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1* Tony Garnock-Jones
3  - the original Author and, presumably, maintainer.
5* Heath Johns
7  - paren bouncing; auto-completion code.
9* Alexej Magura <amagura92*gmail*>
11  - The history related functions, most of the changes in versions 2.0 and later.
13* Alexander Peslyak <solar at>
15  - Wrote the implementation of `concat', which he subsequently released into the Public Domain.
16  I came across it while trying to find a viable alternative to a `concat' implementation found in the
17  GNU C manual, which I was uncomfortable using since it is licensed under the GNU FDL, which AFAIK
18  could mean that using it in a non-GPL'd piece of software might be in violation of its license.
19  So I was only too pleased when I came across Alexander Peslyak's code and realized that it was Public Domain.
21  NOTE: Alexander Peslyak does not in any way, shape, or form endorse my use of his code.
23  The version that I used as the basis for the concat family of functions, albeit slightly
24  different (if at all), can be found here:
25  ""
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