pointer) number))
    588 (pointer-s8-set! (procedure pointer-s8-set! (pointer number) undefined))
     587(pointer-s8-ref (procedure pointer-s8-ref (pointer) fixnum))
     588(pointer-s8-set! (procedure pointer-s8-set! (pointer fixnum) undefined))
    589589(pointer-tag (procedure pointer-tag (pointer) *))
    590 (pointer-u16-ref (procedure pointer-u16-ref (pointer) number))
    591 (pointer-u16-set! (procedure pointer-u16-set! (pointer number) undefined))
     590(pointer-u16-ref (procedure pointer-u16-ref (pointer) fixnum))
     591(pointer-u16-set! (procedure pointer-u16-set! (pointer fixnum) undefined))
    592592(pointer-u32-ref (procedure pointer-u32-ref (pointer) number))
    593593(pointer-u32-set! (procedure pointer-u32-set! (pointer number) undefined))
    594 (pointer-u8-ref (procedure pointer-u8-ref (pointer) number))
    595 (pointer-u8-set! (procedure pointer-u8-set! (pointer number) undefined))
     594(pointer-u8-ref (procedure pointer-u8-ref (pointer) fixnum))
     595(pointer-u8-set! (procedure pointer-u8-set! (pointer fixnum) undefined))
    596596(pointer=? (procedure pointer=? (pointer pointer) boolean))
    597597(pointer? (procedure pointer? (*) boolean))
    599599(record->vector (procedure record->vector (*) vector))
    600600(record-instance? (procedure record-instance? (*) boolean))
    601 (record-instance-length (procedure record-instance-length (*) number))
    602 (record-instance-slot (procedure record-instance-slot (* number) *))
    603 (record-instance-slot-set! (procedure record-instance-slot-set! (* number *) undefined))
     601(record-instance-length (procedure record-instance-length (*) fixnum))
     602(record-instance-slot (procedure record-instance-slot (* fixnum) *))
     603(record-instance-slot-set! (procedure record-instance-slot-set! (* fixnum *) undefined))
    604604(record-instance-type (procedure record-instance-type (*) *))
    605605(set-invalid-procedure-call-handler! (procedure set-invalid-procedure-call-handler! (procedure) undefined))
    614614(call-with-input-string (procedure call-with-input-string (string (procedure () . *)) . *))
    615615(call-with-output-string (procedure call-with-output-string ((procedure () . *)) string))
    616 (make-input-port (procedure make-input-port ((procedure () char) (procedure () *) (procedure () . *) #!optional (procedure (port) *) (procedure (port number number number) . *) (procedure (port number) string)) port))
     616(make-input-port (procedure make-input-port ((procedure () char) (procedure () *) (procedure () . *) #!optional (procedure (port) *) (procedure (port fixnum fixnum fixnum) . *) (procedure (port fixnum) string)) port))
    617617(make-output-port (procedure make-output-port ((procedure (string) . *) (procedure () . *) (procedure () . *)) port))
    618618(port-for-each (procedure port-for-each ((procedure (*) *) (procedure () . *)) undefined))
    630630;; posix
    632 (_exit (procedure _exit (number) noreturn))
     632(_exit (procedure _exit (fixnum) noreturn))
    633633(call-with-input-pipe (procedure call-with-input-pipe (string (procedure (port) . *) #!optional symbol) . *))
    634634(call-with-output-pipe (procedure call-with-output-pipe (string (procedure (port) . *) #!optional symbol) . *))
    635635(canonical-path (procedure canonical-path (string) string))
    636636(change-directory (procedure change-directory (string) undefined))
    637 (change-file-mode (procedure change-file-mode (string number) undefined))
    638 (change-file-owner (procedure change-file-owner (string number) undefined))
    639 (close-input-pipe (procedure close-input-pipe (port) number))
    640 (close-output-pipe (procedure close-output-pipe (port) number))
     637(change-file-mode (procedure change-file-mode (string fixnum) undefined))
     638(change-file-owner (procedure change-file-owner (string fixnum) undefined))
     639(close-input-pipe (procedure close-input-pipe (port) fixnum))
     640(close-output-pipe (procedure close-output-pipe (port) fixnum))
    641641(create-directory (procedure create-directory (string #!optional *) undefined))
    642 (create-fifo (procedure create-fifo (string #!optional number) undefined))
    643 (create-pipe (procedure create-pipe () number number))
    644 (create-session (procedure create-session () number))
     642(create-fifo (procedure create-fifo (string #!optional fixnum) undefined))
     643(create-pipe (procedure create-pipe () fixnum fixnum))
     644(create-session (procedure create-session () fixnum))
    645645(create-symbolic-link (procedure create-symbolic-link (string string) undefined))
    646646(current-directory (procedure current-directory () string))
    647 (current-effective-group-id (procedure current-effective-group-id () number))
    648 (current-effective-user-id (procedure current-effective-user-id () number))
     647(current-effective-group-id (procedure current-effective-group-id () fixnum))
     648(current-effective-user-id (procedure current-effective-user-id () fixnum))
    649649(current-effective-user-name (procedure current-effective-user-name () string))
    650650(current-environment deprecated)
    651651(get-environment-variables (procedure get-environment-variables () list))
    652 (current-group-id (procedure current-group-id () number))
    653 (current-process-id (procedure current-process-id () number))
    654 (current-user-id (procedure current-user-id () number))
     652(current-group-id (procedure current-group-id () fixnum))
     653(current-process-id (procedure current-process-id () fixnum))
     654(current-user-id (procedure current-user-id () fixnum))
    655655(current-user-name (procedure current-user-name () string))
    656656(delete-directory (procedure delete-directory (string) undefined))
    657657(directory (procedure directory (string #!optional *) list))
    658658(directory? (procedure directory? (string) boolean))
    659 (duplicate-fileno (procedure duplicate-fileno (number #!optional number) number))
    660 (errno/2big number)
    661 (errno/acces number)
    662 (errno/again number)
    663 (errno/badf number)
    664 (errno/busy number)
    665 (errno/child number)
    666 (errno/deadlk number)
    667 (errno/dom number)
    668 (errno/exist number)
    669 (errno/fault number)
    670 (errno/fbig number)
    671 (errno/ilseq number)
    672 (errno/intr number)
    673 (errno/inval number)
    674 (errno/io number)
    675 (errno/isdir number)
    676 (errno/mfile number)
    677 (errno/mlink number)
    678 (errno/nametoolong number)
    679 (errno/nfile number)
    680 (errno/nodev number)
    681 (errno/noent number)
    682 (errno/noexec number)
    683 (errno/nolck number)
    684 (errno/nomem number)
    685 (errno/nospc number)
    686 (errno/nosys number)
    687 (errno/notdir number)
    688 (errno/notempty number)
    689 (errno/notty number)
    690 (errno/nxio number)
    691 (errno/perm number)
    692 (errno/pipe number)
    693 (errno/range number)
    694 (errno/rofs number)
    695 (errno/spipe number)
    696 (errno/srch number)
    697 (errno/wouldblock number)
    698 (errno/xdev number)
    699 (fcntl/dupfd number)
    700 (fcntl/getfd number)
    701 (fcntl/getfl number)
    702 (fcntl/setfd number)
    703 (fcntl/setfl number)
     659(duplicate-fileno (procedure duplicate-fileno (fixnum #!optional fixnum) fixnum))
     660(errno/2big fixnum)
     661(errno/acces fixnum)
     662(errno/again fixnum)
     663(errno/badf fixnum)
     664(errno/busy fixnum)
     665(errno/child fixnum)
     666(errno/deadlk fixnum)
     667(errno/dom fixnum)
     668(errno/exist fixnum)
     669(errno/fault fixnum)
     670(errno/fbig fixnum)
     671(errno/ilseq fixnum)
     672(errno/intr fixnum)
     673(errno/inval fixnum)
     674(errno/io fixnum)
     675(errno/isdir fixnum)
     676(errno/mfile fixnum)
     677(errno/mlink fixnum)
     678(errno/nametoolong fixnum)
     679(errno/nfile fixnum)
     680(errno/nodev fixnum)
     681(errno/noent fixnum)
     682(errno/noexec fixnum)
     683(errno/nolck fixnum)
     684(errno/nomem fixnum)
     685(errno/nospc fixnum)
     686(errno/nosys fixnum)
     687(errno/notdir fixnum)
     688(errno/notempty fixnum)
     689(errno/notty fixnum)
     690(errno/nxio fixnum)
     691(errno/perm fixnum)
     692(errno/pipe fixnum)
     693(errno/range fixnum)
     694(errno/rofs fixnum)
     695(errno/spipe fixnum)
     696(errno/srch fixnum)
     697(errno/wouldblock fixnum)
     698(errno/xdev fixnum)
     699(fcntl/dupfd fixnum)
     700(fcntl/getfd fixnum)
     701(fcntl/getfl fixnum)
     702(fcntl/setfd fixnum)
     703(fcntl/setfl fixnum)
    704704(fifo? (procedure fifo? (string) boolean))
    705705(file-access-time (procedure file-access-time (string) number))
    706706(file-change-time (procedure file-change-time (string) number))
    707 (file-close (procedure file-close (number) undefined))
    708 (file-control (procedure file-control (number number #!optional number) number))
     707(file-close (procedure file-close (fixnum) undefined))
     708(file-control (procedure file-control (fixnum fixnum #!optional fixnum) fixnum))
    709709(file-execute-access? (procedure file-execute-access? (string) boolean))
    710710(file-link (procedure file-link (string string) undefined))
    711 (file-lock (procedure file-lock (string number #!optional *) (struct lock)))
    712 (file-lock/blocking (procedure file-lock/blocking (string number #!optional *) (struct lock)))
    713 (file-mkstemp (procedure file-mkstemp (string) number string))
     711(file-lock (procedure file-lock (string fixnum #!optional *) (struct lock)))
     712(file-lock/blocking (procedure file-lock/blocking (string fixnum #!optional *) (struct lock)))
     713(file-mkstemp (procedure file-mkstemp (string) fixnum string))
    714714(file-modification-time (procedure file-modification-time (string) number))
    715 (file-open (procedure file-open (string number #!optional number) number))
    716 (file-owner (procedure file-owner (string) number))
    717 (file-permissions (procedure file-permissions (string) number))
    718 (file-position (procedure file-position (string) number))
    719 (file-read (procedure file-read (number number #!optional *) * number))
     715(file-open (procedure file-open (string fixnum #!optional fixnum) fixnum))
     716(file-owner (procedure file-owner (string) fixnum))
     717(file-permissions (procedure file-permissions (string) fixnum))
     718(file-position (procedure file-position (string) fixnum))
     719(file-read (procedure file-read (fixnum fixnum #!optional *) * fixnum))
    720720(file-read-access? (procedure file-read-access? (string) boolean))
    721 (file-select (procedure file-select (list list #!optional number) list list))
    722 (file-size (procedure file-size (string) number))
     721(file-select (procedure file-select (list list #!optional fixnum) list list))
     722(file-size (procedure file-size (string) fixnum))
    723723(file-stat (procedure file-stat (string #!optional *) vector))
    724 (file-test-lock (procedure file-test-lock (port number #!optional *) boolean))
    725 (file-truncate (procedure file-truncate (string number) undefined))
     724(file-test-lock (procedure file-test-lock (port fixnum #!optional *) boolean))
     725(file-truncate (procedure file-truncate (string fixnum) undefined))
    726726(file-unlock (procedure file-unlock ((struct lock)) undefined))
    727 (file-write (procedure file-write (number * #!optional number) number))
     727(file-write (procedure file-write (fixnum * #!optional fixnum) fixnum))
    728728(file-write-access? (procedure file-write-access? (string) boolean))
    729 (fileno/stderr number)
    730 (fileno/stdin number)
    731 (fileno/stdout number)
    732 (find-files (procedure find-files (string * #!optional (procedure (string string) *) * number) list))
     729(fileno/stderr fixnum)
     730(fileno/stdin fixnum)
     731(fileno/stdout fixnum)
     732(find-files (procedure find-files (string * #!optional (procedure (string string) *) * fixnum) list))
    733733(get-groups (procedure get-groups () list))
    734734(get-host-name (procedure get-host-name () string))
    735735(glob (procedure glob (#!rest string) list))
    736 (group-information (procedure group-information (number #!optional *) *))
    737 (initialize-groups (procedure initialize-groups (number number) undefined))
     736(group-information (procedure group-information (fixnum #!optional *) *))
     737(initialize-groups (procedure initialize-groups (fixnum fixnum) undefined))
    738738(local-time->seconds (procedure local-time->seconds (vector) number))
    739739(local-timezone-abbreviation (procedure local-timezone-abbreviation () string))
    740 (map-file-to-memory (procedure map-file-to-memory (* number number number number #!optional number) (struct mmap)))
    741 (map/anonymous number)
    742 (map/file number)
    743 (map/fixed number)
    744 (map/private number)
    745 (map/shared number)
     740(map-file-to-memory (procedure map-file-to-memory (* fixnum fixnum fixnum fixnum #!optional fixnum) (struct mmap)))
     741(map/anonymous fixnum)
     742(map/file fixnum)
     743(map/fixed fixnum)
     744(map/private fixnum)
     745(map/shared fixnum)
    746746(memory-mapped-file-pointer (procedure memory-mapped-file-pointer ((struct mmap)) pointer))
    747747(memory-mapped-file? (procedure memory-mapped-file? (*) boolean))
    748 (open-input-file* (procedure open-input-file* (number #!optional symbol) port))
     748(open-input-file* (procedure open-input-file* (fixnum #!optional symbol) port))
    749749(open-input-pipe (procedure open-input-pipe (string #!optional symbol) port))
    750 (open-output-file* (procedure open-output-file* (number #!optional symbol) port))
     750(open-output-file* (procedure open-output-file* (fixnum #!optional symbol) port))
    751751(open-output-pipe (procedure open-output-pipe (string #!optional symbol) port))
    752 (open/append number)
    753 (open/binary number)
    754 (open/creat number)
    755 (open/excl number)
    756 (open/fsync number)
    757 (open/noctty number)
    758 (open/nonblock number)
    759 (open/rdonly number)
    760 (open/rdwr number)
    761 (open/read number)
    762 (open/sync number)
    763 (open/text number)
    764 (open/trunc number)
    765 (open/write number)
    766 (open/wronly number)
    767 (parent-process-id (procedure parent-process-id () number))
    768 (perm/irgrp number)
    769 (perm/iroth number)
    770 (perm/irusr number)
    771 (perm/irwxg number)
    772 (perm/irwxo number)
    773 (perm/irwxu number)
    774 (perm/isgid number)
    775 (perm/isuid number)
    776 (perm/isvtx number)
    777 (perm/iwgrp number)
    778 (perm/iwoth number)
    779 (perm/iwusr number)
    780 (perm/ixgrp number)
    781 (perm/ixoth number)
    782 (perm/ixusr number)
    783 (pipe/buf number)
    784 (port->fileno (procedure port->fileno (port) number))
    785 (process (procedure process (string #!optional list list) port port number))
    786 (process* (procedure process* (string #!optional list list) port port number *))
     752(open/append fixnum)
     753(open/binary fixnum)
     754(open/creat fixnum)
     755(open/excl fixnum)
     756(open/fsync fixnum)
     757(open/noctty fixnum)
     758(open/nonblock fixnum)
     759(open/rdonly fixnum)
     760(open/rdwr fixnum)
     761(open/read fixnum)
     762(open/sync fixnum)
     763(open/text fixnum)
     764(open/trunc fixnum)
     765(open/write fixnum)
     766(open/wronly fixnum)
     767(parent-process-id (procedure parent-process-id () fixnum))
     768(perm/irgrp fixnum)
     769(perm/iroth fixnum)
     770(perm/irusr fixnum)
     771(perm/irwxg fixnum)
     772(perm/irwxo fixnum)
     773(perm/irwxu fixnum)
     774(perm/isgid fixnum)
     775(perm/isuid fixnum)
     776(perm/isvtx fixnum)
     777(perm/iwgrp fixnum)
     778(perm/iwoth fixnum)
     779(perm/iwusr fixnum)
     780(perm/ixgrp fixnum)
     781(perm/ixoth fixnum)
     782(perm/ixusr fixnum)
     783(pipe/buf fixnum)
     784(port->fileno (procedure port->fileno (port) fixnum))
     785(process (procedure process (string #!optional list list) port port fixnum))
     786(process* (procedure process* (string #!optional list list) port port fixnum *))
    787787(process-execute (procedure process-execute (string #!optional list list) noreturn))
    788 (process-fork (procedure process-fork (#!optional (procedure () . *)) number))
    789 (process-group-id (procedure process-group-id () number))
    790 (process-run (procedure process-run (string #!optional list) number))
    791 (process-signal (procedure process-signal (number #!optional number) undefined))
    792 (process-wait (procedure process-wait (number #!optional *) number number number))
    793 (prot/exec number)
    794 (prot/none number)
    795 (prot/read number)
    796 (prot/write number)
     788(process-fork (procedure process-fork (#!optional (procedure () . *)) fixnum))
     789(process-group-id (procedure process-group-id () fixnum))
     790(process-run (procedure process-run (string #!optional list) fixnum))
     791(process-signal (procedure process-signal (fixnum #!optional fixnum) undefined))
     792(process-wait (procedure process-wait (fixnum #!optional *) fixnum fixnum fixnum))
     793(prot/exec fixnum)
     794(prot/none fixnum)
     795(prot/read fixnum)
     796(prot/write fixnum)
    797797(read-symbolic-link (procedure read-symbolic-link (string) string))
    798798(regular-file? (procedure regular-file? (string) boolean))
    800800(seconds->string (procedure seconds->string (number) string))
    801801(seconds->utc-time (procedure seconds->utc-time (number) vector))
    802 (seek/cur number)
    803 (seek/end number)
    804 (seek/set number)
     802(seek/cur fixnum)
     803(seek/end fixnum)
     804(seek/set fixnum)
    805805(set-alarm! (procedure set-alarm! (number) number))
    806 (set-buffering-mode! (procedure set-buffering-mode! (port symbol #!optional number) undefined))
     806(set-buffering-mode! (procedure set-buffering-mode! (port symbol #!optional fixnum) undefined))
    807807(set-groups! (procedure set-groups! (list) undefined))
    808808(set-root-directory! (procedure set-root-directory! (string) undefined))
    809 (set-signal-handler! (procedure set-signal-handler! (number (procedure (number) . *)) undefined))
     809(set-signal-handler! (procedure set-signal-handler! (fixnum (procedure (fixnum) . *)) undefined))
    810810(set-signal-mask! (procedure set-signal-mask! (list) undefined))
    811811(setenv (procedure setenv (string string) undefined))
    812 (signal-handler (procedure signal-handler (number) (procedure (number) . *)))
    813 (signal-mask (procedure signal-mask () number))
    814 (signal-mask! (procedure signal-mask! (number) undefined))
    815 (signal-masked? (procedure signal-masked? (number) boolean))
    816 (signal-unmask! (procedure signal-unmask! (number) undefined))
    817 (signal/abrt number)
    818 (signal/alrm number)
    819 (signal/chld number)
    820 (signal/cont number)
    821 (signal/fpe number)
    822 (signal/hup number)
    823 (signal/ill number)
    824 (signal/int number)
    825 (signal/io number)
    826 (signal/kill number)
    827 (signal/pipe number)
    828 (signal/prof number)
    829 (signal/quit number)
    830 (signal/segv number)
    831 (signal/stop number)
    832 (signal/term number)
    833 (signal/trap number)
    834 (signal/tstp number)
    835 (signal/urg number)
    836 (signal/usr1 number)
    837 (signal/usr2 number)
    838 (signal/vtalrm number)
    839 (signal/winch number)
    840 (signal/xcpu number)
    841 (signal/xfsz number)
     812(signal-handler (procedure signal-handler (fixnum) (procedure (fixnum) . *)))
     813(signal-mask (procedure signal-mask () fixnum))
     814(signal-mask! (procedure signal-mask! (fixnum) undefined))
     815(signal-masked? (procedure signal-masked? (fixnum) boolean))
     816(signal-unmask! (procedure signal-unmask! (fixnum) undefined))
     817(signal/abrt fixnum)
     818(signal/alrm fixnum)
     819(signal/chld fixnum)
     820(signal/cont fixnum)
     821(signal/fpe fixnum)
     822(signal/hup fixnum)
     823(signal/ill fixnum)
     824(signal/int fixnum)
     825(signal/io fixnum)
     826(signal/kill fixnum)
     827(signal/pipe fixnum)
     828(signal/prof fixnum)
     829(signal/quit fixnum)
     830(signal/segv fixnum)
     831(signal/stop fixnum)
     832(signal/term fixnum)
     833(signal/trap fixnum)
     834(signal/tstp fixnum)
     835(signal/urg fixnum)
     836(signal/usr1 fixnum)
     837(signal/usr2 fixnum)
     838(signal/vtalrm fixnum)
     839(signal/winch fixnum)
     840(signal/xcpu fixnum)
     841(signal/xfsz fixnum)
    842842(signals-list list)
    843 (sleep (procedure sleep (number) undefined))
     843(sleep (procedure sleep (fixnum) undefined))
    844844(stat-block-device? (procedure stat-block-device? (string) boolean))
    845845(stat-char-device? (procedure stat-char-device? (string) boolean))
    854854(terminal-name (procedure terminal-name (port) string))
    855855(terminal-port? (procedure terminal-port? (port) boolean))
    856 (terminal-size (procedure terminal-size (port) number number))
     856(terminal-size (procedure terminal-size (port) fixnum fixnum))
    857857(time->string (procedure time->string (vector #!optional string) string))
    858 (unmap-file-from-memory (procedure unmap-file-from-memory ((struct mmap) #!optional number) undefined))
     858(unmap-file-from-memory (procedure unmap-file-from-memory ((struct mmap) #!optional fixnum) undefined))
    859859(unsetenv (procedure unsetenv (string) undefined))
    860 (user-information (procedure user-information (number #!optional *) *))
     860(user-information (procedure user-information (fixnum #!optional *) *))
    861861(utc-time->seconds (procedure utc-time->seconds (vector) number))
    862862(with-input-from-pipe (procedure with-input-from-pipe (string (procedure () . *) #!optional symbol) . *))
    873873(string-match (procedure string-match (* string) list))
    874874(string-match-positions (procedure string-match-positions (* string) *))
    875 (string-search (procedure string-search (* string #!optional number number) *))
    876 (string-search-positions (procedure string-search-positions (* string #!optional number number) *))
    877 (string-split-fields (procedure string-split-fields (* string #!optional * number) list))
     875(string-search (procedure string-search (* string #!optional fixnum fixnum) *))
     876(string-search-positions (procedure string-search-positions (* string #!optional fixnum fixnum) *))
     877(string-split-fields (procedure string-split-fields (* string #!optional * fixnum) list))
    878878(string-substitute (procedure string-substitute (* string string #!optional *) string))
    879879(string-substitute* (procedure string-substitute* (string list #!optional *) string))
    900900(concatenate! (procedure concatenate! (list) list))
    901901(cons* (procedure cons* (* #!rest) pair))
    902 (count (procedure count ((procedure (*) *) list #!rest list) number))
    904 #!eof
    906 (delete (procedure delete () *))
    907 (delete! (procedure delete! () *))
    908 (delete-duplicates (procedure delete-duplicates () *))
    909 (delete-duplicates! (procedure delete-duplicates! () *))
    910 (dotted-list? (procedure dotted-list? () *))
    911 (drop (procedure drop () *))
    912 (drop-right (procedure drop-right () *))
    913 (drop-right! (procedure drop-right! () *))
    914 (drop-while (procedure drop-while () *))
    915 (eighth (procedure eighth () *))
    916 (every (procedure every () *))
    917 (fifth (procedure fifth () *))
    918 (filter (procedure filter () *))
    919 (filter! (procedure filter! () *))
    920 (filter-map (procedure filter-map () *))
    921 (find (procedure find () *))
    922 (find-tail (procedure find-tail () *))
    923 (first (procedure first () *))
     902(count (procedure count ((procedure (*) *) list #!rest list) fixnum))
     903(delete (procedure delete (* list #!optional (procedure (* *) *)) list))
     904(delete! (procedure delete! (* list #!optional (procedure (* *) *)) list))
     905(delete-duplicates (procedure delete-duplicates (list #!optional (procedure (* *) *)) list))
     906(delete-duplicates! (procedure delete-duplicates! (list #!optional (procedure (* *) *)) list))
     907(dotted-list? (procedure dotted-list? (*) boolean))
     908(drop (procedure drop (list fixnum) list))
     909(drop-right (procedure drop-right (list fixnum) list))
     910(drop-right! (procedure drop-right! (list fixnum) list))
     911(drop-while (procedure drop-while ((procedure (*) *) list) list))
     912(eighth (procedure eighth (pair) *))
     913(every (procedure every ((procedure (*) *) list) *))
     914(fifth (procedure fifth (pair) *))
     915(filter (procedure filter ((procedure (*) *) list) list))
     916(filter! (procedure filter! ((procedure (*) *) list) list))
     917(filter-map (procedure filter-map ((procedure (*) *) list #!rest list) list))
     918(find (procedure find ((procedure (*) *) list) *))
     919(find-tail (procedure find-tail ((procedure (*) *) list) *))
     920(first (procedure first (pair) *))
    924924(fold (procedure fold () *))
    925925(fold-right (procedure fold-right () *))
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