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3=== Proposed Structure
5This is a summary of work in progress. If you see core procedures
6missing, please add them to a suitable library and notify
7[[/users/evan-hanson|Evan]] of your changes.
9Note that {{queues}}, {{memory-mapped-files}}, {{binary-search}},
10{{scan-input-lines}}, {{group-information}} and {{object-evict}} have
11already been evicted (heh) from core and into eggs (see #1142). Please
12don't add their procedures.
14Below, {{patch}} means a relevant patch has been posted, {{partial}}
15means some work has been done but some remains, and {{done}} means what
16you'd expect.
18==== "Decided"
20; (chicken bitwise) [done] : arithmetic-shift bit-set? bitwise-and bitwise-ior bitwise-not bitwise-xor integer-length
21; (chicken blob) [done] : blob->string string->blob blob? blob=? blob-size make-blob
22; (chicken condition) [done] : abort condition condition->list condition-case condition-predicate condition-property-accessor condition? current-exception-handler get-condition-property handle-exceptions make-composite-condition make-property-condition signal with-exception-handler print-error-message
23; (chicken continuation) [done] : continuation-capture continuation-graft continuation-return continuation?
24; (chicken errno) [done] : errno errno/acces errno/again errno/badf errno/busy errno/child errno/exist errno/fault errno/intr errno/inval errno/io errno/isdir errno/mfile errno/noent errno/noexec errno/nomem errno/nospc errno/notdir errno/perm errno/pipe errno/rofs errno/spipe errno/srch errno/wouldblock
25; (chicken eval) [partial] : eval-handler module-environment
26; (chicken file posix) [partial] : file-access-time file-change-time file-modification-time duplicate-fileno set-file-permissions! set-file-position! set-file-times! set-file-owner! set-file-group! perm/irgrp perm/iroth perm/irusr perm/irwxg perm/irwxo perm/irwxu perm/isgid perm/isuid perm/isvtx perm/iwgrp perm/iwoth perm/iwusr perm/ixgrp perm/ixoth perm/ixusr open/append open/binary open/creat open/excl open/fsync open/noctty open/nonblock open/rdonly open/rdwr open/read open/sync open/text open/trunc open/write open/wronly fcntl/dupfd fcntl/getfd fcntl/getfl fcntl/setfd fcntl/setfl file-close file-control file-creation-mode file-link file-lock file-lock/blocking file-mkstemp file-open file-owner file-group file-permissions file-position file-read file-select file-size file-stat file-test-lock file-truncate file-unlock file-write fileno/stderr fileno/stdin fileno/stdout open-input-file* open-output-file* seek/cur seek/set seek/end port->fileno
27; (chicken file) [partial] : file-copy file-move file-type create-temporary-file create-temporary-directory delete-directory directory block-device? directory? fifo? character-device? socket? find-files glob file-read-access? file-write-access? file-execute-access? regular-file? delete-file delete-file* rename-file file-exists? read-symbolic-link create-symbolic-link symbolic-link? create-directory create-fifo directory-exists?
28; (chicken fixnum) [done] : fx+ fx+? fx- fx-? fx/ fx/? fx* fx*? fx< fx<= fx= fx> fx>= fxand fxeven? fxior fxmax fxmin fxmod fxrem fxgcd fxlen fxneg fxnot fxodd? fxshl fxshr fxxor fixnum-bits fixnum-precision most-positive-fixnum  most-negative-fixnum fixnum-bits fixnum-precision
29; (chicken flonum) [done] : fp+ fp- fp/ fp* fp< fp<= fp= fp> fp>= fpgcd fpfloor fpceiling fptruncate fpround fpsin fpcos fptan fpasin fpacos fpatan fpatan2 fplog fpexp fpexpt fpsqrt fpabs fpinteger? maximum-flonum minimum-flonum flonum-radix flonum-epsilon flonum-precision flonum-decimal-precision flonum-maximum-exponent flonum-minimum-exponent flonum-maximum-decimal-exponent flonum-minimum-decimal-exponent
30; (chicken foreign) [done] : location define-location let-location foreign-code foreign-value foreign-declare define-foreign-type define-foreign-variable foreign-primitive foreign-lambda foreign-lambda* foreign-safe-lambda foreign-safe-lambda* foreign-type-size
31; (chicken format) [done] : format fprintf printf sprintf
32; (chicken gc) [done] : set-finalizer! gc set-gc-report! current-gc-milliseconds memory-statistics
33; (chicken io) [done] : read-buffered read-byte read-all read-line read-lines read-string read-string! read-token write-byte write-line write-string
34; (chicken irregex) [done] : irregex irregex? string->sre maybe-string->sre sre->irregex irregex-names irregex-num-submatches string->irregex make-irregex-chunker irregex-extract irregex-fold irregex-match irregex-match? irregex-search irregex-split irregex-replace irregex-replace/all irregex-fold/chunked irregex-match/chunked irregex-search/chunked irregex-match-data? irregex-match-names irregex-match-start-index irregex-match-end-index irregex-match-num-submatches irregex-match-substring irregex-match-valid-index? irregex-match-start-chunk irregex-match-subchunk sre->string irregex-opt irregex-quote glob->sre
35; (chicken keyword) [done] : get-keyword keyword->string keyword? string->keyword
36; (chicken load) [done] : dynamic-load-libraries load-noisily load-relative load-library load-verbose provide provided? require set-dynamic-load-mode!
37; (chicken locative) [done] : locative->object locative-ref locative-set! locative? make-locative make-weak-locative
38; (chicken memory) [done] : move-memory! allocate free align-to-word make-pointer-vector address->pointer object->pointer pointer+ pointer->address pointer->object pointer-f32-ref pointer-f32-set! pointer-f64-ref pointer-f64-set! pointer-like? pointer-s16-ref pointer-s16-set! pointer-s32-ref pointer-s32-set! pointer-s64-ref pointer-s64-set! pointer-s8-ref pointer-s8-set! pointer-tag pointer-u16-ref pointer-u16-set! pointer-u32-ref pointer-u32-set! pointer-u64-ref pointer-u64-set! pointer-u8-ref pointer-u8-set! pointer-vector pointer-vector-fill! pointer-vector-length pointer-vector-ref pointer-vector-set! pointer-vector? pointer=? pointer? tag-pointer tagged-pointer?
39; (chicken module) [done] : module import import-for-syntax import-syntax import-syntax-for-syntax export reexport define-interface functor
40; (chicken pathname) [done] : absolute-pathname? decompose-pathname make-pathname make-absolute-pathname pathname-directory pathname-file pathname-extension pathname-replace-directory pathname-replace-file pathname-replace-extension pathname-strip-directory pathname-strip-extension normalize-pathname directory-null? decompose-directory
41; (chicken platform) [partial] : build-platform chicken-home chicken-version feature? features repository-path software-type software-version register-feature! unregister-feature! machine-byte-order machine-type installation-repository
42; (chicken port) [partial] : call-with-input-string call-with-output-string copy-port make-input-port make-output-port port-for-each port-map port-fold make-broadcast-port make-concatenated-port with-error-output-to-port with-error-output-to-string with-input-from-port with-input-from-string with-output-to-port with-output-to-string port-closed? port-name port-position port? flush-output get-output-string open-input-string open-output-string set-port-name! terminal-port? terminal-name terminal-size set-buffering-mode!
43; (chicken pretty-print) [done] : pp pretty-print pretty-print-width
44; (chicken process signal) [partial] : set-signal-handler! set-signal-mask! signal-handler signal-mask signal-mask! signal-masked? signal-unmask! signal/abrt signal/alrm signal/break signal/bus signal/chld signal/cont signal/fpe signal/hup signal/ill signal/int signal/io signal/kill signal/pipe signal/prof signal/quit signal/segv signal/stop signal/term signal/trap signal/tstp signal/urg signal/usr1 signal/usr2 signal/vtalrm signal/winch signal/xcpu signal/xfsz set-alarm!
45; (chicken process) [partial] : qs system system* process-execute process-fork process-run process-signal process-wait call-with-input-pipe call-with-output-pipe close-input-pipe close-output-pipe create-pipe open-input-pipe open-output-pipe with-input-from-pipe with-output-to-pipe process process* pipe/buf process-group-id create-session
46; (chicken process-context) [partial patch] : command-line-arguments argv get-environment-variable get-environment-variables set-environment-variable! unset-environment-variable! emergency-exit exit exit-handler implicit-exit-handler on-exit executable-pathname program-name current-directory set-root-directory! current-effective-group-id current-effective-user-id current-group-id current-process-id current-user-id parent-process-id current-user-name current-effective-user-name user-information
47; (chicken random) [done] : random randomize
48; (chicken read-syntax) [partial] : set-read-syntax! set-sharp-read-syntax! set-parameterized-read-syntax! copy-read-table '''current-read-table''' define-reader-ctor?
49; (chicken repl) [partial patch] : repl repl-prompt quit '''reset''' '''reset-handler'''
50; (chicken syntax) [partial] : er-macro-transformer ir-macro-transformer expand get-line-number strip-syntax syntax-error '''begin-for-syntax'''
51; (chicken tcp) [done] : tcp-close tcp-listen tcp-connect tcp-accept tcp-accept-ready? tcp-listener? tcp-addresses tcp-abandon-port tcp-listener-port tcp-listener-fileno tcp-port-numbers tcp-buffer-size tcp-read-timeout tcp-write-timeout tcp-accept-timeout tcp-connect-timeout
52; (chicken time posix) [partial] : seconds->utc-time utc-time->seconds seconds->local-time seconds->string local-time->seconds string->time time->string local-timezone-abbreviation
53; (chicken time) [done] : cpu-time current-milliseconds current-seconds
54; (chicken sort) : merge sort sort! sorted? topological-sort
55; (chicken string) : ->string conc string-chop string-chomp string-compare3 string-compare3-ci reverse-string-append string-intersperse string-split string-translate string-translate* substring=? substring-ci=? substring-index substring-index-ci reverse-list->string
56; (chicken type) : the assume define-type define-specialization compiler-typecase :
57; (chicken memory representation) : block-ref block-set! extend-procedure extended-procedure? make-record-instance mutate-procedure! number-of-bytes number-of-slots object-become! object-copy procedure-data record->vector record-instance-length record-instance-slot record-instance-slot-set! record-instance-type record-instance? set-procedure-data! vector-like?
58; (chicken plist) [done] : remprop! get put! symbol-plist get-properties
59; (chicken base) : and-let* cut cute declare define-inline define-record-type flonum? fluid-let fixnum? get-call-chain include print print* add1 sub1 call/cc current-error-port error void gensym print-call-chain promise? char-name enable-warnings equal=? finite? foldl foldr get-properties getter-with-setter make-parameter parameterize procedure-information receive setter signum string->uninterned-symbol subvector symbol-append symbol-plist unless vector-copy! vector-resize warning when alist-ref alist-update alist-update! rassoc atom? butlast chop compress flatten intersperse join list-of? tail? constantly complement compose conjoin disjoin each flip identity o use require-library require-extension
61===== Removals
63; change-directory : remove in favor of {{current-directory}}
64; change-directory* : remove in favor of {{current-directory}}
65; _exit [done] : rename to {{emergency-exit}}
66; compile-file [done] : move to egg
67; compile-file-options [done] : move to egg
68; get-groups [done]: move to egg and rename to {{supplementary-group-ids}}
69; getenv [done] : rename to {{get-environment-variable}}
70; group-information [done] : move to egg
71; initialize-groups [done] : move to egg and combine with {{set-supplementary-group-ids!}}
72; read-all [done] : remove in favor of {{read-string}}
73; read-file [done] : rename to {{read-all}}
74; scan-input-lines [done] : move to egg
75; set-groups! [done] : move to egg and rename to {{set-supplementary-group-ids!}}
76; setenv [done] : rename to {{set-environment-variable!}}
77; unsetenv [done] : rename to {{unset-environment-variable!}}
78; yes-or-no? [done] : keep, but don't expose to users
79; any? : remove in favor of {{constantly}}
80; system-information [done] : moved to egg (system-information)
81; get-host-name [done] : move to egg (system-information)
83===== Changes
85; system* [done] : no longer sprintfs
86; sleep [done] : sleeps the process when scheduler is not loaded, sleeps the current thread when loaded (also, use a hook to implement this)
87; read-string [done] : returns {{#!eof}} on {{#!eof}}
88; condition->list [done] : Returns a plist instead of a (sort of) alist.
90==== Other things
92To make CHICKEN fully modular, these have to find a home under one of
93the above namespaces.
95; {{##sys#slot}}, {{##sys#setslot}}, {{##sys#setislot}} : rename to
96{{unsafe-block-ref}}, {{unsafe-block-set!}} and {{unsafe-block-set-immediate!}} and move under {{(chicken memory ???)}} where {{block-ref}} and {{block-set!}} are?
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