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Some files have been manually reverted after that, since some
substitutions don't apply:

  • friedly-chicken (repl banner)
  • survey2011 (Chicken in URI paths)
  • chickenista-guide (Chickenista)

I hope the link canonicalization thing will be on my side.

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1=== CHICKEN release policy
3# The CHICKEN core system is maintained in a git repository as described
4in [[]] where the {{master}} branch represents the official
5development status.
7# Bugfixes are normally applied directly to the {{master}}
8branch. Changes that might take longer and or are particularly
9disruptive may be done on separate branches and merged as soon as the
10work is considered stable enough to use.
12# In more or less regular intervals, the patch-level of the release
13number will be increased (for example "4.5.0" -> "4.5.1") and a tag
14identical to the release number will be made on {{master}}. Once
15tagged, a development snapshot is automatically generated and placed
16in [[|dev-snapshots]]. Usually,
17these snapshots and any changes made since the last release or
18snapshot (whatever is more recent) will be announced on the
19"chicken-users" mailing list.
21# The development snapshot is untested and not guaranteed to
22work. It is not an official CHICKEN release.
24# If enough changes for a regular release have accumulated in the
25{{master}} branch, it is merged into the {{prerelease}} branch and
26from there into the {{release}} branch. A tag made on the
27{{release}} branch will trigger automatic generation of a release
30# Last-minute fixes to a release and updating the version number
31can so take place in {{prerelease}} without getting disturbed by
32development in the other, more active branches.
34# Crucial bug fixes may be back-ported to previous releases or development snapshots, by cherry-picking the patch onto a branch that grows from the release tag. When it is deemed necessary, a "bug fix release" will be produced by appending {{.1}} to the version number for the first such bug fix release on the branch, {{.2}} for the second, and so on.
36# The release tarballs are kept in the [[|releases]] directory, and
37the URL to a release follows a fixed per-release pattern, e.g.:
43# The URL [[]] always points to
44the latest official release of CHICKEN.
47Therefore, CHICKEN version numbers can be interpreted like so:
49# A.B.0 (often written as A.B for short): Stable release
51# A.B.0.X: Even more stable release with bug fixes added
53# A.B.C (C <> 0): Development snapshot of work towards A.B+1 or A+1.0, with
54exciting new features, and most likely new bugs.
56# A.B.C.X (C <> 0): Development snapshot A.B.C plus some bug fixes
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