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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
art 20873   10 years Christian Kellermann art: added svgs for simplified logos
benchmarks-shootout 10486   13 years elf realised i never added this
chicken 18004   11 years sjamaan Tag the trunk from just before the git migration
demonstrations 21231   10 years felix winkelmann added link
doc-indices 12216   12 years felix winkelmann small fixes, untested
gazette 21198   10 years Christian Kellermann Gazette #7: Absolute image URL is necessary to make it work in the archive
nondescript 18571   11 years sjamaan Remove empty directories under 'nondescript' (unknown egg version …
promotional 21171   10 years sjamaan flyer: Tone down the number! of! exclamation! marks! Cheat a bit with …
release 21227   10 years Alan Post Add .meta file for kiksispe'i: The "Key Finder" for {lo do ckiku ma zvati}.
salmonella-custom-feeds 21230   10 years Alan Post Update alanpost.scm salmonella feed to account for kiksispehi and …
wiki 21229   10 years felix winkelmann typo
.egg-post-commit-anchor 0 bytes 628   15 years felix winkelmann egg-post-commit modifications, small fixes
egg-template.scm 2.3 KB 628   15 years felix winkelmann egg-post-commit modifications, small fixes
post-commit-tasks.scm 80 bytes 8794   13 years Mario Domenech Goulart permission test
README 1.3 KB 18068   11 years sjamaan Update information about Chicken directory


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