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Port Prometheus-2 to Chicken, using the clean, unmodified code from the release

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1;; These lines can be removed when Chicken installs modules for its SRFIs
2(module srfi-8 (receive) (import (only chicken receive)))
3(module srfi-9 (define-record-type) (import (only chicken define-record-type)))
4(module srfi-16 (case-lambda fx=) (import (only chicken case-lambda fx=)))
5(module srfi-23 (error) (import (only chicken error)))
7;; Loading srfi-1 is required because s48-modules only handles importing
8;; of modules, not loading the associated libraries.
9(require-extension s48-modules srfi-1)
11;; This hack is required because "include" includes first, and expands later,
12;; causing the s48-modules file to think the forms are in _this_ file here.
13(begin-for-syntax (set! ##sys#current-source-filename "prometheus-2/scheme/packages.scm"))
15(include "prometheus-2/scheme/packages.scm")
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