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Initial checkin of the Stacktor egg. Stacktor is a stack based DSL, based on Factor.

Stacktor allows programmers to use stack based programming next to more familiar styles of
programming such as functional, imperative, object-oriented, etc. In stack programming,
arguments are taken from the stack, and return values are pushed back on to the stack. Literal
values are automatically pushed on to the stack. Stack operations (such as dropping the top
element of the stack) allow programmers to shuffle order of arguments, duplicate arguments, and
otherwise modify the stack as needed.

File size: 424 bytes
1(compile -s -O2 -d1 stacktor-base.scm)
2(compile -s -O2 -d1 stacktor-words.scm)
4(let ((version "0.5")
5      (doc "stacktor.html"))
6  (install-extension
7    'stacktor
8    '("stacktor.scm" "" "stacktor.html")
9    `((syntax) (require-at-runtime stacktor-base)
10      (version ,version)
11      (documentation ,doc)))
12  (install-extension
13    'stacktor-words
14    '("")
15    `((version ,version))))
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