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1== wasamasa
3=== About
5I write all kinds of Lisp code, such as Clojure, Emacs Lisp and
6CHICKEN, sometimes going for lesser known ones such as MAL, Picolisp
7and Interim.  CHICKEN is my tool of choice for writing small CLI and
8web applications.  I hope you find my eggs useful, feel free to
9contact me about them on Freenode or via email at {{(list->string (reverse (string->list
12=== Eggs I wrote
14All of the following can be installed from the egg index:
16* [[/eggref/5/breadline|breadline]] - bindings to the readline library
17* [[/eggref/4/image-dimensions|image-dimensions]] - detect image dimensions for common image formats purely in Scheme
18* [[/eggref/4/inotify|inotify]] - bindings to inotify for watching files on Linux
19* [[/eggref/4/kiwi|kiwi]] - bindings to the [[|KiWi]] GUI library
20* [[/eggref/4/libui|libui]] - bindings to the [[|libui]] GUI library
21* [[/eggref/4/natural-sort|natural-sort]] - implementation of natural sorting
22* [[/eggref/4/nuklear|nuklear]] - bindings to the [[|nuklear]] GUI library
23* [[/eggref/4/stfl|stfl]] - bindings to the [[|STFL]] ncurses GUI library
25=== Eggs I maintain
27* [[/eggref/5/openssl|openssl]] - bindings to the OpenSSL library
29=== Other Scheme projects
31* [[|cssfuscator]] - CLI tool to convert images to CSS
32* [[|giflib]] - incomplete bindings to the [[|giflib]] library
33* [[|gl-life]] - implementation of Conway's Game of life using OpenGL
34* [[|oiio]] - incomplete bindings to the [[|OpenImageIO]] library
35* [[|teapub]] - EPUB viewer built with the [[/eggref/4/webkit|webkit]] and [[/eggref/4/spock|spock]] eggs
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