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1[[tags:tutorials navigation]]
3== Introduction
5This page contains a list of tutorials we have written (or would like someone to write) about Chicken Scheme.
7; [[explicit-renaming-macros]]: Introduction to "explicit renaming" macros, the low-level macro system used in Chicken.
8; [[Assertions]]: How to use assertions in your code as a way to detect programming errors.
9; [[Autoconf - Automake]] : A tutorial explaining how to use Autoconf and Automake  in software packages containing Scheme files meant to be compiled by Chicken.
10; [[Eggs Tutorial]] : A tutorial about creating Chicken eggs.
11; [[Chicken on handhelds]] : A guide to using Chicken on embedded devices.
12; [[Compiling Chicken on Windows XP with MinGW]] : For the Windows using C/C++ newbies like me.
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