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3== The CHICKEN User's Manual
6<img id="big-logo" style="float:right; margin-left:1em;" src="" alt="Stylized picture of a chicken"/>
9This is the manual for CHICKEN Scheme, version 5.0.0
11* [[Getting started]] : What is CHICKEN and how do I use it?
12* [[Using the interpreter]] : How to use the interactive interpreter, {{csi}}
13* [[Using the compiler]]  : How to use the batch compiler
14* [[Deviations from the standard]] : Where CHICKEN deviates from R5RS
15* [[Extensions to the standard]] : Extensions to R5RS that CHICKEN provides
16* [[Included modules]] : A reference to CHICKEN's core module library
17* [[Interface to external functions and variables]] : Accessing C/C++ code and data
18* [[Extensions]] : Packaging and installing extension libraries
19* [[Extension tools]] : {{chicken-[un]install}} and {{chicken-status}}
20* [[Egg specification format]] : Format of egg description files
21* [[Units and linking model]] : How Scheme compilation units are mapped to C
22* [[Deployment]] : How to distribute and ship CHICKEN programs and libraries
23* [[Cross development]] : Using CHICKEN to cross-compile for other architectures
24* [[Bugs and limitations]] : Things that do not work yet.
25* [[faq|FAQ]] : A list of Frequently Asked Questions about CHICKEN (and their answers)
26* [[Acknowledgements]] : A list of some of the people that have contributed to make CHICKEN what it is
27* [[Bibliography]] : Links to documents that may be of interest
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