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3== svn-client
5=== Introduction
7The svn-client {{egg}} is a wrapper around Subversion's libsvn_client library.
9The API is pretty unstable and not very clean.  This might get cleaned
10up someday, but don't hold your breath.
12== Version history
14; 1.2: Use "-L -lfoo" instead of "-Wl,-lfoo" in build script for csc to fix build issues with tcc (thanks to Mario for pointing this out)
15; 1.1: Downgrade again to libsvn API version 1.8 to allow building on Debian 8.
16; 1.0: Port to CHICKEN 5, update to libsvn API version 1.9.
17; 0.23: Fix use-after-free in {{svn-diff}} when handling errors.  Also show adds and deletes in svn-diff and use revision pegged at working copy for diffs, so historical revisions are properly file-relative.
18; 0.22: Change {{svn-diff}} to accept the revisions to diff (breaking API change).
19; 0.21: Ensure {{svn-checkout}} canonicalizes URIs before trying to checkout (avoids an assertion error).  Add {{svn-opt-revision-number}} to export list.
20; 0.20: Update to libsvn API 1.8, and add canonicalization for URIs and paths so assertions aren't triggered anymore on Debian Jessie (thanks to Mario Goulart for reporting this problem).
21; 0.19: Fix potential segfault/data corruption issue related to GC roots.
22; 0.18: Fix external function definition type to return a value instead of void. This might cause segfaults, depending on the C compiler used and the alignment of the stars...
23; 0.17.1: Delete temporary empty files generated svn-client-cat and svn-diff when an error occurs.
24; 0.17 : Get rid of all compiler warnings. Started implementation of a very basic testsuite. Slightly more Schemely API (still nasty though)
25; 0.16 : Convert deprecated {{pointer}} type to {{c-pointer}} so it works with new Chicken versions (thanks to Christian Kellermann).
26; 0.15 : Fix two other issues causing leaking descriptors. Use svn_client_cat2 so {{svn-cat}} behaves more like {{svn cat}}.
27; 0.14 : Fix two filedescriptor leaks. Fix authentication issue that caused only the first authentication given to be accepted, with subsequent auths using that first one instead.
28; 0.13 : Quick and dirty port to Chicken 4
29; 0.7 : Included {{svn-client-log2}} and fixed some memory leaks.
30; 0.6 : Included wrappers for {{svn-client-info}} and {{svn-client-cat}}.
31; 0.5 : Fixed a bug in the list iteration in {{svn-client-revert}}.
32; 0.4 : Add {{svn-path-canonicalize}} and some small fixes.
33; 0.3 : Add {{svn-client-revert}} and {{svn-client-resolved}}.
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