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distribution/manifest : added lolevel test
tests/lolevel-tests.scm : new lolevel test (incomplete)
runtime.c : MacOS X is-a BSD
lolevel.scm : better arg checks, grouping, added record-instance procs.
chicken.h : grouped like, comments, swig-pointer is now special
manual/Unit lolevel : discussion of pointer-like & vector-like
chicken-primitive-inlines.scm : wrond identifier for unbound value predicate

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1(use files)
3(assert (equal? "/" (pathname-directory "/")))
4(assert (equal? "/" (pathname-directory "/abc")))
5(assert (equal? "abc" (pathname-directory "abc/")))
6(assert (equal? "abc" (pathname-directory "abc/def")))
7(assert (equal? "abc" (pathname-directory "abc/def.ghi")))
8(assert (equal? "abc" (pathname-directory "abc/.def.ghi")))
9(assert (equal? "abc" (pathname-directory "abc/.ghi")))
10(assert (equal? "/abc" (pathname-directory "/abc/")))
11(assert (equal? "/abc" (pathname-directory "/abc/def")))
12(assert (equal? "/abc" (pathname-directory "/abc/def.ghi")))
13(assert (equal? "/abc" (pathname-directory "/abc/.def.ghi")))
14(assert (equal? "/abc" (pathname-directory "/abc/.ghi")))
15(assert (equal? "q/abc" (pathname-directory "q/abc/")))
16(assert (equal? "q/abc" (pathname-directory "q/abc/def")))
17(assert (equal? "q/abc" (pathname-directory "q/abc/def.ghi")))
18(assert (equal? "q/abc" (pathname-directory "q/abc/.def.ghi")))
19(assert (equal? "q/abc" (pathname-directory "q/abc/.ghi")))
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