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Properly capitalize CHICKEN on the wiki directory (only first level).

I used the following shell script to change things:

while IFS= read -d $'\0' -r file ; do

sed -i 's/Chicken/CHICKEN/g' "$file"

done < <(find wiki -maxdepth 1 -type f -print0 )

Some files have been manually reverted after that, since some
substitutions don't apply:

  • friedly-chicken (repl banner)
  • survey2011 (Chicken in URI paths)
  • chickenista-guide (Chickenista)

I hope the link canonicalization thing will be on my side.

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1== Iron CHICKEN
3Iron CHICKEN is CHICKEN Scheme, but on a wiki.  Specifically, it's CHICKEN Scheme running on an external server, but analysing wiki content, processing it, and writing the results to the wiki.
5But it doesn't stop there.  The software itself, the scheme programs, also reside on pages on the wiki, and can be edited and recompiled using the normal wiki editing process.  And of course that means that your code is instantly public and your code development environment is instantly collaborative.
7Because the chosen wiki environment is the English Wikipedia, by far the largest and busiest wiki in the world, this means that any one of the thousands of regular Wikipedia users, or indeed any one of the millions of daily visitors to Wikipedia, can edit your code, and you are free to accept or reject the changes.
9Iron CHICKEN is also user-enabling.  Once a script has been written, it can be published in a form that anybody can use by typing a few brief phrases into a wiki page.  They won't even know they're running a Scheme program.  Unless you tell them.
11Iron CHICKEN enhances the wiki environment by providing it with external processing power without requiring the core wiki engine to be changed.  The software is 100% CHICKEN Scheme and runs on computers external to the Wikipedia server itself.  Anybody who can install CHICKEN Scheme (and, for the time being, runs a UNIX-like system) can run the software.
13Iron CHICKEN is part of a project to create a new concept: a public wiki [[Wikipedia:Internet bot|bot]], an intelligent software tool that can be used by anyone.
15Iron CHICKEN is (September, 2007) in advanced alpha state.  The account [[Wikipedia:User:TonyBot|TonyBot]] on English Wikipedia has made over 500 automated edits since it was authorized as a bot a few months ago.  Running on Tony Sidaway's home computer, it is now capable of automatically recognising, dispatching and executing user-level queries based on scripts written in Scheme on the wiki.
17If anyone is interested in any aspect of this project, please contact the principal developer, [[Tony Sidaway]], <>
19=== See also
20* [[|irnc-base]] egg.  The basic bot framework code.
21* [[Wikipedia:User:TonyBot|TonyBot]]
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