source: project/release/4/uuid-ossp/trunk/uuid-ossp.setup @ 21918

Last change on this file since 21918 was 21918, checked in by Kon Lovett, 9 years ago

Expanded the "common API" w/ uuid-lib. Rmvd uuid=, etc. (were dep in 1.3), Added "single integer value' external form support; could break on some systems with older OSSP library. Added uuid-load! Better error kinds. More comments.

Still needs the uuid-ossp-fix cut-out BS to deal with the system header conflict.

File size: 386 bytes
1;;;; uuid-ossp.setup  -*- Hen -*-
3(include "setup-helper")
5(verify-extension-name "uuid-ossp")
7(setup-shared-extension-module 'uuid-ossp (extension-version "1.4.0")
8  compile-options: '(
9    -scrutinize
10    -fixnum-arithmetic
11    -optimize-level 3 -debug-level 1
12    -no-procedure-checks -no-bound-checks
13    "`uuid-config --cflags` uuid-ossp-fix.c `uuid-config --ldflags --libs`"))
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