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Last change on this file since 30790 was 30790, checked in by Thomas Chust, 6 years ago

Added dependencies on sqlite3 and postgresql

File size: 488 bytes
1;;;; pandora.meta
2;;;; :tabSize=2:indentSize=2:noTabs=true:
4((synopsis "An object-relation mapper using the prometheus object system.")
5 (category db)
6 (doc-from-wiki)
7 (needs check-errors matchable prometheus uri-generic lru-cache sql-null sqlite3 postgresql)
8 (license "BSD")
9 (author "Thomas Chust")
10 (test-depends test)
11 (files "pandora.meta" "Makefile" "demo.scm" "pandora-sqlite3.scm" "pandora.setup" "pandora.release-info" "pandora.scm" "pandora-postgresql.scm" "tests/run.scm"))
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