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3== Development Roadmap for the CHICKEN Core System
5=== 5.0.0
7See [[/chicken-5-roadmap|this page]] for the CHICKEN 5 roadmap.
10=== 4.9.0
12* remove deprecated {{(name . llist)}} syntax for {{define-syntax}} and {{define-compiler-syntax}}
13* remove deprecated {{always?}}, {{never?}} and {{none?}} ({{data-structures.scm}})
14* remove deprecated {{shuffle}} ({{data-structures.scm}})
15* remove deprecated use of lambda in place of a syntax-transformer
16* remove deprecated {{mutate-procedure}} ({{lolevel.scm}})
17* remove deprecated "accidental" libc syntax for NaN and infinity
18* remove deprecated {{-heap-initial-size}}, {{-heap-growth}} and {{-heap-shrinkage}} compiler options
19* enable "clustering" optimization by default
20* remove deprecated {{make}} facility from {{setup-api}}
23=== 4.8.0
25* add "functors", module aliases and named interfaces
26* add "specialization" (type-driven optimizations based on scrutinizer information)
27* deprecate {{shuffle}}, {{null-pointer}} and {{null-pointer?}} ({{lolevel.scm}})
28* deprecate {{mutate-procedure}}, which is now called {{mutate-procedure!}} ({{lolevel.scm}})
29* deprecate implicit lambda-syntax and use of procedures instead of values returned by {{er-macro-transformer}}, {{ir-macro-transformer}} and {{syntax-rules}} for syntax and compiler-syntax definitions
30* deprecate "accidental" libc syntax for NaN and infinity number types in {{string->number}} and {{number->string}}
31* remove deprecated {{-static-extension}} option
32* remove deprecated {{___byte_vector}} type ({{chicken.h}})
33* remove deprecated {{script}} feature id
34* remove deprecated {{c-runtime}} procedure ({{library.scm}})
35* remove deprecated {{null-pointer}} and {{null-pointer?}} ({{lolevel.scm}})
36* remove support for old argument signature for {{find-files}} ({{posix-common.scm}})
37* remove deprecated {{required-chicken-version}} and {{required-extension-version}} ({{setup-api.scm}})
38* remove support for deprecated keywordless argument signature of {{find-files}} ({{posix-common.scm}})
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