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1=== Version history
3===== version 0.34
4* Don't check {{current-effective-user-id}} on windows, since it is not available on that platform.  Reported by Karl_H on #chicken.
5* Use {{<label>}} instead of {{<span>}} for login form labels (patch by Arthur Maciel).  Warning: this change may break your login form layout if you rely on the specific {{<span>}} tags for form labels.
8===== version 0.33
9* jQuery updated to version 1.7.1
10* Added {{session-cookie-setter}} (thanks to Thomas Hintz)
11* Added {{event}} argument to anonymous javascript function given as argument to {{bind}}/{{live}} ({{ajax}} and friends).  Patch by Thomas Hintz.
12* The {{method}} keyword parameter for {{define-page}} and {{ajax}} & friends can be bound to a list of methods.  Methods are now case insensitive.
14===== version 0.32
15* Added {{method}} keyword parameter for {{define-page}}.  Now the page router takes into account the HTTP method, so it is possible to have two different pages using the same path but different methods.
16* Added {{error-handler}} keyword parameter for {{ajax}}, {{ajax-link}} and {{periodical-ajax}} (suggested by Thomas Hintz)
17* {{ajax}} and friends send {{Content-Type: application/json}} when {{update-targets}} is non-#f
18* {{ajax}} bugfix: only opens db connection and refresh session when the page access is allowed
19* The default value for {{awful-backlog}} has been set to 100
20* Updated JQuery from version 1.5.2 to 1.6.3
21* Dropped {{-lambda-lift}} build option
22* Added the {{reload-apps}} procedure. {{load-apps}} no longer resets the resources table
23* {{awful-start}} requires a thunk as argument. With this, awful can be embedded into standalone applications
26===== version 0.31
27* Added a tiny wrapper around [[/egg/spiffy-request-vars|spiffy-request-vars]], adding the {{with-request-variables}} macro and exporting {{spiffy-request-vars}}'s converters.
28* Updated JQuery from version 1.5.1 to 1.5.2.
29* Better support for multiple applications under the same virtual host ({{add-request-handler-hook!}} and {{remove-request-handler-hook!}})
30* {{$db}} checks if database access is enabled via {{(enable-db)}} and throws an error if it is not.
31* Fixed critical bug regarding to parameters and thread reuse by Spiffy
32* Fixed {{redirect-to}} but introduced in version 0.29
34===== version 0.30
35* The {{(ajax-library)}} is always linked before any other scripts and javascript code in the headers (e.g., when {{(javascript-position)}} is {{top}}).
36* Ajax-related procedures simplifications and bugfix in the session awareness code when called from {{define-session-page}}.
38===== version 0.29
39* Updated JQuery from version 1.5.0 to 1.5.1.
40* {{ajax}} and {{periodical-ajax}} bugfix (for situations when they are used simultaneously, or {{periodical-ajax}} and {{add-javascript}}).
41* The default URI for {{ajax-library}} is now protocol-relative (thanks to Peter Bex).
42* Added the {{javascript-position}} parameter.
44===== version 0.28
45* Updated JQuery from version 1.4.3 to 1.5.0.
46* {{ajax}} and friends ({{periodical-ajax}}, {{ajax-link}}) are now session-aware when called from {{define-session-page}} (e.g., you don't need to explicitly pass the session identifier).
47* Added the {{cache}} keyword parameter for {{ajax}}, {{ajax-link}} and {{periodical-ajax}}.
48* The HTTP request variables are now parsed and made available on demand, when {{$}} is called for the first time for each request (thanks to David Krentzlin).
49* Applications are no longer loaded with administrator privileges when awful is run by administrator and configured to switch to a non privileged user. For code which needs administrator privileges (like binding to low ports, IP addresses, user/group settings etc), there's a new command line option for the awful application server: {{--privileged-code}}.  '''Warning''': if you rely on your configuration performing actions with administrator privileges, this change may affect your code.
50* {{define-session-page}} bug fix (it was not properly obtaining the session identifier).
53===== version 0.27
54* Require the {{regex}} egg, for chickens >= 4.6.2
56===== version 0.26
57* {{define-page}} allows page redefinitions
58* Added the {{undefine-page}} procedure
59* Fancy web REPL (enabled by default).  The awful application server now accepts the {{--disable-web-repl-fancy-editor}} command line option to disable the web REPL fancy editor.
60* Added the following parameters, related to the fancy web REPL: {{enable-web-repl-fancy-editor}} and {{web-repl-fancy-editor-base-uri}}.
61* Bug fix for the development mode: requests to the {{/reload}} path killed {{/web-repl}} and {{/session-inspector}}
63===== version 0.25
64* The awful application server can now be used with the {{--development-mode}} command line option, which enables the web REPL, the session inspector (when {{enable-session}} is #t) for the localhost and on-browser error messages and backtraces.  When running in development mode, the {{/reload}} path is defined to reload awful apps.
65* The awful application server now supports the {{--ip-address}} and {{--port}} command line options.
66* {{use-ajax}} keyword parameter for {{define-page}} (for when {{enable-ajax}} is {{#f}} and you need ajax for some specific pages only)
67* Added {{awful-response-headers}} and {{development-mode?}} parameters
69===== version 0.24
70* initial support for storing session identifiers in cookies.  Added the {{enable-session-cookie}} and {{session-cookie-name}} parameters.  By default, cookies-sessions are enabled (relevant only when using sessions, of course). '''Warning''': if your code relies on the availability of session identifiers in the query string or in the request body for whatever reason, it will break.
71* initial support for HTTP redirection via {{redirect-to}}.
72* web-repl and session-inspector beautification
73* web-repl and session inspector provide a {{headers}} keyword parameter
74* fixes for {{define-page}} regarding to regex-based paths
75* {{ajax}} always prioritizes the {{success}} keyword parameter value (when it's given) to generate code for JQuery's {{success}} attribute, even when {{target}} and {{update-targets}} are given
76* awful (the application) handles the {{-v}} and {{--version}} command line options
78===== version 0.23
79* added the {{update-targets}} keyword parameter for {{ajax}}, {{periodical-ajax}} and {{ajax-link}} procedures (multiple targets update support)
80* added the {{debug-resources}} parameter for debugging the resources table
81* the {{js}} keyword parameter for {{ajax}}, {{periodical-ajax}} and {{ajax-link}} has been renamed to {{success}} (to match JQuery's API naming for Ajax). '''Warning''': if your code uses the {{js}} keyword parameter for {{ajax}}, {{periodical-ajax}} or {{ajax-link}}, this change will break your code.
82* the javascript variable bound to the response data on successful ajax request has been renamed to {{response}} (it was {{h}} before). The same warning for the {{js}}->{{success}} renaming is valid for this change, since it is directly related to {{js}} (now {{success}}).
83* the default value for {{main-page-path}} is now {{"/"}} (it was {{"/main"}} before).  There's no more main page redirection.  '''Warning''': if your code relies on hardcoded {{"/main"}} paths (instead of using {{(main-page-path)}}) or if you rely on the main page automatic redirection, this change will break your code.
84* {{ajax}} bugfix regarding to session identifiers (could cause "Invalid session ID" errors in some cases, specially with {{define-session-page}}).
85* better handling of URI paths regarding to paths as directories (see FAQ's ''How does awful bind URIs to files/directories on the filesystem and procedures?'')
87===== version 0.22
88* bug fix: fixed unintended shadowing of {{js}} in ajax
89* added the {{prelude}} keyword parameter for {{ajax}}, {{periodical-ajax}} and {{ajax-link}}
90* {{$db}} supports the {{values}} keyword parameter (patch by Stephen Eilert)
91* awful (the application) can now be invoked without arguments
92* awful (the application) handles {{-h}} and {{--help}}
93* dropped [[/eggref/4/jsmin|jsmin]] requirement
95===== version 0.21
96* ajax and main page redirection issues fixes
98===== version 0.20
99* {{page-access-control}} controls access to pages even when no session is in use
100* '''Warning''': the following parameters have been removed: {{enable-reload}}, {{reload-path}} and {{reload-message}}.  Now the way to define reloaders is via {{define-page}}.
101* new parameter: {{awful-apps}} (a list of awful applications as passed to the awful server)
103===== version 0.19
104* bug fix for {{(reload-path)}} handler
106===== version 0.18
107* support for regex-based page paths (see {{define-page}})
108* {{define-page}} checks whether the second arg is a procedure.
109* use {{-O3 -lambda-lift}} instead of {{-O2}} for compilation
110* {{main-page-path}} redirection made with code stolen from [[/egg/spiffy|spiffy]]'s {{send-response}}
112===== version 0.17
113* .meta bug fix.  postgresql is not required as a dependency (thanks to Stephen Pedrosa Eilert for pointing this issue).
115===== version 0.16
116* added {{define-session-page}}
117* bug fix for {{link}}
119===== version 0.15
120* jquery updated to 1.4.2 ({{ajax-library}}).
122===== version 0.14
123* {{link}}'s {{args}} keyword parameter renamed to {{arguments}} (the same as {{ajax}}'s).
125===== version 0.13
126* Session-aware {{link}} and {{form}} procedures.  Bug fix for {{ajax-link}} (was not passing the {{class}} keyword argument to <a>).
128===== version 0.12
129* Containers for user and password fields ({{login-form}})
131===== version 0.11
132* awful sets Spiffy's {{root-path}} to {{(current-directory)}}
134===== version 0.10
135* Multiple database support. Currently Postgresql (via [[/egg/postgresql|postgresql]] egg) and Sqlite3 (via [[/egg/sqlite3|sqlite3]] and [[/egg/sql-de-lite|sql-de-lite]] eggs) are supported.  See [[/egg/awful-postgresql|awful-postgresql]], [[/egg/sqlite3|sqlite3]] and [[/egg/sql-de-lite|sql-de-lite]] eggs.
136* Removed requirement for postgresql
137* {{enable-db}} is now a procedure (not a parameter as before) and accepts no arguments
139===== version 0.9
140* {{login-form}} gets the {{user}} refilled when the session or passowrd is not valid.  This feature may be disabled by setting the {{refill-user}} keyword parameter for {{login-form}} to {{#f}} (default is {{#t}}).  Thanks to Arthur Maciel for suggesting this feature.
142===== version 0.8
143* jquery updated to 1.4.1 ({{ajax-library}}).
144* support for jquery's {{live}} method ({{live}} keyword parameter for {{ajax}}, {{ajax-link}} and {{periodical-ajax}}).  See [[]]
145* bug fixes: {{periodical-ajax}} and {{ajax-link}} propagate {{vhost-root-path}} to {{ajax}}
146* added {{awful-start}} and dropped spiffy requirement for awful (the server)
147* dropped requirement for miscmacros
148* added more ajax tests
150===== version 0.7
151* {{ajax-link}} accepts all {{<a>}}'s keyword arguments
153===== version 0.6
154* Explicitly depends on [[/egg/http-session|http-session]] 2.0
156===== version 0.5
157* Reload handler register the reload path after reloading.
159===== version 0.4
160* {{disable-reload?}} renamed to {{enable-reload}}.  {{enable-reload}} is {{#f}} by default.
162===== version 0.3
163* {{awful}} (the server) allows applications to use Chicken syntax ({{use}}, {{include}} etc)
165===== version 0.2
166* Added javascript compression support
168===== version 0.1
169* Initial release
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