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fixed some dependency bugs and use correct default library path.
And fuck web development, btw.

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2./chicken-spock -library-path spock -optimize -library -o library.js
3./chicken-spock -library-path spock -optimize -debug -library -o library-debug.js
4cat config.js runtime.js library.js > spock/spock-runtime.js
5cat config.js runtime.js debug.js library-debug.js > spock/spock-runtime-debug.js
6$CHICKEN_CSI -e '(begin (import jsmin) (display (jsmin-file "spock/spock-runtime.js")))'  > spock/spock-runtime-min.js
7$CHICKEN_CSI -e '(begin (import jsmin) (display (jsmin-file "spock/spock-runtime-debug.js")))' > spock/spock-runtime-debug-min.js
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