source: project/release/4/apropos/trunk/apropos.meta @ 13753

Last change on this file since 13753 was 13753, checked in by Kon Lovett, 12 years ago

Rmvd any ref to prim inlines. (After testing to make sure it works w/ them. However, cannot really benefit since probably only used at or near the toplevel. And usually interactively at that.)

File size: 237 bytes
1;;;; "apropos.meta  -*- Hen -*-
3((egg "apropos.egg")
4 (category misc)
5 (author [[kon lovett]])
6 (license "BSD")
7 (doc-from-wiki)
8 (synopsis "Chicken apropos")
9 (needs setup-helper)
10 (files
11  "tests"
12  "apropos.scm"
13  "apropos.setup") )
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