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Add scsh-process to my custom salmonella feed

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1(title "Peter Bex's eggs")
3(egg 9p)
4(egg colorize)
5(egg crypt)
6(egg defstruct)
7(egg efax)
8(egg epeg)
9(egg estraier-client ignore-tests)
10(egg fancypants)
11(egg freetds ignore-tests)
12(egg henrietta-cache)
13(egg http-client)
14(egg imlib2)
15(egg intarweb)
16(egg md5)
17(egg numbers)
18(egg phoghorn)
19(egg postgresql ignore-tests)
20(egg prometheus)
21(egg qwiki)
22(egg s48-modules)
23(egg scsh-process)
24(egg sendfile)
25(egg sha1)
26(egg slatex)
27(egg smsmatrix)
28(egg spiffy)
29(egg svn-client)
30(egg svn-egg-author)
31(egg sxml-fu)
32(egg sxml-modifications)
33(egg sxml-transforms)
34(egg sxpath)
35(egg uri-common)
36(egg uri-generic)
37(egg wmiirc)
38(egg xml-rpc)
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