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3== Supported standards
5This page attempts to list all standards CHICKEN supports; reports,
6SRFIs etc.  If any CHICKEN-specific documentation about extensions to
7or deviations from this standard is available, the text links to it.
9=== CHICKEN core
11The following list applies to both CHICKEN 3 and 4:
13==== Scheme reports/documents
15* R5RS --- [[/manual/Deviations from the standard|deviations]], [[/manual/Extensions to the standard|extensions]]
16* [[/manual/Extensions to the standard#extended-dsssl-style-lambda-lists|Extended DSSSL style lambda lists]]
18==== SRFIs
20* [[/manual/Non-standard macros and special forms#cond-expand|SRFI-0]] Feature-based conditional expansion construct
21* [[/manual/Unit srfi-1|SRFI-1]] List Library
22* [[/manual/Non-standard macros and special forms#and-let|SRFI-2]] AND-LET*: an AND with local bindings, a guarded LET* special form
23* [[/manual/Unit srfi-4|SRFI-4]] Homogeneous numeric vector datatypes
24* [[/manual/Unit library#string-ports|SRFI-6]] Basic String Ports (also see [[/manual/Unit ports|Unit ports]] for a generalisation)
25* [[/manual/Non-standard macros and special forms#receive|SRFI-8]] receive: Binding to multiple values
26* [[/manual/Non-standard macros and special forms#record-structures|SRFI-9]] Defining Record Types
27* [[/manual/Unit library#reader-extensions|SRFI-10]] Sharp-Comma External Form
28* [[/manual/Non-standard macros and special forms#let-values|SRFI-11]] Syntax for receiving multiple values
29* [[/manual/Exceptions|SRFI-12]] Exception Handling
30* [[/manual/Unit srfi-13|SRFI-13]] String Library
31* [[/manual/Unit srfi-14|SRFI-14]] Character-Set Library
32* [[/manual/Non-standard macros and special forms#fluid-let|SRFI-15]] Syntax for dynamic scoping
33* [[/manual/Non-standard macros and special forms#case-lambda|SRFI-16]] Syntax for procedures of variable arity
34* [[/manual/Unit library#setters|SRFI-17]] Generalized set! (also see [[/manual/Extensions to the standard|heading 4.1.6 in "Extensions to the standard"]])
35* [[/manual/Unit srfi-18|SRFI-18]] Multithreading support
36* [[/manual/Unit library#error|SRFI-23]] Error reporting mechanism
37* [[/manual/Non-standard macros and special forms#cut|SRFI-26]] Notation for Specializing Parameters without Currying
38* [[/manual/Unit extras#format|SRFI-28]] Basic Format Strings
39* [[/manual/Non-standard read syntax#multiline-block-comment|SRFI-30]] Nested Multi-line Comments
40* [[/manual/Non-standard macros and special forms#rec|SRFI-31]] A special form for recursive evaluation
41* [[/manual/Parameters|SRFI-39]] Parameter objects (also see [[/manual/Non-standard macros and special forms#parameterize|the parameterize macro]])
42* [[/manual/Macros|SRFI-46]] Basic Syntax-rules Extensions (chicken 4.6.5 and newer)
43* [[/manual/Non-standard macros and special forms#require-extension|SRFI-55]] require-extension
44* [[/manual/Extensions to the standard|SRFI-61]] A more general cond clause (see heading 4.2.1)
45* [[/manual/Non-standard read syntax#expression-comment|SRFI-62]] S-expression comments
46* [[/manual/Unit srfi-69|SRFI-69]] Basic hash tables
47* [[/manual/Unit library#keywords|SRFI-88]] Keyword Objects
48* [[/manual/Unit srfi-69|SRFI-90]] Extensible hash table constructor
49* SRFI-98 --- [[/manual/Unit library#get-environment-variable|get-environment-variable]], [[/manual/Unit posix#environment-access|get-environment-variables]]
51=== Eggs
53If you create or port an egg, please add it below:
55==== CHICKEN 4
57* [[/eggref/4/srfi-19|SRFI-19]] Time Data Types and Procedures
58* [[/eggref/4/srfi-25|SRFI-25]] Multi-dimensional Array Primitives
59* [[/eggref/4/srfi-27|SRFI-27]] Sources of Random Bits
60* [[/eggref/4/srfi-29|SRFI-29]] Localization
61* [[/eggref/4/srfi-34|SRFI-34]] Exception Handling for Programs
62* [[/eggref/4/srfi-37|SRFI-37]] args-fold: a program argument processor
63* [[/eggref/4/srfi-38|SRFI-38]] External Representation for Data With Shared Structure
64* [[/eggref/4/srfi-40|SRFI-40]] A Library of Streams
65* [[/eggref/4/srfi-41|SRFI-41]] Streams
66* [[/eggref/4/srfi-42|SRFI-42]] Eager Comprehensions
67* [[/eggref/4/vector-lib|SRFI-43]] Vector Library
68* [[/eggref/4/srfi-45|SRFI-45]] Primitives for expressing iterative lazy algorithms
69* [[/eggref/4/srfi-60|SRFI-60]] Integers as Bits
70* [[/eggref/4/srfi-63|SRFI-63]] Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Arrays
71* [[/eggref/4/srfi-71|SRFI-71]] Extended LET-syntax for multiple values
72* [[/eggref/4/srfi-78|SRFI-78]] Lightweight Testing
73* [[/eggref/4/srfi-95|SRFI-95]] Sorting and Merging
74* [[/eggref/4/srfi-99|SRFI-99]]  ERR5RS Records
75* [[/eggref/4/srfi-101|SRFI-101]] Purely Functional Random-Access Pairs and Lists
76* [[/eggref/4/srfi-102|SRFI-102]] Procedure Arity Inspection
77* [[/eggref/4/box|SRFI-111]] Boxes
78* [[|SRFI-116]] Immutable List Library
79* [[|SRFI-117]] Mutable Queues
82==== CHICKEN 3
84* [[/eggref/3/srfi-19|SRFI-19]]
85* [[/eggref/3/srfi-25|SRFI-25]]
86* [[|SRFI-27]] (or an [[/eggref/3/gsl-srfi-27|alternative implementation]])
87* [[/eggref/3/srfi-29|SRFI-29]]
88* [[/eggref/3/srfi-34|SRFI-34]]
89* [[/eggref/3/srfi-37|SRFI-37]]
90* [[/eggref/3/srfi-38|SRFI-38]]
91* [[/eggref/3/srfi-40|SRFI-40]]
92* [[/eggref/3/srfi-41|SRFI-41]]
93* [[/eggref/3/srfi-42|SRFI-42]]
94* [[|SRFI-45]]
95* [[/eggref/3/srfi-47|SRFI-47]]
96* [[/eggref/3/srfi-60|SRFI-60]]
97* [[|SRFI-66]]
98* [[/eggref/3/srfi-67|SRFI-67]]
99* [[/eggref/3/srfi-85|SRFI-85]]
100* [[/eggref/3/srfi-89|SRFI-89]]
101* [[/eggref/3/srfi-95|SRFI-95]]
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