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3== Software written in CHICKEN Scheme
5This page has a list of applications that are based on CHICKEN.
7Feel free to add new entries.
9== Active Projects
11; [[|Teve]]: A downloader for Swedish online TV sites.
12; [[/egg/ugarit|Ugarit]]: a backup/archival system based around content-addressible storage.
13; [[|incubot]]: an IRC bot which runs on Freenode's #scheme
14; [[/egg/vandusen|Vandusen]]: another IRC bot, this one runs in CHICKEN's official channel (#chicken on Freenode)
15; [[|Hato]] : [[Alex Shinn]]'s Mail Transfer Agent.
16; [[|Modal Web Server Example]] : Chris Double has written a demonstration for a continuation based web framework using CHICKEN.
17; [[/egg/qwiki|qwiki]] : The wiki software behind this wiki (running on [[/egg/spiffy|Spiffy the webserver]]).
18; [[|AuScio]] : A simple cross-platform metal price monitor combining the qt-light, tcp and srfi-18 multi-threading eggs. The application is deployed as a native executable with CHICKEN's compiler.
19; [[|Pastiche]] : An [[/egg/awful|awful]] pasting application.  That's the software running at [[|]]
20; [[/egg/chickadee|chickadee]] : a web interface to [[/egg/chicken-doc|chicken-doc]], the software that serves up our [[|online API documentation]].
21; [[/eggref/4/hyde|Hyde]] : A static website compiler.  This is being used by several CHICKEN users for their blogs and other personal sites.
22; [[|Ixion Audio's Maestro and Solo2]]: High-end Radio Hardware, CHICKEN is used for the REST backend
23; [[|Art system AST-50]]: The firmware of a karaoke device built with CHICKEN and C.
24; [[|IXION]]: A HiFi music system that uses CHICKEN.
25; [[|mowedline]]: A lispy statbar for X.
26; [[|scmus]]: An curses mpd client, inspired by cmus.
27; [[|stitchcounter]]: A command-line tool to help you with knitting and crocheting.
28; [[|Crepes-PHYS 2015]]: A tiny game&watch-like game about a fox and his crepes.
29=== Projects that include bindings for CHICKEN
31; [[|Quake2AI library]]: A library that allows you to use CHICKEN for scripting AI in Quake 2, a 3D shoot-em-up game.
32; [[|Sedna]] : An industrial strength native XML database for Windows (written in C++), which offers Scheme bindings, released by The Institute of System Programming of the Russian Academy of Science.
34== Inactive Projects
36; [[/eggref/3/mayo|mayo]] : a Scheme source-level debugger for CHICKEN
37; [[gl-suite]] : A suite of OpenGL based [[eggs]] and APIs.
38; [[|funk]] : Functional fuzzing in CHICKEN scheme
39; [[|SCOP]]: Sven Hartrumpf ported the SCOP networking library by David Ingram to C and also implemented bindings to CHICKEN and Bigloo.
40; [[|Support to the SCons build-tool]] : Pupeno added CHICKEN support to the SCons build-tool.
41; [[thumbtribes]] : low bandwidth, location-aware communication
42; [[|Hive]]: A source code manager by Kirill Lisovsky.
43; [[Iron CHICKEN]] : a CHICKEN-based [[Wikipedia:Internet bot|bot]] framework for [[Wikipedia:Wikipedia|Wikipedia]] and other wikis that use the [[Wikipedia:MediaWiki|MediaWiki]] software.  More generally, a project to make CHICKEN Scheme into a query language for MediaWiki.  To put it another way, a project to harness the power of the collaborative wiki environment as a software development platform.
44; [[Tehila]] : A 3d game engine for rapid development and prototyping.
45; [[|Knodium]]: An online collaboration tool for students and academics.
46; [[|kabonky]]: A news aggregator showing only the news you are interested in.
47; [[|sayHEY]]: An end-to-end crypto messenger using CHICKEN for a shared iOS and Android backend.
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