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1== The first Chicken Hackathon!
3The first chicken hackathon will be held in the weekend of 23-24 February, on IRC in #chicken on
5Here are some suggestions on what to do.  During the hackathon, please mark something with your name to indicate you want to work on it, so no unnecessary duplicate work gets done.
7*  Update existing documentation
8  - Please do not touch the documentation of any of the eggs maintained by [[ivan raikov|me]]. It is already annoying enough to deal with eggs that have documentation on the wiki but not in their directory in the SVN tree. -Ivan
10* Document core Chicken stuff (needs to be broken up into more specific chunks, core committers, please indicate what's not documented yet)
12* Improve pre/post egg commit hooks
13** RSS feed(s)
14** general cleaning and refactoring
16* Improve the Chicken performance on [[|The Computer Language Benchmarks Game]]
18=== Documentation on wiki, docs in eggs
20Ivan raises a good point. The wiki is fine, but to have no documentation in the egg itself is a pain.
22Perhaps for eggs that have local documentation, we could write something to copy the current local docs into the wiki (with a preamble, warning that the wiki docs may be overridden). A 'comments' section at the bottom of the wiki page could be preserved across updates from the local docs.
24The trick is that there are multiple local-doc formats: eggdoc, HTML file, etc. It may be a tough or intractable problem if we don't reduce the number of variations. However, documentation preferences are hard to unify, so [[Mark Fredrickson]] proposed the following guidelines and priorities to avoid a [[|bikeshed]]:
26# Our primary focus is on updating documentation where it currently resides (wiki, svn, etc) in the format it currently uses. Getting the documentation that exists current is a big task as it is. Let's not worry about moving documentation just yet.
27# Where documentation is non-existent, give the person(s) working on the new documentation the right to choose the format.
28# Let's put any new functionality on the back burner, at least when talking about the Hackathon. -)
29# Let's try to dedicate some time to infrastructure improvements: Mario suggested expanding SVN wiki tags, it sounds like the *-commit hooks could use a refactoring, etc. As Zbigniew said, infrastructure lasts.
31=== Non-wiki-doc'ed eggs
33This is a quick list resulting from a script Graham Fawcett made.  This list may not be complete, but it's a starting point. Please concentrate on the oldskool HTML docs first. eggdoc documentation should probably be converted semi-automatically once the new wiki syntax is here. Please put your name here if you start working on one of these, to prevent duplicate work.
35* alexpander
36* apr
37* array-lib
38* atlas-lapack
39* blas
40* bloom-filter
41* cgi-util
42* curl                                                                                                   
43* digraph
44* dyn-vector
45* endian-port
46* etxtproc
47* extended-cond
48* format-graph                                                                                                       
49* format-textdiff
50* gdb
51* glfw
52* graph-bfs
53* graph-cycles
54* graph-dfs
55* graph-scc                                                                                                     
56* grobner-basis
57* gtk2
58* gtk2-glade
59* gtk2-gobject
60* hashes
61* html-plots                                     
62* input-parse
63* interp1d
64* irnc-base
65* iup
66* lalr
67* libsvm
68* lookup-table
69* mat5-lib     
70* matrix-utils
71* mayo
72* mime
73* misc-extn
74* mpd-client
75* mpi (gabalz)
76* mysql
77* nordsieck-vector                 
78* npdiff
79* ode
80* ode-lmm
81* orders
82* patch
83* plist-utils
84* predicate-calculus       
85* probdist
86* pyffi
87* random-mtzig
88* random-swb
89* random-test
90* rb-tree
91* s11n                               
92* sendfile
93* sfht
94* sigma
95* slang
96* sql
97* sqlite3
98* sqlite3-tinyclos
99* srfi-27
100* srfi-38                     
101* srfi-4-utils
102* SSAX-Project
103* stream-flash
104* stream-flash-tree-map                                                                                                             
105* stream-htpasswd                                                                                                             
106* stream-httplog
107* svn-post-commit-hooks
108* tinyclos
109* treap
110* unitconv
111* uri         
112* xml-rpc
114=== Introductions to Chicken
116To attract more programmers from other languages, we could create a series of "Chicken for Blub Programmers," where Blub could be PHP, Ruby, Python, SML, whatever. More specifically, here are links to skeleton pages:
118* [[Chicken for PHP Programmers]] -- [[Mark Fredrickson]] volunteers for this one
119* [[Chicken for Ruby Programmers]] -- [[Mark Fredrickson]] also volunteers for this one, as he just said he would do a presentation at his local Ruby group.
120                                                                      [[Raymond Medeiros]] [[Peter Bex]]
121* [[Chicken for Perl Programmers]]
122* [[Chicken for Python Programmers]]
123* [[Chicken for Java Programmers]]
126=== Egg-post-commit functionality
128As mentioned above, the repository needs some cleanup and more post-commit stuff should
129be possible. So [[felix winkelmann|I]] would like to use the hackathon for
131* cleaning up the [[egg-post-commit]] scripts and make it easier to add tasks to be executed (for example RSS feeds)
132* move the pre-3.0.0 eggs into their own {{release/2}} branch
134[[felix winkelmann]]
136=== Finished tasks
138Please put your name and a description of what you've finished here, so we can make a summary what was done during the hackathon.
140* Finished [[wmiirc]] documentation -- [[Peter Bex]]
141* An initial version of [[Chicken for Python programmers]] -- [[Mario Domenech Goulart]]
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