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  • chicken/trunk/TODO

    r12703 r12786  
    1919*** dirty-macros.scm loops when using `defile'
    2020    possibly due to unrenamed special forms
     21*** extended lambda-lists refer to `optional' and `let-optionals[*]'
     22    this will break, when these macros are renamed on import
    2123*** slow
    2224    compiling dynamic.scm with profile-hacked expand:
    131133** modules
     134*** import lib holds undefined in expansions for undefined but exported bindings
    132135*** `require-extension' fails in interpreter when extension is .so without import library
    133136    probably because load and import is in same toplevel form, and the
    136139    compile-/expansion-time), when import is #t and o import lib
    137140    exists.
     142** setup/install
     143*** qs: automatically quote with #\" and replace #\/ with #\\ on windows?
     145** build
     146*** compiling chicken-install/-uninstall must use invalid or disabled existing repository
     147    otherwise we use stale import libraries
     149** libraries/build
     150*** check use of paths with windows builds: proper handling of quoting and
     151    slashed on all shell configurations?
    155169    should actually be a distinct meta-import-env.
    156170    (does it work at all?)
     171    example: we nbeed `(import-for-syntax chicken)' to have access to
     172    `receive' in a procedural syntax definition.
    157173*** curried define performs expansion in empty se - problem?
    158174    (as comment in expand.scm indicated (##sys#register-export))
    159175*** check phase separation and module access
    160176**** interaction for define-for-syntax, begin-for-syntax, and macros
    161      also check for different execution modes (compile-time, run-time, csi, ...)
    162 *** checks to be implemented
    163 **** reimport of imported id
    164 **** unused defs?
     177***** check for different execution modes (compile-time, run-time, csi, ...)
     178***** figure out visibility
    166180** compiler
    172186**** handle redirects in http-fetch
    173187*** automatically update db after extension installation?
     188*** test sudo
     190** henrietta
     191*** mode that responses with list of available eggs (ls + check for .meta files)
     192*** mode that responses only with .meta information
    175194** library units
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