source: project/release/4/estraier-client/estraier-client.meta @ 15842

Last change on this file since 15842 was 15842, checked in by sjamaan, 10 years ago

Remove some pointless tedious ugly code for converting attribute values to strings, and rely on the new uri-common 0.9 to do that automatically

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1((synopsis "A pure Scheme Hyper Estraier client library")
2 (author "Peter Bex")
3 (category db)
4 (license "BSD")
5 (doc-from-wiki)
6 (needs http-client (uri-common 0.9) intarweb)
7 (test-depends test)
8 (hidden)
9 (files "estraier-client.scm" "estraier-client.setup" "estraier-client.html"
10        "tests"))
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