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3== Links
7[[|[[image:|Ohloh profile for ecloud]]]]
8== Scheme-related Interests
10* GUIs, the holy grail for which is "write once, run everywhere".  This might be possible in a suitably portable version of Scheme, even a compiled one.  (Compilation could be a "cloud" service too.)
11* Qt
12* OpenGL
13* OpenStreetMap
15== Eggs laid
17; [[/eggref/3/dbus|dbus]] : DBus interface which permits writing services and clients (it needs porting to Chicken 4 yet though)
18; [[/eggref/3/gps|gps]] : interface to gpsd
19; [[/eggref/4/graphics-gems|graphics gems]] : Bezier curve fitting, and possibly in the future other graphics algorithms taken from the Graphics Gems book series
20; [[/eggref/4/expat|expat]] : expat XML parser (Felix wrote it, I just ported it to chicken 4, and keep using it)
21; [[/eggref/4/endian-port|endian-port]] : port wrapper for doing binary I/O with endian conversion (Ivan Raikov wrote it, I just ported it to chicken 4, and keep using it)
23== Special Thanks
25Thanks to Felix for starting this great project.  And thanks to everyone in the community for writing so many eggs and thereby making Chicken practical for "real work".
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