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1== CHICKEN in the forest 2017
3* Where: Gartow, Germany ([[|]])
4* When: from Friday, Oct 13th to Sunday, Oct 15th
6The place can accommodate up to 16 persons.  If more people are interested, I (i.e. Juergen) can try to book some hotels around.  Drop me a note.
8Another possibility is to bring an iso-pad and sleeping-bag with you. The beds are for the first 16 registrations (first come, first served). So you should hurry to register ...
10Note that we must provide food ourselves. I think it's best to take our meals in the "Haus im Wald", because it is very comfortable and cozy, including a fireplace. But if somebody wants to go eating outside, I (Juergen) should know.
13* decide on the food
17=== How to get there
19Best option: by car.  The closest train station is 30Km away (Wittenberge).  See the list of attendees below for possible rides.
22=== Who's attending:
24* [[/users/mario-domenech-goulart|Mario]]: I'm going by car from Ulm, via A7.  I still have one seat free in the car.
25* [[/users/peter-bex|Peter]]: I'm going by car from the Netherlands, via Cologne.
26* alexshendi: going by train to LÃŒneburg, then driving to Gartow with [[/users/christian-kellermann|Christian]] and felix. Departure from LÃŒneburg on Friday, 13th, 15:00.
27* [[/users/christian-kellermann|Christian]]: going by train to LÃŒneburg, then driving to Gartow with alexshendi
28* felix: Joins Alex + Christian in LÃŒneburg
29* [[/users/wasamasa|Vasilij]]: I'm going by car from Cologne with my colleague Ivan and possibly [[/users/moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]]
30* [[/users/moritz-heidkamp|Moritz Heidkamp]]: probably going by car with Ivan
31* [[/users/juergen-lorenz|Juergen]]: Don't need accomodation, because I live there
32* Peder, renting a car: Hamburg->Gartow on 13th 09:00, Gartow->Berlin airport 15th 18:00
33* Kristian, riding with Peder
34* [[/users/thomas-chust|Thomas]]
35* [[/users/andyjpb|Andy]]
36* Ivan Stefanischin
37* [[/users/ecloud|Shawn]] will be in Berlin the week before; a ride is welcome if anybody is coming from that direction
38* Jörg Wittenberger: comming from Dresden by car
40=== Talks and presentations
42* Kristian: concurrency in chicken with gochan (10min) if people want to hear about it
43* Vasilij:
44** Emacs Lisp: Parsing the hard way
45** Other: Interim (based on my [[|openchaos talk]])
46* felix: A technical Retrospective of CHICKEN (Rights + Wrongs)
47* alexshendi: Possible presentations:
48** Raycasting with CHICKEN
49** Generating Maps with Scheme (WIP)
50** Other: PilOS: Picolisp on the bare metal
52=== Sponsor
54* [[|bevuta IT GmbH]]
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