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2I would suggest changing the description (the first paragraph) to the following:
4> CHICKEN is a platform for developing applications in the Scheme programming language.
5> It consists of the following programs:
7> ; {{csc}} : A compiler that translates Scheme source files into C, which in turn can be fed to a C-compiler to generate a standalone executable. This principle, which is used by several existing compilers, achieves high portability because C is implemented on nearly all available platforms.  The generated C code is fully tail-recursive.
9> ; {{csi}} : An interpreter that can be used as a scripting environment or for testing programs before compilation.
11> ; Eggs : A collection of contributed extensions greatly extending the application programming interface available to Scheme programmers and some infrastructure programs (eg. {{chicken-setup}}) to simplify their management.
13I propose these changes because I feel that Chicken is much more than just a Scheme -> C compiler, which the paragraph, as it is, seems to suggest.
14Also, I want to emphasize that one of the strengths of Chicken might be the great number of extensions.  Hmm, perhaps {{chicken}} should be listed there somewhere.
16However, since this is rather big a change, I thought I wouldn't apply it myself but just suggest it and let Felix decide... he should, after all, know better than I what CHICKEN really is.  I dare not contradict him. :-)
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