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1[[tags: manual]]
4== Supported language
6* [[Deviations from the standard]] 
7* [[Extensions to the standard]] 
8* [[Non-standard read syntax]]   
9* [[Non-standard macros and special forms]]
10* [[Modules and macros]]
11* [[Declarations]]
12* [[Parameters]]
13* [[Unit library]] Basic Scheme definitions
14* [[Unit eval]] Evaluation
15* [[Unit expand]] Modules and macros handling
16* [[Unit data-structures]] Data structures
17* [[Unit ports]] I/O ports
18* [[Unit files]] File and pathname operations
19* [[Unit extras]] Useful utility definitions
20* [[Unit regex]] Regular expressions
21* [[Unit srfi-1]] List Library
22* [[Unit srfi-4]] Homogeneous numeric vectors
23* [[Unit srfi-13]] String library
24* [[Unit srfi-14]] Character set library             
25* [[Unit srfi-18]] multithreading
26* [[Unit srfi-69]] Hashtable Library
27* [[Unit posix]] Unix-like services
28* [[Unit utils]] Shell scripting and file operations
29* [[Unit tcp]] Basic TCP-sockets
30* [[Unit lolevel]] Low-level operations
33Previous: [[Using the interpreter]]
35Next: [[Interface to external functions and variables]]
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