source: project/chicken/trunk/tests/meta-syntax-test.scm @ 13081

Last change on this file since 13081 was 13081, checked in by felix winkelmann, 11 years ago

fixed silly bug in char-downcase; disabled meta-syntax-test (needs to be compiled properly)

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1;;; currently disabled, need to compile matchable properly
3(module foo (bar)
4  (import scheme chicken)
5  (import-for-syntax matchable)
6  (begin-for-syntax
7   (define (baz x) 
8     (match x
9       ((_ y) (list y)))))
10  (define-syntax (bar x r c)
11    `(,(r 'print) (,(r 'list) (baz (list 1 ,(cadr x)))))))
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