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1== CHICKEN @ T-DOSE 2018
5  <td>Where: </td>
6  <td>[[|Apparatenfabriek, Eindhoven (hackathon at Code Yellow)]] and [[|Fontys (T-DOSE venue)]]</td></tr>
7  <td>When:</td>
8  <td>Friday 23rd ~ Sunday 25th, November 2018</td>
12== Getting there
14Hacking will be done at the Code Yellow office, which is located at
15Torenallee 26-22. This is on the third floor (press "2" in the
16elevator, in the Netherlands we use a base-0 system, where the ground
17floor is 0). On Friday, there should be a receptionist who can buzz
18open the door to the elevators for you.  On Sunday you'll have to come
19with Peter or give him a call, as the offices are only open to people
20from the companies in the building using a tag.
22This is a 5 minute walk from the "Strijp S" train station. You can get
23there from Central Station in 5 minutes by train (every half hour) or
24take the bus. An easy way to check the Dutch public transport
25schedules is [[|9292OV]].
27From the Eindhoven airport there's a direct bus line to Strijp S, line
28401. This runs every 15 minutes and stops directly next to the
29"Apparatenfabriek" office building which is where the hackathon will
30be.  If you stay on the bus, it goes to Central Station.
32If Central Station is your destination, line 400 is the shuttle
33between the airport and Central Station.  It runs every 10 minutes
34and has no intermediate stops.
36If you arrive on Saturday we'll be at the T-DOSE venue. See the
37[[|T-DOSE site]] for location and how to
38get there.
40== Sponsors
42* [[|Code Yellow]]
44== Attendants
46Please tag your name with your arrival time.  Also add your
47accommodation if you like, so people can figure out where to book and
48who's staying at Peter's place:
50* Peter (Lives here)
51* Mario (Accommodation: Peter's)
52* Felix (Accommodation: Peter's)
55== Accommodation
57About 6 people can stay at Peter's place. Bring sleeping gear!
58Send an e-mail to let me know if you'd like to make use of this
61Otherwise, there are several hotels in Eindhoven.
63* A cheap option which is located on the Strijp-S area is the [[|Blue Collar hotal]]. It's a bit of an "alternative" option, so be sure to check out their web site to see if you are comfortable with their shared rooms.
64* A more traditional option is the [[|Holiday Inn]], directly opposite the Central Station.
65* The [[|Student Hotel]] is another option very close to Central Station.
66* Hotel [[|La Reine]] is quite close to Strijp S as well, a 10 minute walk from Central Station with decent prices.
67* Hotel [[|Benno]] is located very close to La Reine and similarly priced.
68* Hotel [[|Van Neer]] is close to the T-DOSE venue but further from the hackathon.  It is still within walking distance - almost everything in Eindhoven is in walking distance - and offers fair prices.
70== Presentations
72Please add yourselves below if you'd like to do a presentation, and
73whether it's a T-DOSE talk or an informal hackathon one.
75* Peter: What's cool about CHICKEN 5 [T-DOSE, unconfirmed]
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