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    1 [[tags:main navigation]]
    3 == Welcome
    5 Welcome to the Chicken wiki.
    7 This wiki was created with the purpose of providing documentation for [[|Chicken]].
    8 Chicken is an implementation of the Scheme programming language that can compile Scheme programs to C code as well as interpret them.
    10 You can use the search form in the left to get to what you want or
    11 start browsing through the following pages.
    12 Also, if a function is properly documented, chances are you can go to {{/function}} to get to
    13 its documentation.
    15 == About Chicken
    17 ; [[elevator-pitch|Elevator pitch]] : A brief explanation of why CHICKEN is suitable for Real World tasks
    18 ; [[Chicken for programmers of other languages]] : Chicken for programmers of C, Ruby, Python and other programming languages
    19 ; [[Portability]] : Supported platforms
    20 ; [[platforms|Platforms & packages]] : Listing of all platforms where CHICKEN is available in pre-packaged form
    21 ; [[maintainers|Maintainers]] : People who maintain CHICKEN
    22 ; [[Software]] : Software people have written using CHICKEN
    24 == Using Chicken
    26 ; [[Tutorials]] : Tutorials about all things CHICKEN!
    27 ; [[The User's Manual]] : The official one
    28 ; [[Eggs]] : Information about CHICKEN extensions (eggs)
    29 ; [[Tips and tricks]] : Some handy tips
    30 ; [[Code snippets]] : Various small coding examples
    32 == The Chicken community
    34 ; [[Active Projects]] : join a CHICKEN-based project, or start one!
    35 ; [[Svn checkout]] : Instructions about how to checkout the contents of this wiki using Subversion
    36 ; [[discussion-groups|Discussion groups]] : Mailing lists and IRC channel about CHICKEN
    37 ; [[Logos|Art]] : CHICKEN-related art (logos, desktop backgrounds etc)
    38 ; [[the-chicken-lottery|Lottery]] : Win a CHICKEN T-shirt!
    39 ; [[Users]] : A list of users and contributors to CHICKEN Scheme
    41 == Developing Chicken
    43 ; [[Internals]] : Documentation about the internal structure of CHICKEN
    44 ; [[periodic-tasks|Periodic tasks]] : Automated builds, development snapshots, salmonella results, eggs upload status
     1[[tags: eggs]]
     4== Eggs Unlimited (release branch 3, updated Fri Apr  3 09:36:17 2009)
     6A library of extensions for the Chicken Scheme system.
     8=== Installation
     10Just enter
     12  $ chicken-setup EXTENSIONNAME
     14This will download anything needed to compile and install the library. If your extension ''repository'' is placed at a location for which you don't have write permissions, then run {{chicken-setup}} as root. You can obtain the repository location by running
     16  $ chicken-setup -repository
     18If you only want to download the extension and install it later, pass the {{-fetch}} option to {{chicken-setup}}:
     20  $ chicken-setup -fetch EXTENSIONNAME
     22By default the archive will be unpacked into a temporary directory (named {{EXTENSIONNAME.egg-dir}} and the directory will be removed if the installation completed successfully. To keep the extracted files add {{-keep}} to the options passed to {{chicken-setup}}.
     24For more information, enter
     26  $ chicken-setup -help
     28If you would like to access the subversion repository, see [[eggs tutorial]].
     30If you are looking for 3rd party libraries used by one the extensions, check out the CHICKEN [[|tarball repository]].
     32=== List of available eggs
     35==== Language extensions
     39<chickenegg name="F-operator" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Shift/Reset Control Operators." major="3"/>
     41<chickenegg name="autoload" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Load modules lazily" major="3"/>
     43<chickenegg name="awk" license="LGPL-1" author="Olin Shivers, adapted to Chicken by [[felix winkelmann]]" description="The SCSH/PLT 'awk' macro" major="3"/>
     45<chickenegg name="codewalk" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="macro-expansion and code-walking" major="3"/>
     47<chickenegg name="contracts" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Simple contract-oriented programming" major="3"/>
     49<chickenegg name="datatype" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A facility for creating and deconstructing variant records (from EOPL)" major="3"/>
     51<chickenegg name="date-literals" license="MIT" author="Arto Bendiken" description="A reader extension providing SRFI-19 date/time literals of the form <code>#@2007-12-31T23:59:59Z</code>" major="3"/>
     53<chickenegg name="defun-cond" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Create condition convenience procedures" major="3"/>
     55<chickenegg name="environments" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="User defined evaluation environments" major="3"/>
     57<chickenegg name="extended-cond" license="Public Domain" author="Shawn Wagner" description="cond conforming to SRFI-61 (Guard clauses)
     58case conformating to SRFI-87 (Passing the matched value to a function)
     59Generic case and switch versions that take a user-defined equality function." major="3"/>
     61<chickenegg name="foof-loop" license="Public Domain" author="Taylor R Campbell" description="Extensible looping macros (originally based on Alex Shinn's)" major="3"/>
     63<chickenegg name="fspath" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="CommonLISP similar namestring & pathname" major="3"/>
     65<chickenegg name="generalised-case" license="BSD" author="Peter Bex" description="A generalised version of CASE that accepts an equality predicate" major="3"/>
     67<chickenegg name="generator" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Provides generator-like coroutine operations." major="3"/>
     69<chickenegg name="job-worker" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Background Job/Worker Associates" major="3"/>
     71<chickenegg name="lexmod" license="BSD" author="Taylor Campbell" description="A portable module system based on lexical scope" major="3"/>
     73<chickenegg name="loop" license="GPL-2" author="Heinrich Taube" description="The Common Lisp LOOP macro" major="3"/>
     75<chickenegg name="loopy-loop" license="Public Domain" author="Alex Shinn" description="Alex Shinn's LOOP macro" major="3"/>
     77<chickenegg name="make" license="LGPL-1" author="PLT, adapted to Chicken by [[felix winkelmann]]" description="The PLT 'make' macro" major="3"/>
     79<chickenegg name="match-action" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Match extension with explicit success & fail actions" major="3"/>
     81<chickenegg name="matchable" license="Public Domain" author="Alex Shinn" description="Hygienic MATCH replacement" major="3"/>
     83<chickenegg name="misc-extn" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Miscellaneous useful stuff" major="3"/>
     85<chickenegg name="miscmacros" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Various helper macros" major="3"/>
     87<chickenegg name="modules" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="a simple module system" major="3"/>
     89<chickenegg name="object-apply" license="BSD" author="felix" description="Allows calling arbitrary data objects as procedures" major="3"/>
     91<chickenegg name="pmatch" license="Public Domain" author="Mayer Goldberg" description="Macroless ML-style pattern matching" major="3"/>
     93<chickenegg name="procedure-decoration" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="An interface for procedure decoration" major="3"/>
     95<chickenegg name="procedure-surface" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Generic Programming Support" major="3"/>
     97<chickenegg name="regex-case" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Provides an easy to use <code>case</code> construct for regular expression matching" major="3"/>
     99<chickenegg name="regex-literals" license="MIT" author="Arto Bendiken" description="A reader extension providing precompiled regular expression literals of the form <code>#/[a-z0-9]+/i</code>" major="3"/>
     101<chickenegg name="sandbox" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A safe evaluation environment" major="3"/>
     103<chickenegg name="softscheme" license="GPL-2" author="Andrew Wright, packaged by Lars Thomas Hansen and ported to chicken by felix" description="Andrew Wright's soft type checker" major="3"/>
     105<chickenegg name="srfi-45" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Primitives for Expressing Iterative Lazy Algorithms" major="3"/>
     107<chickenegg name="srfi-60" license="BSD" author="Aubrey Jaffer" description="Integers as bits" major="3"/>
     109<chickenegg name="srfi-89" license="SRFI" author="Marc Feeley" description="reference implementation of SRFI-89" major="3"/>
     111<chickenegg name="stacktor" license="BSD" author="Mark Fredrickson" description="A stack programming DSL, inspired by Factor" major="3"/>
     113<chickenegg name="suspension" license="BSD" author="felix" description="Serialized limited continuations" major="3"/>
     115<chickenegg name="tagged-begin" license="BSD" author="Jens Axel S&oslash;gaard" description="An extended form of <code>begin</code> similar to Common Lisp's <code>tagbody</code>" major="3"/>
     117<chickenegg name="uri-literals" license="MIT" author="Arto Bendiken" description="A reader extension providing URI literals of the form <code>#<></code>" major="3"/>
     122==== Graphics
     126<chickenegg name="aalib" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Bindings for the AAlib ASCII renderer" major="3"/>
     128<chickenegg name="aquaterm" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="Bindings to the C API for AquaTerm" major="3"/>
     130<chickenegg name="cairo" license="LGPL-2.1" author="Michael Bridgen and Tony Garnock-Jones" description="Chicken bindings for Cairo, a vector graphics library" major="3"/>
     132<chickenegg name="directfb" license="BSD" author="Hans Bulfone" description="A binding for the DirectFB graphics library" major="3"/>
     134<chickenegg name="epeg" license="BSD" author="Peter Bex" description="Chicken bindings for the JPEG thumbnail creation library epeg" major="3"/>
     136<chickenegg name="ezxdisp" license="GPL-2" author="n-sibata and Morihiko Tamai" description="A simple 2D and 3D graphics library for X11" major="3"/>
     138<chickenegg name="fps" license="Free Use" author="Wandy Sae-Tan and Olin Shivers" description="Functional PostScript" major="3"/>
     140<chickenegg name="freetype" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Freetype2 Interface" major="3"/>
     142<chickenegg name="g2" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Interface to the G2 graphics libary" major="3"/>
     144<chickenegg name="glfw" license="MIT" author="Alex Sandro Queiroz e Silva <>" description="Bindings for GLFW, an OpenGL framework" major="3"/>
     146<chickenegg name="glut" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="GLUT bindings" major="3"/>
     148<chickenegg name="imlib2" license="BSD" author="Peter Bex" description="Chicken bindings for the Imlib2 image library" major="3"/>
     150<chickenegg name="octave" license="BSD" author="Pierre-Alexandre Fournier" description="Interface to GNU/Octave" major="3"/>
     152<chickenegg name="opengl" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="OpenGL bindings" major="3"/>
     154<chickenegg name="sdl" license="LGPL-2.1" author="Tony Garnock-Jones" description="Basic SDL support" major="3"/>
     156<chickenegg name="xlib" license="unknown" author="Richard Mann" description="Xlib bindings" major="3"/>
     158<chickenegg name="xmi" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interface to libxmi, the 2D rasterization library" major="3"/>
     163==== Debugging tools
     167<chickenegg name="dissector" license="BSD" author="Taylor Campbell" description="An object inspector for Chicken" major="3"/>
     169<chickenegg name="gdb" license="MIT" author="Tony Sidaway <>" description="GDB-MI interface to the GNU debugger" major="3"/>
     171<chickenegg name="mayo" license="MIT" author="Tony Sidaway <>" description="Scheme source-level debugger" major="3"/>
     176==== Logic programming
     180<chickenegg name="kanren" license="MIT" author="Oleg Kiselyov and Dan Friedman" description="A declarative applicative logic programming system." major="3"/>
     182<chickenegg name="schelog" license="LGPL-2" author="Dorai Sitaram, substantially optimized by Brad Lucier" description="Dorai Sitaram's embedding of logic programming into Scheme" major="3"/>
     187==== Networking
     191<chickenegg name="9p" license="BSD" author="Peter Bex" description="9p networked filesystem protocol implementation.  Includes high-level client code library" major="3"/>
     193<chickenegg name="dict" license="BSD" author="David Krentzlin" description="Simple API for the dict client/server-protocol" major="3"/>
     195<chickenegg name="dns" license="BSD" author="elf" description="domain name service client" major="3"/>
     197<chickenegg name="dpfw" license="GPL-2" author="Dan Muresan" description="A lightweight distributed programming framework" major="3"/>
     199<chickenegg name="ftp" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Simple FTP client" major="3"/>
     201<chickenegg name="hostinfo" license="BSD" author="Zbigniew Szadkowski" description="Look up host, protocol, and service information" major="3"/>
     203<chickenegg name="http" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="HTTP client and server" major="3"/>
     205<chickenegg name="http-auth" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="HTTP access authentication." major="3"/>
     207<chickenegg name="irc" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A simple IRC client" major="3"/>
     209<chickenegg name="memcached" license="BSD" author="Alaric B. Snell-Pym" description="A client for accessing a memcached cluster" major="3"/>
     211<chickenegg name="mpi" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Message-passing Interface (MPI)" major="3"/>
     213<chickenegg name="openssl" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="Bindings to the OpenSSL SSL/TLS library" major="3"/>
     215<chickenegg name="pcap" license="BSD" author="Category 5" description="Interface to the portable packet-capture library" major="3"/>
     217<chickenegg name="pop3" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Mail retrieval via the POP3 protocol" major="3"/>
     219<chickenegg name="raw-sockets" license="BSD" author="Ben Kurtz" description="Simple access to UNIX raw sockets" major="3"/>
     221<chickenegg name="remote-launch" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Remote Launch Service" major="3"/>
     223<chickenegg name="remote-mailbox" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Remote Mailbox" major="3"/>
     225<chickenegg name="remote-repl" license="BSD" author="elf" description="remote read-eval-print loop client and server" major="3"/>
     227<chickenegg name="rpc" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="A flexible peer-to-peer RPC system." major="3"/>
     229<chickenegg name="scgi" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="SCGI server library" major="3"/>
     231<chickenegg name="sendfile" license="BSD" author="David Krentzlin" description="Sending a file over the network" major="3"/>
     233<chickenegg name="smtp" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A simple library to send e-mail via SMTP (RFC 821)" major="3"/>
     235<chickenegg name="soap" license="BSD" author="" description="SOAP Library for Chicken" major="3"/>
     237<chickenegg name="socket" license="BSD" author="Jim Ursetto" description="BSD sockets interface" major="3"/>
     239<chickenegg name="sockets" license="BSD" author="elf" description="socket code" major="3"/>
     241<chickenegg name="spread" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interface to the Spread communication library" major="3"/>
     243<chickenegg name="stringprep" license="GPL" author="Adam C. Emerson" description="RFC 3454 internationalized string preparation" major="3"/>
     245<chickenegg name="tcp-server" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A simple generic multithreaded tcp-server" major="3"/>
     247<chickenegg name="tcp6" license="BSD" author="Jun-ichiro Itojun Hagino and felix winkelmann" description="A replacement for the <code>tcp</code> library unit that supports IPv6" major="3"/>
     249<chickenegg name="udp" license="BSD" author="Category 5" description="An interface to User Datagram Protocol sockets" major="3"/>
     251<chickenegg name="unix-sockets" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="UNIX domain sockets" major="3"/>
     253<chickenegg name="uuid-lib" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="OSF DCE 1.1 UUID" major="3"/>
     255<chickenegg name="uuid-ossp" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="OSSP UUID" major="3"/>
     257<chickenegg name="webdav-client" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="WebDAV client implementation." major="3"/>
     262==== Input/Output
     266<chickenegg name="binary-parse" license="Public Domain" author="Oleg Kiselyov" description="Reading variable number of bits from a sequential input stream" major="3"/>
     268<chickenegg name="eformat" license="BSD" author="elf" description="extended formatting procedures" major="3"/>
     270<chickenegg name="endian-port" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="An I/O port that supports different endian formats." major="3"/>
     272<chickenegg name="fmt" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Combinator Formatting" major="3"/>
     274<chickenegg name="format-graph" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Prints a graph in various formats." major="3"/>
     276<chickenegg name="format-modular" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo, Alex Shinn and Kon Lovett" description="Modular Common-Lisp style formatted output" major="3"/>
     278<chickenegg name="format-textdiff" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Output text diff scripts in different formats" major="3"/>
     280<chickenegg name="fpio" license="BSD" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Conversion of floating point numbers between binary and decimal representation." major="3"/>
     282<chickenegg name="http-fs" license="BSD" author="[[felix winkelmann]]" description="Simple read-only HTTP access over [[vfs]]" major="3"/>
     284<chickenegg name="ioctl" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="ioctl system call interface" major="3"/>
     286<chickenegg name="nbstdin" license="BSD" author="Daishi Kato" description="Non-blocking Standard Input" major="3"/>
     288<chickenegg name="pipeline" license="BSD" author="Hans Bulfone" description="Run multiple subprocesses connected via pipes" major="3"/>
     290<chickenegg name="ppi" license="MIT" author="Michal Dybizbanski" description="user-space interface to ppbus parallel 'geek' port under FreeBSD" major="3"/>
     292<chickenegg name="pty" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Easy Pseudo-Terminal Interface" major="3"/>
     294<chickenegg name="readline" license="GPL-2" author="Tony Garnock-Jones" description="An interface to the GNU readline library" major="3"/>
     296<chickenegg name="sfio" license="BSD" author="Category 5" description="Interface to AT&T's Safe/Fast I/O Library" major="3"/>
     298<chickenegg name="srfi-38" license="SRFI" author="Al Petrofsky and Ray Dillinger" description="A Chicken version of the SRFI-38 reference implementation" major="3"/>
     300<chickenegg name="strictly-pretty" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Algebraic pretty printer." major="3"/>
     302<chickenegg name="stty" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="stty-style interface to termios" major="3"/>
     304<chickenegg name="vfs" license="BSD" author="[[felix winkelmann]]" description="TinyCLOS wrappers for file operations" major="3"/>
     309==== Databases
     313<chickenegg name="gdbm" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="GNU DBM interface" major="3"/>
     315<chickenegg name="geoip" license="MIT" author="Arto Bendiken" description="Chicken bindings for the GeoIP C API" major="3"/>
     317<chickenegg name="metakit" license="MIT" author="Sergey Khorev" description="An interface to the Metakit database" major="3"/>
     319<chickenegg name="mysql" license="MIT" author="Toby Butzon" description="MySQL bindings for Chicken" major="3"/>
     321<chickenegg name="postgresql" license="BSD" author="Johannes Groedem" description="Some simple bindings for PostgreSQL's C-api" major="3"/>
     323<chickenegg name="qdbm" license="GPL" author="Sven Hartrumpf" description="Some bindings for qdbm (depot interface)" major="3"/>
     325<chickenegg name="sedna" license="Apache" author="The Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISP RAS)" description="An interface to the Sedna XML database management system." major="3"/>
     327<chickenegg name="sql" license="BSD" author="Hans Bulfone" description="A small scheme library for constructing SQL queries" major="3"/>
     329<chickenegg name="sql-null" license="Public Domain" author="Ivan Shmakov" description="A convenience extension for representing SQL NULL values" major="3"/>
     331<chickenegg name="sqlite3" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="Bindings to version 3.x of the SQLite API" major="3"/>
     333<chickenegg name="sqlite3-records" license="BSD" author="Joshua B. Griffith" description="Record-based interface to sqlite3 with hierarchical relationships" major="3"/>
     335<chickenegg name="sqlite3-tinyclos" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="A bridge between persistent storage in SQLite3 tables and TinyCLOS objects." major="3"/>
     337<chickenegg name="sqlora" license="BSD" author="Graham Fawcett <>" description="A wrapper for libsqlora8, the Oracle-database library" major="3"/>
     339<chickenegg name="tokyocabinet" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Tokyo Cabinet DBM interface" major="3"/>
     344==== OS interface
     348<chickenegg name="daemon-tools" license="BSD" author="Hans Bulfone" description="Collection of useful functions for daemons" major="3"/>
     350<chickenegg name="dbus" license="MIT" author="Shawn Rutledge" description="A binding for libdbus, the IPC mechanism" major="3"/>
     352<chickenegg name="filesystem" license="MIT" author="Ozzi Lee" description="Functions for getting filesystem information." major="3"/>
     354<chickenegg name="lirc-client" license="BSD" author="Hans Bulfone" description="Interface to LIRC (Linux Infrared Remote Control) client library" major="3"/>
     356<chickenegg name="locale" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Provides locale operations" major="3"/>
     358<chickenegg name="macosx" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="MacOS X Utilities" major="3"/>
     360<chickenegg name="osprocess" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Subprocess Object" major="3"/>
     362<chickenegg name="rlimit" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Setting resource limits" major="3"/>
     364<chickenegg name="statvfs" license="MIT" author="Ozzi Lee" description="Wrapper for the statvfs C function." major="3"/>
     366<chickenegg name="unix-test" license="BSD" author="elf" description="test(1) equivalence procedures" major="3"/>
     371==== Interfacing to other languages
     375<chickenegg name="dollar" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="FFI convenience macro" major="3"/>
     377<chickenegg name="easyffi" license="BSD" author="[[felix winkelmann]]" description="Generates bindings from C/C++ declarations" major="3"/>
     379<chickenegg name="javahack" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A simple interface to Java(tm)" major="3"/>
     381<chickenegg name="jni" license="BSD" author="Daishi Kato and felix winkelmann" description="An interface to Java(tm) via JNI" major="3"/>
     383<chickenegg name="lazy-ffi" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A foreign function interface for lazy people" major="3"/>
     385<chickenegg name="lua" license="MIT" author="PUC Rio, chicken interface by felix winkelmann" description="Embed Lua interpreter into Scheme applications" major="3"/>
     387<chickenegg name="objc" license="MIT" author="Zbigniew" description="An Objective-C interface" major="3"/>
     389<chickenegg name="pyffi" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="An interface to the Python programming language." major="3"/>
     391<chickenegg name="q-lang" license="GPL-2" author="John Cowan" description="An interface to the programming language Q" major="3"/>
     396==== Web programing
     400<chickenegg name="ajax" license="MIT" author="[[felix winkelmann]]" description="Using xmlHttpRequest with the Spiffy web-server" major="3"/>
     402<chickenegg name="cgi-util" license="unknown" author="Oleg Kiselyov. Ported to chicken by Shawn Wagner." description="CGI GET and POST query string parsing." major="3"/>
     404<chickenegg name="curl" license="BSD" author="Tony Sidaway <>" description="Bindings for libcurl, the multiprotocol file transfer library" major="3"/>
     406<chickenegg name="estraier" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Thin wrapper around the Hyper Estraier API for indexing documents and searching them." major="3"/>
     408<chickenegg name="fancypants" license="BSD" author="Peter Bex" description="Automatic ASCII smart quotes and ligature handling for SXML" major="3"/>
     410<chickenegg name="fastcgi" license="BSD" author="Alex Drummond <>" description="Bindings for the FCGX API of libfcgi" major="3"/>
     412<chickenegg name="hart" license="BSD" author="Graham Fawcett <>" description="An efficient HTML-generation library." major="3"/>
     414<chickenegg name="honu" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A parser for `honu' syntax" major="3"/>
     416<chickenegg name="html-form" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="HTML form constructor." major="3"/>
     418<chickenegg name="html-plots" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Parsing files in wiki format and rendering them to HTML" major="3"/>
     420<chickenegg name="html-stream" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Tiny, functional HTML generator, generating srfi-40 streams of characters" major="3"/>
     422<chickenegg name="htmlprag" license="LGPL-2.1" author="Neil W. Van Dyke" description="A permissive HTML parser" major="3"/>
     424<chickenegg name="http-server-form-posts" license="Public Domain" author="Moe Aboulkheir" description="Extends http-server to handle multipart/form-data POSTs" major="3"/>
     426<chickenegg name="http-session" license="BSD" author="Mario Domenech Goulart" description="Facilities for managing HTTP sessions" major="3"/>
     428<chickenegg name="idna" license="BSD" author="Zbigniew" description="An interface to Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications" major="3"/>
     430<chickenegg name="irnc-base" license="BSD" author="Tony Sidaway <> and Martin Sidaway <>" description="Base package for the ironchicken bot framework for Mediawiki" major="3"/>
     432<chickenegg name="mime" license="BSD" author="Shiro Kawai, ported to Chicken by Hans Bulfone" description="Parse MIME Messages" major="3"/>
     434<chickenegg name="phoghorn" license="BSD" author="Peter Bex" description="A thumbnail gallery library for spiffy" major="3"/>
     436<chickenegg name="scheme-dissect" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Functions useful to show Scheme code in an HTML file" major="3"/>
     438<chickenegg name="spiffy" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Spiffy the web-server" major="3"/>
     440<chickenegg name="spiffy-utils" license="BSD" author="Peter Bex" description="Utility library for Spiffy" major="3"/>
     442<chickenegg name="stream-cgi" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="A library with functionality useful for creating applications that run under CGI using streams" major="3"/>
     444<chickenegg name="stream-httplog" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Parser for Apache access_log files" major="3"/>
     446<chickenegg name="stream-wiki" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Parsing files in wiki format and rendering them to HTML" major="3"/>
     448<chickenegg name="svnwiki-archives" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Generates lists of files by the time they were created.  This is useful for weblogs and similar websites." major="3"/>
     450<chickenegg name="svnwiki-chicken" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Defines tags used by the Chicken wiki." major="3"/>
     452<chickenegg name="svnwiki-contributor" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Shows the name of the person who contributed a file.  Used for weblogs where multiple people contribute." major="3"/>
     454<chickenegg name="svnwiki-discuss" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Handles discussions associated to wiki pages.  Some of the logic for this is still included in Svnwiki." major="3"/>
     456<chickenegg name="svnwiki-edit-question" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Requires anonymous users to answer certain questions, as a means to control spam." major="3"/>
     458<chickenegg name="svnwiki-enscript" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Provides an enscript tag that provides syntax highlighting using GNU enscript." major="3"/>
     460<chickenegg name="svnwiki-extensions" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Svnwiki's extension framework" major="3"/>
     462<chickenegg name="svnwiki-folksonomy" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Utilities for managing folksonomies.  Shows the tags that pages have underneath them." major="3"/>
     464<chickenegg name="svnwiki-image" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Handles images in Svnwiki repositories, providing a convenient way to view them." major="3"/>
     466<chickenegg name="svnwiki-links" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Provides links to certain popular websites (digg,, reddit) for registering pages there." major="3"/>
     468<chickenegg name="svnwiki-mail" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Functionality for sending email notifications about changes to wiki pages." major="3"/>
     470<chickenegg name="svnwiki-math" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Provides rendering of mathematical formulas using TexVC." major="3"/>
     472<chickenegg name="svnwiki-metadata" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Svnwiki extension to handle metadata about pages in the wiki" major="3"/>
     474<chickenegg name="svnwiki-nowiki" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Adds the nowiki tag for including literal strings." major="3"/>
     476<chickenegg name="svnwiki-progress" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Shows a progress bar for commits through the web interface." major="3"/>
     478<chickenegg name="svnwiki-rating" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Provides means for users to rate pages according to their quality." major="3"/>
     480<chickenegg name="svnwiki-scheme" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Allows users to embed Scheme code in wiki pages, executing it in a sandboxes environment." major="3"/>
     482<chickenegg name="svnwiki-tags" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Defines the basic HTML tags." major="3"/>
     484<chickenegg name="svnwiki-translations" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Support for translating wiki pages to multiple languages (eg. including links in a page to all the languages it is available on)." major="3"/>
     486<chickenegg name="svnwiki-upload" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Provides a form to allow users to upload binary files to the wiki." major="3"/>
     488<chickenegg name="svnwiki-weblog" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Useful for managing weblogs inside the wiki repository (eg. renders the main page with the most recently-created files)." major="3"/>
     490<chickenegg name="uri" license="BSD" author="Felix Winkelmann and Kon Lovett, with code taken from Aubrey Jaffers' SLIB" description="URL (RFC 1739 & 3986) parsing" major="3"/>
     492<chickenegg name="uri-generic" license="BSD" author="Ivan Raikov" description="URI generic syntax (RFC 3986) parsing and manipulation." major="3"/>
     494<chickenegg name="uri-namespaces" license="MIT" author="Arto Bendiken" description="Facilities for converting between prefixed symbols (such as 'dc:title) and absolute URI references (such as #<>). This is useful e.g. for working with XML documents and RDF triples." major="3"/>
     496<chickenegg name="web-scheme" license="BSD" author="Mario Domenech Goulart" description="Scheme for web programming" major="3"/>
     498<chickenegg name="web-unity" license="BSD" author="Peter Bex" description="Web app unification framework for CGI/SCGI/FCGI/Spiffy webservers" major="3"/>
     500<chickenegg name="xml-rpc" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="XML-RPC client/server" major="3"/>
     505==== XML processing
     509<chickenegg name="asxt" license="LGPL-2.1" author="Neil van Dyke" description="Another Scheme XML Transformer" major="3"/>
     511<chickenegg name="doctype" license="Public Domain" author="Zbigniew Szadkoswski" description="Exports strings corresponding to standard XML (XHTML, HTML) doctypes" major="3"/>
     513<chickenegg name="expat" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interface to James Clark's Expat XML parser" major="3"/>
     515<chickenegg name="lazy-ssax" license="Public Domain" author="Dmitry Lizorkin" description="A specialized lazy XML->SXML parser" major="3"/>
     517<chickenegg name="rss" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A RSS parser" major="3"/>
     519<chickenegg name="ssax" license="Public Domain" author="Oleg Kiselyov, ported to CHICKEN by Kirill Lisovsky, packaged as an extension by felix winkelmann" description="Oleg Kiselyov's XML parser" major="3"/>
     521<chickenegg name="sxml-match" license="MIT" author="Reed Sheridan <>" description="Pattern matching of SXML" major="3"/>
     523<chickenegg name="sxml-templates" license="Public Domain" author="Moe Aboulkheir" description="A simple facility for subtituting values into SXML expressions" major="3"/>
     525<chickenegg name="sxml-tools" license="Public Domain" author="Oleg Kiselyov, Kirill Lisovsky, Dmitry Lizorkin" description="The sxml-tools from the SSAX project" major="3"/>
     527<chickenegg name="sxml-transforms" license="Public Domain" author="Oleg Kiselyov" description="The SXML transformations (to XML, SXML, and HTML) from the SSAX project at Sourceforge" major="3"/>
     529<chickenegg name="xxexpr" license="LGPL-2.1" author="Tony Garnock-Jones" description="Manipulation of eXtended Xml EXPRessions" major="3"/>
     534==== Documentation tools
     538<chickenegg name="eggdoc" license="BSD" author="Zbigniew" description="An egg documentation tool" major="3"/>
     540<chickenegg name="eggdoc-svnwiki" license="BSD" author="Zbigniew" description="Render eggdoc source to svnwiki syntax" major="3"/>
     542<chickenegg name="eggdoc-texinfo" license="BSD" author="Zbigniew" description="Render eggdoc source to Texinfo" major="3"/>
     544<chickenegg name="man" license="BSD" author="Mario Goulart" description="Access the manual from the REPL" major="3"/>
     546<chickenegg name="mole" license="Public Domain" author="Kirill Lisovsky" description="A literate programming tool for Scheme" major="3"/>
     551==== Egg tools
     555<chickenegg name="meta-setup" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A tool for various operations on a local CHICKEN extension repository" major="3"/>
     557<chickenegg name="nest-tool" license="BSD" author="Mario Domenech Goulart" description="Extension and command-line tool for extracting information from eggs repositories listings" major="3"/>
     559<chickenegg name="salmonella" license="BSD" author="Mario Domenech Goulart" description="A tool for testing eggs" major="3"/>
     561<chickenegg name="versions" license="BSD" author="elf" description="Procedures for extraction and comparison of version strings" major="3"/>
     566==== Mathematical libraries
     570<chickenegg name="SO31" license="GPL" author="Will M. Farr <>" description="Basic functions to manipulate SO(3,1) group elements." major="3"/>
     572<chickenegg name="atlas-lapack" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="An interface to the LAPACK routines implemented in ATLAS." major="3"/>
     574<chickenegg name="blas" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interface to level 1, 2 and 3 BLAS routines" major="3"/>
     576<chickenegg name="complex" license="BSD" author="Thomas Christian Chust" description="Support for complex numbers in Chicken" major="3"/>
     578<chickenegg name="fpfz" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Floating-point Comparison With Epsilon" major="3"/>
     580<chickenegg name="glpk" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="An interface to GLPK (linear programming)." major="3"/>
     582<chickenegg name="gmp" license="LGPL-2.1" author="Peter Keller" description="Bindings for the <b>GNU Multiprecision Arithmetic Library</b>" major="3"/>
     584<chickenegg name="grobner-basis" license="MIT" author="Naruto Canada" description="Grobner Basis" major="3"/>
     586<chickenegg name="gsl-srfi-27" license="GPL" author="Will M. Farr" description="SRFI-27 library which uses the GSL behind the scenes to generate random numbers." major="3"/>
     588<chickenegg name="interp1d" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="One-dimensional numerical interpolation." major="3"/>
     590<chickenegg name="libsvm" license="BSD" author="daishi" description="libsvm wrapper" major="3"/>
     592<chickenegg name="lognum" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Logarithmic number system." major="3"/>
     594<chickenegg name="mapm" license="Public Domain" author="[[mailto:tjaden(at)|Peter Wang]]" description="Binding to Mike's Arbitrary Precision Math Library" major="3"/>
     596<chickenegg name="mathh" license="Public Domain" author="John Cowan and Kon Lovett" description="ISO C math functions and constants" major="3"/>
     598<chickenegg name="matpak" license="BSD" author="Norman Hardy, packaged by Terrence Brannon" description="matrix multiplication, inverse, transpose, determinant, and vector inner product" major="3"/>
     600<chickenegg name="matrix-utils" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Generation of special utility matrices." major="3"/>
     602<chickenegg name="numbers" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Full numeric tower support" major="3"/>
     604<chickenegg name="ode" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Numerical solver framework for systems of first-order differential equations (ODE)." major="3"/>
     606<chickenegg name="predicate-calculus" license="MIT" author="Naruto Canada" description="Predicate calculus with equality." major="3"/>
     608<chickenegg name="probdist" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Probability distributions" major="3"/>
     610<chickenegg name="unitconv" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Conversion of units of measurement" major="3"/>
     615==== Object-oriented programming
     619<chickenegg name="c3" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Implements C3 class linearization for TinyCLOS" major="3"/>
     621<chickenegg name="meroon" license="LGPL-1" author="Christian Queinnec, ported to CHICKEN by felix winkelmann" description="A fast and feature-rich object system" major="3"/>
     623<chickenegg name="modds" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="A prototype based object system with multiple object dynamic dispatch" major="3"/>
     625<chickenegg name="operations" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="The object system from the T Lisp system" major="3"/>
     627<chickenegg name="pos" license="Free Use" author="Blake McBride" description="POS is a portable object system for Scheme" major="3"/>
     629<chickenegg name="prometheus" license="GPL-2" author="Jorgen Schaefer" description="The Prometheus prototype-based object system" major="3"/>
     631<chickenegg name="protobj" license="LGPL-2.1" author="Neil van Dyke" description="A prototype-delegation object model" major="3"/>
     633<chickenegg name="tinyclos" license="BSD" author="Gregor Kiczales (ported to CHICKEN and heavily modified by felix and kon)" description="Gregor Kiczales TinyCLOS object system" major="3"/>
     635<chickenegg name="yasos" license="SRFI" author="Kenneth Dickey" description="A very simple OOP system" major="3"/>
     640==== Algorithms and data-structures
     644<chickenegg name="amb" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="The non-deterministic backtracking ambivalence operator" major="3"/>
     646<chickenegg name="array-lib" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="SRFI-25 Similar, SRFI-47, SRFI-63 & More" major="3"/>
     648<chickenegg name="bit-cat" license="BSD" author="Ben Kurtz" description="Bitstring Concatenator for u8vectors" major="3"/>
     650<chickenegg name="bloom-filter" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Bloom Filter" major="3"/>
     652<chickenegg name="box" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Boxing" major="3"/>
     654<chickenegg name="charplot" license="Free Use" author="Aubrey Jaffer" description="Character plots" major="3"/>
     656<chickenegg name="coerce" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Type Coerce" major="3"/>
     658<chickenegg name="date-info" license="BSD" author="Alaric B. Snell-Pym" description="Converts dates from y/m/d or julian day number format into a number of formats and provides other useful data about that day" major="3"/>
     660<chickenegg name="defstruct" license="BSD" author="Dorai Sitaram" description="Another record-type facility" major="3"/>
     662<chickenegg name="digraph" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Directed graph in adjacency list format." major="3"/>
     664<chickenegg name="disjoint-sets" license="BSD" author="elf" description="procedures for operating on disjoint sets" major="3"/>
     666<chickenegg name="dyn-vector" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Dynamic (dense) vectors based on SRFI-43." major="3"/>
     668<chickenegg name="ftl" license="LGPL-2.1" author="Sergei Egorov, partially reimplemented by felix winkelmann" description="Interface based sequence library" major="3"/>
     670<chickenegg name="ftl-peg" license="BSD" author="Thomas Chust" description="Parsing expression grammars for FTL" major="3"/>
     672<chickenegg name="graph-bfs" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Breadth-first search in a graph." major="3"/>
     674<chickenegg name="graph-cycles" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Enumerate all simple cycles in a graph." major="3"/>
     676<chickenegg name="graph-dfs" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Depth-first search in a graph." major="3"/>
     678<chickenegg name="graph-dominators" license="BSD" author="Richard Kelsey" description="Find immediate dominators in a directed graph." major="3"/>
     680<chickenegg name="graph-scc" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Compute strongly-connected components (SCC) of a graph." major="3"/>
     682<chickenegg name="graph-separators" license="BSD" author="Richard Kelsey" description="Determine the separation vertices of a graph." major="3"/>
     684<chickenegg name="graph-ssa" license="BSD" author="Richard Kelsey" description="Compute static single assignment form of a graph." major="3"/>
     686<chickenegg name="iset" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Integer sets" major="3"/>
     688<chickenegg name="kvlists" license="MIT" author="Arto Bendiken" description="Provides keyword/value list (or key-value list, for short) operations." major="3"/>
     690<chickenegg name="lookup-table" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Simple Lookup Table" major="3"/>
     692<chickenegg name="lzma" license="BSD" author="Alaric Snell-Pym" description="A wrapper for the liblzma library, providing the excellent LZMA compression algorithm" major="3"/>
     694<chickenegg name="metaphone" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Metaphone 'sounds like' algorithm" major="3"/>
     696<chickenegg name="npdiff" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Compute the longest common subsequence of two sequences" major="3"/>
     698<chickenegg name="orders" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Functions useful for defining orders (for sorting)" major="3"/>
     700<chickenegg name="pairing-heap" license="BSD" author="Will M. Farr" description="Persistent heap datastructure which is adaptive and supports O(1) merge." major="3"/>
     702<chickenegg name="plist-utils" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Provides property list operations" major="3"/>
     704<chickenegg name="random-mtzig" license="BSD" author="Ivan Raikov" description="An implementation of the MT19937 random number generator with Marsaglia and Tang's Ziggurat algorithm to generate random numbers from a non-uniform distribution." major="3"/>
     706<chickenegg name="random-swb" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="A random number generator based on the subtract-with-borrow (SWB) method." major="3"/>
     708<chickenegg name="random-test" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Some simple randomness tests for a sequence of numbers." major="3"/>
     710<chickenegg name="rb-tree" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="A sorted dictionary data structure based on red-black trees." major="3"/>
     712<chickenegg name="records" license="Public Domain" author="David Carlton, Aubrey Jaffer" description="Procedural record-type interface" major="3"/>
     714<chickenegg name="rgraph" license="BSD" author="Jonah Beckford" description="A graph library for Scheme" major="3"/>
     716<chickenegg name="sfht" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="A dictionary data structure based on counting Bloom filters." major="3"/>
     718<chickenegg name="soundex" license="LGPL" author="Kyle R. Burton <>" description="Implementation of the SOUNDEX phonetic string encoder." major="3"/>
     720<chickenegg name="sparse-vectors" license="BSD" author="Richard Kelsey and Jonathan Rees" description="Arbitrarily large vectors" major="3"/>
     722<chickenegg name="srfi-19" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Time Data Types and Procedures" major="3"/>
     724<chickenegg name="srfi-25" license="SRFI" author="Jussi Piitulainen" description="Multidimensional arrays" major="3"/>
     726<chickenegg name="srfi-27" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Sources of Random Bits" major="3"/>
     728<chickenegg name="srfi-4-comprehensions" license="SRFI" author="Will Farr" description="SRFI-42 Comprehensions for SRFI-4 Vectors" major="3"/>
     730<chickenegg name="srfi-4-utils" license="GPL" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Utility functions for SRFI-4 vectors." major="3"/>
     732<chickenegg name="srfi-40" license="SRFI" author="Based on the original SRFI 40 reference implementation by Philip L. Bewig and Andre von Tonder, modified for Chicken by Category 5" description="SRFI-40 (Streams)" major="3"/>
     734<chickenegg name="srfi-41" license="BSD" author="Based on the original SRFI 41 reference implementation by Philip L. Bewig, modified for Chicken by Kon Lovett" description="SRFI-41 (Streams)" major="3"/>
     736<chickenegg name="srfi-42" license="SRFI" author="Sebastian Egner" description="SRFI-42 (Eager comprehensions)" major="3"/>
     738<chickenegg name="srfi-47" license="BSD" author="Aubrey Jaffer" description="SRFI-47 arrays" major="3"/>
     740<chickenegg name="srfi-66" license="BSD" author="felix" description="Octet vectors" major="3"/>
     742<chickenegg name="srfi-67" license="BSD" author="Sebastian Egner and Jens Axel Sogaard. For Chicken - Kon Lovett" description="Compare Procedures" major="3"/>
     744<chickenegg name="srfi-85" license="SRFI" author="Will Clinger, modified for Chicken by John Cowan" description="Recursive equivalence predicates" major="3"/>
     746<chickenegg name="srfi-95" license="Public Domain" author="Richard O'Keefe, modified for Chicken by John Cowan" description="Sorting and merging" major="3"/>
     748<chickenegg name="stack" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Provides LIFO queue (stack) operations" major="3"/>
     750<chickenegg name="stream-ext" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="A library of extensions to the SRFI-40 streams" major="3"/>
     752<chickenegg name="topological-sort" license="Public Domain" author="Mikael Djurfeldt" description="Topological sorting" major="3"/>
     754<chickenegg name="treap" license="GPL" author="Oleg Kiselyov; packaged for Chicken Scheme by Ivan Raikov" description="A sorted dictionary data structure based on randomized search trees." major="3"/>
     756<chickenegg name="ugarit" license="BSD" author="Alaric Snell-Pym" description="A backup/archival system based on content-addressed storage" major="3"/>
     758<chickenegg name="varsubst" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Generalized variable substitution semantics." major="3"/>
     760<chickenegg name="vector-lib" license="Artistic" author="Taylor Campbell, with CHICKEN-specific modifications by William S. Annis. Adapted to final version and bugs fixed by Zbigniew Szadkowski" description="A port of the reference implementation of SRFI-43 with additions and fixes" major="3"/>
     762<chickenegg name="wt-tree" license="MIT-ish" author="Reed Sheridan <>" description="Weight-balanced trees" major="3"/>
     764<chickenegg name="z3" license="BSD" author="Oskar Schirmer and felix winkelmann" description="A gzip (RFC1952) compression and decompression library" major="3"/>
     769==== Data formats and parsing
     773<chickenegg name="base64" license="BSD" author="James Bailey" description="Parsing and unparsing of base-64 strings" major="3"/>
     775<chickenegg name="charconv" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Character encoding utilities" major="3"/>
     777<chickenegg name="chasen" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Bindings to ChaSen Japanese Morphological Analyzer" major="3"/>
     779<chickenegg name="content-type" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Parsing of Content-type headers" major="3"/>
     781<chickenegg name="cookie" license="BSD" author="Reed Sheridan <>" description="Parse and construct HTTP cookies" major="3"/>
     783<chickenegg name="csv" license="LGPL-2.1" author="Neil van Dyke" description="Parsing comma-separated values" major="3"/>
     785<chickenegg name="filepath" license="BSD" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Cross-platform file path manipulation." major="3"/>
     787<chickenegg name="formular" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Processing of CGI email forms." major="3"/>
     789<chickenegg name="icalendar" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="iCalendar (RFC 2445) parser." major="3"/>
     791<chickenegg name="iconv" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Character-set conversions" major="3"/>
     793<chickenegg name="input-parse" license="unknown" author="Oleg Kiselyov. Ported to chicken by Shawn Wagner." description="input-stream tokenizing and parsing routines." major="3"/>
     795<chickenegg name="json" license="MIT" author="Tony Garnock-Jones" description="A JSON library" major="3"/>
     797<chickenegg name="lalr" license="GPL" author="Dominique Boucher" description="An efficient LALR(1) parser generator" major="3"/>
     799<chickenegg name="levenshtein" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Levenshtein edit distance" major="3"/>
     801<chickenegg name="lexgen" license="BSD" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Lexer combinators." major="3"/>
     803<chickenegg name="magic" license="BSD" author="Peter Busser" description="Identifies file types" major="3"/>
     805<chickenegg name="mat5-lib" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Reading and writing Level 5 MAT-File format." major="3"/>
     807<chickenegg name="mistie" license="BSD" author="Dorai Sitaram" description="A programmable filter" major="3"/>
     809<chickenegg name="mpeg3" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Decodes several MPEG standards into uncompressed data suitable for editing and playback." major="3"/>
     811<chickenegg name="nemo" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="Neuron model description language." major="3"/>
     813<chickenegg name="nnweave" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="NeuroML to NEURON code transformation." major="3"/>
     815<chickenegg name="packedobjects" license="BSD" author="John P. T. Moore" description="cross platform bit-stuffing based on Packed Encoding Rules" major="3"/>
     817<chickenegg name="packrat" license="MIT" author="Tony Garnock-Jones" description="A packrat parsing library" major="3"/>
     819<chickenegg name="php-s11n" license="MIT" author="Arto Bendiken" description="Serialization/unserialization of PHP data types." major="3"/>
     821<chickenegg name="plurals" license="BSD" author="Joshua B. Griffith" description="Basic conversion of plural forms to singular forms" major="3"/>
     823<chickenegg name="rfc3339" license="LGPL-2.1" author="Neil van Dyke" description="RFC3339 Date and Time Format" major="3"/>
     825<chickenegg name="rfc822" license="BSD" author="Reed Sheridan <>" description="Parse Internet Message Format" major="3"/>
     827<chickenegg name="s11n" license="BSD" author="felix" description="Serialization of arbitrary data." major="3"/>
     829<chickenegg name="scsh-regexp" license="GPL-2" author="Dan Muresan" description="Emulates SCSH regular expression API" major="3"/>
     831<chickenegg name="silex" license="BSD" author="Danny Dub&eacute;" description="An efficient and powerful lexer generator" major="3"/>
     833<chickenegg name="stream-base64" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Performs lazy encoding and decoding of streams of characters to and from Base64" major="3"/>
     835<chickenegg name="stream-htpasswd" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Lazy parser and generator of Apache htpasswd password files." major="3"/>
     837<chickenegg name="stream-ldif" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Library to parse and produce files in the LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) file format" major="3"/>
     839<chickenegg name="stream-parser" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="A stream-based parser" major="3"/>
     841<chickenegg name="stream-sections" license="GPL-2" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Split a document into sections and do useful things with the results." major="3"/>
     843<chickenegg name="tar" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Reading and writing tar archives" major="3"/>
     845<chickenegg name="unicode-normalization" license="BSD" author="Adam C. Emerson" description="Unicode normalization from scheme48." major="3"/>
     847<chickenegg name="utf8" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Unicode support" major="3"/>
     852==== Tools
     856<chickenegg name="patch" license="MIT" author="Tony Sidaway <" description="Simple source patch utility" major="3"/>
     858<chickenegg name="sbky" license="BSD" author="Angel Ortega, ported to Scheme by felix winkelmann" description="A Scheme port of the `bky' version control system" major="3"/>
     860<chickenegg name="sigma" license="GPL-3" author="Ivan Raikov" description="An image gallery generator." major="3"/>
     865==== Sound
     869<chickenegg name="mpd-client" license="BSD" author="Hans Bulfone" description="Interface to Music Player Daemon" major="3"/>
     871<chickenegg name="openal" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="OpenAL 1.1 bindings" major="3"/>
     876==== Unit-testing
     880<chickenegg name="check" license="SRFI" author="Sebastian Egner" description="SRFI-78 leightweight testing" major="3"/>
     882<chickenegg name="embedded-test" license="GPL-3" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="A simple framework for unit tests that allows them to be embedded directly in programs' code" major="3"/>
     884<chickenegg name="selenium" license="Public Domain" author="Robin Lee Powell" description="A Selenium RC driver in Chicken Scheme." major="3"/>
     886<chickenegg name="test" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Yet Another Testing Utility" major="3"/>
     888<chickenegg name="testbase" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Unit Testing Framework" major="3"/>
     890<chickenegg name="testbase-driver" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Unit Testing Framework Test Runner" major="3"/>
     892<chickenegg name="testbase-results" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="TestBase Test Results Support" major="3"/>
     894<chickenegg name="testeez" license="LGPL-2.1" author="Neil van Dyke" description="Simple Test Mechanism for Scheme" major="3"/>
     899==== Cryptography
     903<chickenegg name="crc" license="BSD" author="Daishi Kato" description="Computes CRC checksum" major="3"/>
     905<chickenegg name="crc16" license="BSD" author="Ben Kurtz" description="CRC16 Algorithm" major="3"/>
     907<chickenegg name="crypt" license="BSD" author="Thomas Christian Chust" description="Bindings to the cryptlib library" major="3"/>
     909<chickenegg name="crypt3" license="BSD" author="Thomas Christian Chust and Kon Lovett" description="Bindings to the cryptlib library (for cryptlib 3.3.1)" major="3"/>
     911<chickenegg name="hashes" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Miscellaneous Hash Functions" major="3"/>
     913<chickenegg name="md5" license="GPL-2" author="Chistophe Devine (packaged for CHICKEN by felix winkelmann)" description="Computes MD5 (RFC1321) checksums" major="3"/>
     915<chickenegg name="message-digest" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Message Digest Support" major="3"/>
     917<chickenegg name="ripemd" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="RIPE Message Digest" major="3"/>
     919<chickenegg name="sha1" license="GPL-2" author="Chistophe Devine (packaged for CHICKEN by [[felix winkelmann]])" description="Computes SHA1 (FIPS-180-1) checksums" major="3"/>
     921<chickenegg name="sha2" license="BSD" author="Aaron D. Gifford and Daishi Kato" description="Computes 256-, 385- and 512-bit SHA2 checksums" major="3"/>
     923<chickenegg name="tiger-hash" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Tiger/192 Message Digest" major="3"/>
     928==== User interface toolkits
     932<chickenegg name="PS-tk" license="BSD" author="Nils M Holm, Chicken port by Kon Lovett]" description="PS-tk" major="3"/>
     934<chickenegg name="bb" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An easy-to-use GUI toolkit based on FLTK" major="3"/>
     936<chickenegg name="japi" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A set of bindings for the JAPI GUI toolkit" major="3"/>
     938<chickenegg name="ncurses" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interface to the UNIX <code>ncurses</code> package" major="3"/>
     940<chickenegg name="qt" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A leightweight Qt 4 interface" major="3"/>
     942<chickenegg name="slang" license="MIT" author="Tony Sidaway <>" description="Bindings for slang text-based user interface library." major="3"/>
     944<chickenegg name="sx" license="LGPL-2.1" author="Dominic Giampaolo, chicken interface by felix winkelmann" description="Simple X programming" major="3"/>
     946<chickenegg name="tk" license="Bremer License" author="Wolf-Dieter Busch" description="An interface to the Tk GUI toolkit" major="3"/>
     948<chickenegg name="xosd" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interface to the XOSD (On Screen Display) library" major="3"/>
     953==== Code generation
     957<chickenegg name="crunch" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A restricted statically typed subset of Scheme" major="3"/>
     959<chickenegg name="fp" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interpreter/translator for a dialect of John Backus' FP language" major="3"/>
     961<chickenegg name="inline" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Use compiled code inside interpreter scripts" major="3"/>
     963<chickenegg name="lightning" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="An interface to GNU Lightning" major="3"/>
     965<chickenegg name="sassy" license="LGPL-2.1" author="Jonathan Kraut" description="A portable 32-bit assembler for x86 processors" major="3"/>
     967<chickenegg name="tcc" license="BSD" author="[[felix winkelmann]]" description="Accessing the Tiny C compiler from Scheme" major="3"/>
     972==== Macros and meta-syntax
     976<chickenegg name="alexpander" license="BSD" author="Al Petrofsky" description="A syntax-rules macro-expander" major="3"/>
     978<chickenegg name="riaxpander" license="BSD" author="Taylor R Campbell (with one file written by Jonathan A Rees)" description="Flexible macro expander" major="3"/>
     980<chickenegg name="simplify" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="simplifies macroexpand code" major="3"/>
     982<chickenegg name="syntactic-closures" license="MIT" author="Alan Bawden, Chris Hanson" description="Hygienic macros with syntactic closures" major="3"/>
     984<chickenegg name="syntax-case" license="MIT" author="R. Kent Dybvig, Oscar Waddell, Bob Hieb, Carl Bruggeman" description="Portable syntax-case macro and module system" major="3"/>
     989==== Miscellaneous
     993<chickenegg name="advice" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="`advise' functionality" major="3"/>
     995<chickenegg name="args" license="BSD" author="Zbigniew" description="Command-line argument handling, on top of SRFI 37" major="3"/>
     997<chickenegg name="args-doc" license="Free Use" author="Ivan Shmakov" description="Formatting GNU-style help messages" major="3"/>
     999<chickenegg name="caketext" license="Public Domain" author="Robin Lee Powell" description="A localization egg after Perl's Locale::Maketext" major="3"/>
     1001<chickenegg name="currency-converter" license="GPL-3" author="Jean-Philippe Theberge" description="Perform currency conversion" major="3"/>
     1003<chickenegg name="egg-post-commit" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Maintenance tool for egg repository management and upload" major="3"/>
     1005<chickenegg name="eopl" license="Free Use" author="various" description="Support code for the book 'Essentials of Programming Languages'" major="3"/>
     1007<chickenegg name="files" license="BSD" author="Mario Domenech Goulart" description="Basic procedures from the `files' unit for chicken versions < 3.4.0" major="3"/>
     1009<chickenegg name="free-gettext" license="BSD" author="Alex Shinn" description="Binary-compatible flexible gettext reimplementation" major="3"/>
     1011<chickenegg name="gettext" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Wrapper around the gettext API for translating messages." major="3"/>
     1013<chickenegg name="logging" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Logging Facility" major="3"/>
     1015<chickenegg name="logo" license="Creative Commons" author="Arthur Nunes-Harwitt" description="A small Logo implementation" major="3"/>
     1017<chickenegg name="numspell" license="LGPL-2.1" author="Neil van Dyke" description="Spelling Numbers as English in Scheme" major="3"/>
     1019<chickenegg name="peep" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Explore the compiler's symbol database" major="3"/>
     1021<chickenegg name="regex-extras" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Access to PCRE Structures" major="3"/>
     1023<chickenegg name="runcmd" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Convenience macros for invoking shell commands" major="3"/>
     1025<chickenegg name="srfi-29" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Localization" major="3"/>
     1027<chickenegg name="srfi-34" license="SRFI" author="ben" description="SRFI-34: Exception Handling for Programs" major="3"/>
     1029<chickenegg name="srfi-37" license="SRFI" author="Anthony Carrico" description="A simple and flexible command-line option parsing facility" major="3"/>
     1031<chickenegg name="stalin" license="GPL-2" author="Jeffrey Mark Siskind, ported to CHICKEN by felix winkelmann" description="An aggressively optimizing Scheme compiler" major="3"/>
     1033<chickenegg name="svn-client" license="Public Domain" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="A wrapper around Subversion's libsvn_client C library." major="3"/>
     1035<chickenegg name="svn-post-commit-hooks" license="GPL" author="Alejandro Forero Cuervo" description="Convenience functions for creating applications that run as post-commit hooks for a Subversion repository." major="3"/>
     1037<chickenegg name="tabexpand" license="LGPL-2.1" author="Neil W. van Dyke" description="Tab Character Expansion in Scheme" major="3"/>
     1039<chickenegg name="tool" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Simplified command-line parsing" major="3"/>
     1044==== Concurrency and parallelism
     1048<chickenegg name="futures" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="Concurrent evaluation of expressions" major="3"/>
     1050<chickenegg name="mailbox" license="BSD" author="Felix Winkelmann and Kon Lovett" description="Thread-safe queues with timeout" major="3"/>
     1052<chickenegg name="synch" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Synchronization Forms" major="3"/>
     1057==== Unsupported or redundant
     1061<chickenegg name="format" license="Public Domain" author="Dirk Lutzebeck" description="Common-Lisp style formatted output" major="3"/>
     1063<chickenegg name="matcher" license="BSD" author="Andre van Tonder; ported to CHICKEN by Dale Jordan" description="Match extension to srfi-57" major="3"/>
     1065<chickenegg name="oblist" license="BSD" author="[[felix winkelmann]]" description="Obtain list of all interned symbols and variables" major="3"/>
     1067<chickenegg name="proplist" license="BSD" author="Kon Lovett" description="Provides property list operations" major="3"/>
     1069<chickenegg name="r6rs-libraries" license="SRFI" author="Andre van Tonder and felix" description="Simple, hygienic macros (SRFI-72 compliant) and R6RS (draft) libraries" major="3"/>
     1071<chickenegg name="simple-macros" license="SRFI" author="Andre van Tonder" description="Simple, hygienic macros and portable modules (SRFI-72 compliant)" major="3"/>
     1073<chickenegg name="sqlite" license="BSD" author="Lars Rustemeier, with some modifications by [[felix winkelmann]]" description="A wrapper for the SQLite database engine" major="3"/>
     1075<chickenegg name="srfi-57" license="SRFI" author="Andre van Tonder" description="[[|SRFI-57]] records" major="3"/>
     1077<chickenegg name="structures" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="A module system inspired by SML structures and Taylor Campbell's lexmod module system" major="3"/>
     1079<chickenegg name="test-infrastructure" license="BSD" author="Peter Keller & Kon Lovett" description="Unit-testing framework" major="3"/>
     1081<chickenegg name="url" license="BSD" author="felix winkelmann" description="URL (RFC 1739) parsing" major="3"/>
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