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1[[tags: users]]
3== Peter Bex
5=== About me
7I'm a Schemer and Chicken core developer from the Netherlands.
9My ongoing core contributions mainly focus on keeping the in-core copy
10of the [[|irregex]] library
11up-to-date with the upstream version (of which I'm a co-maintainer),
12squashing bugs (specialty: grilled macro-transformer) and the odd
13security fix.
15Besides core, I also maintain the following eggs:
17* [[/eggref/4/postgresql|Postgresql]] - bindings to {{libpq}}.
18* [[/eggref/4/spiffy|Spiffy the webserver]].
19* [[/eggref/4/spiffy-cgi-handlers|spiffy-cgi-handlers]] (with [[andyjpb|Andy Bennett]]) - CGI handlers for Spiffy.
20* [[/eggref/4/spiffy-dynamic-handlers|spiffy-dynamic-handlers]] - dynamic web page handlers for Spiffy (deprecated).
21* [[/eggref/4/uri-generic|URI-generic]] (with [[ivan-raikov|Ivan Raikov]]) - parser for URI syntax as per RFC 3986.
22* [[/eggref/4/sxml-modifications|sxml-modifications]] - the "modif" parts from sxml-tools (from the SSAX project).
24I've written the following eggs:
26* [[/eggref/4/9p|9p]] (with [[alaric-blagrave-snellpym|Alaric Snell-Pym]]) - 9p protocol implementation in pure Scheme.
27* [[/eggref/4/colorize|Colorize]] - a port of the Lisppaste colorizing code (from Common Lisp).
28* [[/eggref/4/crypt|Crypt]] - bindings for the UNIX crypt() C function, packaged with some fallback implementations.
29* [[/eggref/4/efax|Efax]] - support for their fax gateway service.
30* [[/eggref/4/epeg|Epeg]] bindings.
31* [[/eggref/4/fancypants|Fancypants]] - a ligature and quote education library for SXML.
32* [[/eggref/4/henrietta-cache|Henrietta-cache]] - a caching system for the [[/distributed-egg-repos|distributed egg repository]].
33* [[/eggref/4/http-client|HTTP-client]] - high-level HTTP client library.
34* [[/eggref/4/imlib2|Imlib2]] bindings (this has now passed into the capable hands of [[moritz-heidkamp|Moritz]]).
35* [[/eggref/4/intarweb|Intarweb]] - a more convenient HTTP library (serves as the plumbing for Spiffy and Intarweb).
36* [[/eggref/4/md5|md5]] - Scheme wrapper of a common MD5 C library.
37* [[/eggref/4/phoghorn|Phoghorn]] - an image gallery library.
38* [[/eggref/4/scsh-process|SCSH-process]] - A reimplementation of the Scheme Shell's process pipeline notation.
39* [[/eggref/4/slatex|SLaTeX]] - Typesetting of Scheme and Lisp code with LaTeX.  This is a Chicken port of Dorai Sitaram's package.
40* [[/eggref/4/sha1|sha1]] - Scheme wrapper of a common SHA-1 C library.
41* [[/eggref/4/smsmatrix|Smsmatrix]] - support for their SMS and fax gateway service.
42* [[/eggref/4/ssql|ssql]] - "structured sql" (this too is now under [[moritz-heidkamp|Moritz]]'s care).
43* [[/eggref/4/svn-egg-author|svn-egg-author]] - Helper scripts for making egg releases with Subversion.
44* [[/eggref/4/sxml-fu|Sxml-fu]] - Some useful SXML procedures.
45* [[/eggref/4/uri-common|URI-common]] - More convenient support for parsing specific URI syntax of common protocols like HTTP.
46* [[/eggref/4/wmii|wmii]] - Scripting library for the wmii window manager.
47* [[/eggref/4/qwiki|qwiki]] (with [[ivan-raikov|Ivan Raikov]]) - The wiki engine serving the page you're currently reading.
48* [[/eggref/4/xml-rpc|XML-RPC]] - Support for the XML-RPC standard.
50And occasionally, when I feel like it or when it's really needed, I work on the following eggs.  None of these are authored by me and I'm not the official maintainer of any here either:
52* [[/eggref/4/defstruct|Defstruct]] - A convenient alternative to {{define-record}} (from Dorai Sitaram).
53* [[/eggref/4/freetds|FreeTDS]] (with Peter Danenberg) - bindings for the FreeTDS library.
54* [[/eggref/4/numbers|Numbers]] - Full numeric tower support.
55* [[/eggref/4/prometheus|Prometheus]] - a prototype-based object system with a really cool name.
56* [[/eggref/4/sendfile|Sendfile]] - send a file as quickly as possible from A to B.
57* [[/eggref/4/svn-client|SVN-client]] - Bindings for libsvn.
58* [[/eggref/4/sxml-transforms|Sxml-transforms]] - SXML transformations (from the SSAX project).
59* [[/eggref/4/sxpath|Sxpath]] - Structured XPath selectors (also from the SSAX project).
61=== Personal website
63I run a blog called [[|More Magic]].  It has
64lovingly crafted long-form posts dealing with Scheme, but I like to
65write about broader programming topics, free software and security as well.
66My blog is syndicated on
67[[|Planet Scheme]], which I heartily
68recommend subscribing to.  If you run your own Scheme blog please
69consider asking Jens Axel SÞgaard to add your blog to it!  Scheme
70needs more advocacy and documentation.
72You can reach me through e-mail at
73{{(string-concatenate-reverse '("bex" "." "peter") "")}}, but only if you've loaded SRFI-13.
74You can also try joining {{#chicken}} on [[|Freenode]] and asking for {{sjamaan}}.
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