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1Version 2.4 - 2014-12-22 Alexej Magura <agm2819*gmail*>
2  * readline.setup: rewrote most of the setup file.  Fixed version string.  Shouldn't fail for the same reason as previous versions.
4Version 2.3 - 2014-12-21 Alexej Magura <agm2819*gmail*>
5  * readline.setup:
6    reverted back to v1.993 setup; added checks to see if <bsd/string.h> is present and if `strlcat' is provided by `-lbsd'
8Version 2.2 - 2014-12-20 Alexej Magura <agm2819*gmail*>
10  * readline-egg.c:
11    (include): added `<stdbool.h>'
12    (#define): added some more macros; most of which probably aren't used...
13    (balance_t): changed `paren' and `brace' to arrays of integers with a size of 3 (e.g. `int paren[3]`)
14    (strtail_addr): added a function that returns the memory address of a string's tail (i.e. `&string[strlen(string) - 1]`)
15    (strend_addr): added another function; this one returns the memory address of the terminating null in a string.
16    (prev_char): added a function that takes a string pointer and a string and peeks at the previous char, if any, without messing the pointer up.
17    (ptr_strhead): added a function that tells you if the string pointer is pointing to the memory address of the first char in `string'
18    (ptr_not_strhead): added a function that calls `!ptr_strhead`.
19    (quote_in_string): added a function that finds the number of `"` in a string and tells you if they're balanced or not.
20    (clear_parbar): (horrible name, I know).  sets each `int' in the `balance.paren' and `balance.brace' arrays to `0'.
21    (parbar_in_string): finds the balance of `(' vs `)' or `[' vs `]' in a string; replaces `key_balance' with some help from `quote_in_string'.
23  * readline-egg.c: fixed several bugs with the unclosed-expression-prompt.
25  * extra/test.bats: added some tests written in `bats' that help test for bugs that are harder to catch inside of scheme, since they happen at the REPL.
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