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3== Thumbtribes
5=== Introduction
7The aim of the project is to build a simple client on a mobile phone that allows a user to list other user's in a defined proximity who meet certain criteria or preferences previously specified. The user will then have the ability to retrieve a user's profile to establish ways to communicate. The overall goal of the project is that the client works on low cost smart phones and is not expensive to run. Usage costs are kept low by minimising the size of protocol data that is continually sent as location updates and responses. This is achieved by binary encoding data using [[packedobjects]].
9=== Current status of the project
11A basic "proof of concept" client exists which has been built as a plugin to [[|XChat]]. This will be replaced with a GTK+ based client designed to run on a [[|OpenMoko]] phone.
13=== Further information
15* You can read more about the project [[|here]].
17* The project was created by [[John Moore]].
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