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1== Sergey Goldgaber
2=== Email
3To email me, remove the spaces in the following address:
4chicken .20.
5=== Find me on the #chicken channel on the [[|FreeNode IRC Network]]
6==== The username I'm currently using there is "laertus"
8I'm a fan of Chicken, Scheme, and all things Lispy.
9==== Ported Eggs
10===== Chicken 5
11====== [[|srfi-5]]: A compatible let form with signatures and rest arguments
12====== [[|srfi-35]]: Conditions
13====== [[|srfi-38]]: External Representation for Data With Shared Structure
14====== [[|srfi-45]]: Primitives for Expressing Iterative Lazy Algorithms
15====== [[|srfi-48]]: Intermediate Format Strings
16====== [[|srfi-60]]: Integers as Bits
17====== [[|srfi-66]]: Octet Vectors
18====== [[|srfi-111]]: Boxes
19====== [[|srfi-130]]: Cursor-based string library
20====== [[|srfi-152]]: String Library (reduced)
21====== [[|srfi-160]]: Homogeneous numeric vector libraries
22====== [[|srfi-171]]: Transducers
23====== [[|srfi-173]]: Hooks
24====== [[|srfi-196]]: Range Objects
25====== [[|srfi-197]]: Pipeline Operators
26====== [[|srfi-207]]: Pipeline Operators
27==== My own eggs
28===== Chicken 4
29====== [[|proccpuinfo]]
30This egg was intended to be used as a self-contained tutorial on how to bind Chicken to C libraries
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