source: project/release/3/readline/readline.meta @ 12677

Last change on this file since 12677 was 12677, checked in by mfredrickson, 12 years ago

This checkin of readline has 2 changes:

  1. All the C code is moved into readline-egg.c as a housecleaning measure. At the moment it is just #include'd into readline.scm - but in the future, it may be compiled on its own.
  1. File globbing works for quoted completions (e.g. '(load "my-fil[tab]' -> will complete with all files starting with "my-fil*"). Non-quoted completions behave as before.

This is a pre-release checkin while I get the docs updated, bump the version number, double check the exports, etc.

File size: 286 bytes
1;;; readline.meta -*- Hen -*-
3((date "2008-03-23")
4 (egg "readline.egg")
5 (synopsis "An interface to the GNU readline library")
6 (category io)
7 (doc-from-wiki)
8 (license "GPL-2")
9 (author "Tony Garnock-Jones")
10 (files "readline.setup" "readline.scm" "readline.html" "readline-egg.c"))
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