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Last change on this file since 25883 was 25883, checked in by ecloud, 9 years ago

Added "boxed" variant type and unsupported type to distinguish from #f.

You can choose whether to have variants automatically unboxed when reading, or not.
But the enclosing record will be necessary to indicate to e.g. dbus:send that
you wish to send an item in a variant.

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1;;;; dbus.setup -*- Scheme -*-
3(use files utils)
5(make (
6                ("" ("dbus.c")
7                        (compile -s -O3 -d0 dbus.import.scm))
8                ("" ("dbus.c")
9                        (compile -s -O3 -d1 dbus.scm -C "`pkg-config --cflags dbus-1`" -L "`pkg-config --libs dbus-1`"))
10                ("dbus.c" ("dbus.scm")
11                        (compile -t dbus.scm -O3 -d1 -X easyffi -C -g -j dbus)))
12        '("" ""))
14(install-extension 'dbus
15        `("" "")
16        `((version 0.90)))
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