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[5407]1== Periodic tasks
3Some tasks related to the CHICKEN development are periodically executed.  Here you can find information and links to some of the results and/or logs of these tasks.
5=== Automated builds and salmonella runs
[12170]7CHICKEN is built daily from the [[|svn chicken-3 branch]].  Then, using this build, the automated [[Salmonella]] tool attempts to individually install all of the published [[eggs]], reporting success or failure for each egg.
[12170]9The repository of results are at  The results are organized according to YYYY/MM/DD (year/month/day).  The {{current}} directory always points to the latest result directory. These directories contain the following files and directories:
[12170]11* [[chicken-automated-build.log|]] : the log of fetching and building CHICKEN from svn trunk, and the summarized output from the execution of salmonella.
[12170]13* [[salmonella-report|]] : the HTML-formatted [[salmonella]] output.
[12170]15* [[salmonella.log|]] : the raw [[salmonella]] output.
[12170]17The [[atom|]] directory contains atom feeds, so egg authors can monitor failures that affect their eggs.
[10306]19=== Development snapshots
[10306]21You can obtain recent SVN snapshots of Chicken at, where {{current}} points to the latest snapshot and the other directories are organized in the YYYY/MM/DD (year/month/day) format.
23=== Automatic upload of eggs to call/
[14260]25The SVN repository of eggs is stored at [[galinha|]].  The eggs files are periodically sent from [[|galinha]] to the [[|official eggs repository]] (used by [[/man/4/Extensions|chicken-install]]).
27=== Dependencies graphs generation
[13625]29The generation of [[|dependencies graphs]] is done with the same frequency as automatic upload of eggs to call/, based on data from the official chicken eggs repository ( [[egg/nest-tool]] is used to generate the graphics.
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