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1== Peter Lane
3=== My libraries
5* [[/eggref/4/classifiers|classifiers]] provides some standard classification algorithms.
6* [[/eggref/4/clusterers|clusterers]] provides some standard clustering algorithms. (in progress)
7* [[/eggref/4/dataset-utils|dataset-utils]] for creating, reading and using datasets.
8* [[/eggref/4/disjoint-set|disjoint-set]] is a simple data structure.
9* [[/eggref/4/leptonica|leptonica]] to access the leptonica graphics library from Scheme.
10* [[/eggref/4/libsvm|libsvm]] a scheme wrapper around the Support Vector Machine library, libsvm.
12=== Ported libraries
14* [[/eggref/4/pstk|pstk]] to access the Tk toolkit from Scheme.
15* [[/eggref/4/quaternions|quaternions]] number system.
16* [[/eggref/4/srfi-78|srfi-78]] to perform lightweight testing.
17* [[/eggref/4/statistics|statistics]] provides a wide range of statistical tools.
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