source: project/release/4/isbn/tags/0.3/isbn.meta @ 22214

Last change on this file since 22214 was 22214, checked in by Christian Kellermann, 10 years ago

isbn: fix dependency for json in .meta

File size: 405 bytes
1;;; isbn.meta -*- Hen -*-
3((egg "isbn")
4 (synopsis "ISBN lib for handling book identifier numbers and public isbn databases")
5 (author "Christian Kellermann")
6 (category web)
7 (license "BSD")
8 (doc-from-wiki)
9 (test-depends test)
10 (depends data-structures json srfi-1 sxml-transforms sxpath
11          intarweb http-client ssax uri-common)
12 (files "isbn.setup" "isbn.scm" "isbndb.scm" "openlibrary.scm"))
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