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3== About Me
5i love scheme.  scheme is good.  scheme does what you want it to do with a minimum of hassle. [[|chicken]] is an especially good scheme interpreter/compiler, so much so that i no longer use anything else for work, teaching, or maintenance.  (i've used over 90% of the implementations listed on [[|]] at one time or another.)
6my computer melted.  i will be back by the end of this week if all goes well.  apologies for disappearing.
7== Interests
9* in my opinion, the only useful thing to have come out of perl is the CPAN concept.  i'd love to get something like that going for an up-to-date repository, since indiana and cmu are no longer maintained.  if others are interested, from any implementation, please let me know.
10* scheme interoperability.  it would be nice to have translations set up between different scheme implementations, and would probably help to unite the overall community.
11* teaching
12* S-LAM -based scheme operating system/kernel.
13* by extension, writing system programs/daemons using S-LAM scheme.
14* tablet software for creating electronic notebook/datastore capabilities.
15* fuzzing
16== Eggs
18; [[sockets]] : unified high-level interface to all network socket types
19; [[dns]] : simple dns resolver
20; [[raw-sockets]] : UNIX packet sockets (with Ben Kurtz)
21; [[etxtproc]] : extended text processing procedures
22; [[slam]] : secure lambda calculus extension
24== Chicken-Related Projects
26* Chicken ports for Windows (mingw and cygwin) : (if i have to use windows, i at least want a decent scheme)
27* Funk (with Ben Kurtz) : functional fuzzing in chicken
28* Portable Pure-Scheme Extended Regexps (for SLIB) : major work in progress
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