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Added information about the updates to chicken-setup.

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3- MSVC can now be used to build the system, when standard UNIX tools (like
4  MSYS) are available [Many thanks to Ashley]
5- unit library: added "flonum-print-precision" for changing the default of
6  16
7- unit posix: added strftime format string support to "time->string"
8- unit posix: added "string->time", which takes a strptime format string
9  (Unix only)
10- unit extras: added "left-section", "right-section", "none?", "always?",
11  and "never?"
12- unit extras: added "hash-table-merge", "hash-table-map",
13  "hash-table-for-each", and extended "make-hash-table" with minimum/maximum
14  load & initial value
15- unit extras: added "eq?-hash", "eqv?-hash", "equal?-hash", "number-hash",
16  "symbol-hash", "keyword-hash", "##sys#number-hash-hook", and
17  "hash-by-identity" as a synonym for "eq?-hash"
18- chicken-setup: eggs are downloaded to and compiled in a temporary
19  directory determined by TMP or TEMP environment variables, or by
20  -build-prefix and -download-dir options, respectively.
24- upgraded scheme-complete.el to version 0.6 [Thanks to Alex Shinn]
25- unit library: added "blob=?"
26- the library can optionally be built with an already installed libpcre
27- chicken-setup accesses a separate set of eggs, specific on the major CHICKEN
28  version (3)
29- added csi options "-p" ("-print") and "-P" ("-pretty-print")
30- support for Mac OS X universal binaries hase been added [Thanks to Zbigniew]
31- `cond-expand' is available in the set of core macros [Thanks to Alex Shinn]
32- On sparc64 architectures more than 126 procedure arguments are allowed
33  [Thanks to Peter Bex]
34- posix unit: "seconds->string" and "time->string" have now their trailing
35  #\newline character removed. THIS IS A BACKWARD-INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE.
39- the SVN checkout can now be built from a bootstrapping tarball without
40  the need for a pre-installed "chicken" executable
41- literals are compiled in a platform-independent binary encoding into
42  the executable which results in faster C compile times and moe compact
43  binaries. This also makes the "compress-literals" option and declaration
44  unnecessary
45- the "-compress-literals" compiler option and the "compress-literals"
46  declaration have been removed
47- the CHICKEN_HOME environment variable is now obsolete, use CHICKEN_PREFIX
49- added pre GC hook C-level variable
50- Cygwin is now fully supported
51- removed deprecated functions:
52  extension-info
53  print-backtrace
54  test-feature?
55  ___callback (chicken.h)
56  foreign-callback-lambda[*]
57  thread-deliver-signal!
58  critical-section
59  enable-interrupts
60  disable-interrupts
61  invalid-procedure-call-handler
62- There is no platform-dependent pathname directory separator
63  anymore, the slash ("/") and backslash ("\") characters can be
64  used interchangably
65- New procedures "regexp*", "regex-optimize" and "make-anchored-pattern"
66  (regex library unit)
67- New procedures "terminall-size", "terminal-name" and "get-host-name"
68  (posix library unit)
69- chicken-setup: can create repository catalog file from local
70  SVN checkout of egg repository
71- chicken-setup has the new option "-host-extension" to force
72  compiling extensions in "host" mode when using a cross-compiling
73  chicken
74- Better cross-development support for the build system (the
75  Makefile accepts various variables for customizing the build)
76- "file-size" and "file-stat" handle file-sizes of >4GB now
77- "find-files" collects directories as well, now [Thanks to Ivan Raikov]
78- added "dist" target to toplevel makefile
79- "andmap" and "ormap" have been deprecated
80- makefiles support relinking now
81- added "thread-wait-for-i/o!" (srfi-18 library unit)
82- the "chicken-bug" program can now be used to create bug reports
83  and send them to the CHICKEN maintainers
87- New binary compatibility version (3) - installed eggs mst be recompiled!
88- deprecated "shift!" and "unshift!"
89- regex unit:
90  Uses PCRE 7.4
91- utils unit:
92  Uses compiled regular expressions
93- unit posix:
94  Uses compiled regular expressions
95- removed build option for extra symbol slot
96- added Lisp-style symbol property lists
100- countless bugfixes and minor improvements
101- new foreign types:
102  [nonnull-]unsigned-c-string[*]
103  c-string-list[*]
104- added "unused" declaration specifier
105- new GNU Make based build process
106- libffi is not used anymore, handcoded assembler is used for x86, x86-64
107  and powerpc platforms
108- library unit:
109  blob?
110  make-blob
111  blob-size
112  string->blob
113  blob->string
114- regex unit:
115  glob?
116- utils unit:
117  directory-null?
118  port-fold
119- extras unit:
120  hash-table-remove!
121- lolevel unit:
122  mutate-procedure
123- srfi-4 unit:
124  XXXvector->blob[/shared]
125  blob->XXXvector[/shared]
126- csc options:
127  -cxx-name
128  -disable-compiler-macros
129- byte-vectors have been removed and replaced by new "blob" type,
130  added various blob<->SRFI-4 vector conversion procedures in srfi-4 unit
131- ":optional" has been renamed to "optional" (the old name is still
132  available but deprecated)
133- "switch" has been replaced by "select" ("switch" is still available but
134  deprecated)
135- "tcp-connect" and "tcp-accept" handle time-outs via parameters
136  "tcp-connect-timeout" and "tcp-accept-timeout"
137- tcp unit: support for read/write timeouts
142- Many bugfixes
143- Better support for Sun's C compiler
144- Input-performance has been improved
145- PCRE (Perl compatible regular expressions) by Philip Hazel is now
146  bundled with CHICKEN
147- Static linking of extensions is now possible (when supported by
148  the egg)
149- The interpreter warns about references to potentially unbound variables
150  in loaded code and expressions entered on the REPL
151- The expansion process is traced during compilation and interpretation
152  to give (slightly) more usable syntactic context in error messages
153- library:
154  * added `any?`, `bit-set?' and `on-exit'
155- eval:
156  * new procedure `set-parameterized-read-syntax!'
157- posix:
158  * SRFI-17 setters for `file-position`, `current-user-id',
159    `current-group-id', `process-group-id'; the respective setter-procedures
160    are still available but have been deprecated
161  * `file-stat' returns more information (including device info)
162  * added `process*'
163- extras:
164  * added `read-string!'
165- utils:
166  * `apropos' and `apropos-list' procedures
167- srfi-4:
168  * added `read-u8vector', `read-u8vector!' and `write-u8vector'
169- srfi-18: 
170  * added `time->milliseconds' and `milliseconds->time'
171- csi:
172  * `-ss SCRIPTNAME' option
173- csc:
174  * accepts options given in the environment variable `CSC_OPTIONS'
175  * new options `-static-extensions' and `-host'
176- chicken/csc:
177  * new option `-keep-shadowed-macros'
178- chicken-setup:
179  * accepts options given in the environment variable `CHICKEN_SETUP_OPTIONS'
180  * allows retrieval and installation of eggs from subversion repository
181    and the local filesystem
182  * new options `-tree FILENAME', `-svn', `-local', `-revsion' and
183    `-destdir PATHNAME'
184  * added helper procedures `required-chicken-version' and
185    `required-extension-version'
186- Lots of improvements in the CMake build
188Many thanks to Ingo Bungener, Peter Busser, John Cowan, Marc Feeley,
189Stephen Gilardi, Mario Domenech Goulart, Joshua Griffith, Sven
190Hartrumpf, Daishi Kato, mejedi, Dan Muresan, Deanna
191Phillips, Robin Lee Powell, Ivan Raikov, Danial Sadilek, Alex Shinn,
192Tony Sideaway, Minh Thu for reporting bugs, suggesting improvements
193and contributing fixes.
195Thanks again to Brandon Van Every for his extensive work on the CMake
196build process.
198Special thanks to Kon Lovett for many improvements made in the posix
204- Bugfixes
205- CHICKEN can now be built using CMake <>, in fact CMake
206  is required to built CHICKEN from sources on Windows with the Microsoft
207  tools
208- the whole build process has been cleaned up and simplified
209- the "easyffi" and "tinyclos" library units have been removed from the base
210  system and are now available as separate extensions
211- the deprecated "set-dispatch-read-syntax!" has been removed
212- Will Farr cleaned up the behaviour of number-type specific numeric operations
213  ("fx..."/"fp...") with respect to safe/unsafe mode
214- added "(finite? NUMBER)"
215- the "$" macro moved into its own separate extension
216- the values of "software-type", "software-version", "machine-type" and "machine-byte-order"
217  are now registered as features and can be tested using "cond-expand" or "#+"
218- all tools now support the "-release" option
219- chicken-setup: added "-test" option
221Special thanks to Brandon Van Every, who put considerable effort into the
222CHICKEN build system and who ported it to CMake completely from scratch.
223The installation instructions and build file are extensively documented and may
224serve as a tutorial for creating non-trivial software projects with CMake.
225Thanks, Brandon! Also thanks to Bill Hoffmann and Brad King from Kitware
226for their support.
228Many thanks to Peter Bex, Toby Butzon, Thomans Chust, John Cowan, Alejandro Forero Cuervo,
229dgym, Alex Drummond, Mario Domenech Goulart, Kon Lovett, Benedikt Rosenau and Zbigniew
230Szadkowski for reporting bugs, suggesting improvements and contributing fixes.
235- Bugfixes galore
236- compiler:
237  * added support for the generation of "export" files through the "-emit-exports" option
238  * new option `-check-imports' (csc: `-G') checks for unimported symbols and can be quite
239    helpful in finding unbound variable errors (this requires all extensions ("eggs") to be
240    adapted to this new feature, a process which isn't complete yet)
241  * new declarations `emit-exports', `constant' and `import'
242  * new option `-disable-warning' and declaration `disable-warning'
243  * new options `-release' and `-import'
244- chicken-setup:
245  * new `exports' extension property
246  * option `-check' checks for extension upgrades
247  * added `-eval' option
248  * added parameters `setup-install-flag' and `setup-verbose-flag'
249- FFI:
250  * added the handy `$' macro, which lets you do foreign calls directly without declaring
251    a placeholder procedure
252  * `define-foreign-enum' for treating C enums as symbol-sets
253  * `foreign-safe-wrapper' has been deprecated
254- Slight reorganization of TinyCLOS and match macros and support code
255- `thread-join!' has been generalized to allow a thread to have multiple results
256- Renamed `thread-deliver-signal!' to `thread-signal!' and `invalid-procedure-call-handler'
257  to `set-procedure-call-handler!'
258- The system can be configured to add an extra slot to symbol objects
259- Another configuration option enables GC of unused symbols by default
260- The extension repository is now versioned to catch binary incompatible
261  installations, this requires to either move all installed extensions to the
262  new location ("$prefix/lib/chicken/1") or reinstall them
263- Now supports SRFI-61 (extended `cond')
264- Added procedures `load-relative', `tcp-buffer-size`, `string-chomp'
265- trivial implementations of `real-part', `imag-part', `angle' and `magnitude' have
266  been added to the library to allow more portable code
267- Breakpoints and single-stepping of compiled code on the function-level, new
268  procedures `breakpoint' and `singlestep'
269- csi: new toplevel commands `,info', `,step', `,br', `,ubr', `,breakall', `,breakonly',
270  `,exn' and `,c'
271- csi: `set-describer!' allows definition of custom output for the `,d' command
272- Added `integer64' foreign type specifier
273- The environment variable "CHICKEN_PREFIX" allows (together with "CHICKEN_REPOSITORY") overriding
274  the installation path prefix in case you want to install and run multiple instances/versions
275  of CHICKEN or install on a shared network
276- csc: added `-dry-run' option
277- removed `-split...' options (and the ability to generate multiple C files from a single
278  Scheme file)
279- `crictical-section', `disable-interrupts' and `enable-interrupts' shouldn't be used from
280  now on (deprecated), use SRFI-18 mutexes instead
282Many thanks to Nico Amtsberg, Arto Bendiken, Jean-Francois Bignolles, Peter Busser, Thomas Chust,
283John Cowan, Alejandro Forero Cuervo, Jaarod Eells, Brandon van Every, Graham Fawcett, Mario Domenech
284Goulart, Sven Hartrumpf, Markus Hülsmann, Goetz Isenmann, Heath Johns, Daishi Kato, Kon Lovett, Dan
285Muresan, Ian Oversby, Göran Weinholt, Burton Samograd, Reed Sheridan, Alex Shinn, Sunnan, Zbigniew
286Szadkowski and Peter Wright for their helpful contributions, suggestions and bug reports!
291- Many many bugfixes
292- compiler:
293  * new option `-profile-name FILENAME'
294- the `chicken-config' script has been removed, identical functionality can be provided
295  by `csc'
296- csc:
297  * new option `-objc' compiles generated C files in Objective-C mode
298  * accepts .m files and handles the case when only object files are given
299  * new options `-framework', `-F<dir>' and `-rpath'
300  * options `-home', `-cflags', `-ldflags', `-libs', `-cc-name' and `-ld-name'
301- chicken-setup:
302  * detects whether eggs are gzipped or not and accepts ungzipped eggs
303  * if no other actions are specified and no eggs are given on the command line, then
304    all .setup scripts in the current directory are executed
305  * added `setup-build-directory' and `setup-root-directory' parameters
306  * helper procedures `copy-file', `move-file', `remove-file' and `create-directory'
307- csi commands `,s', `,l' and `,ln' accept multiple inputs, the `trace'/`untrace'
308  macros have been replaced byy the toplevel commands `,tr' and `,utr'
309- new toplevel commands in csi can be defined with the `toplevel-command' procedure
310- `extension-info' has been renamed to `extension-information'. The old name is
311  still available, but deprecated
312- `print-backtrace' has been renamed to `print-call-chain'. The old name is still
313  available (and deprecated)
314- `transcript-on' and `transcript-off' are no longer supported
315- New macro `define-for-syntax'
316- library:
317  (get-call-chain [DEPTH])
318  (current-read-table)
319  (copy-read-table READ-TABLE)
320  (current-gc-milliseconds)
321  `print-error-message' writes now to the current output-port, not the error port
322  `number-string' does now a slightly better job converting large exact integers
323  with non-decimal base
324- extras:
325  (each PROC ...)
326  `hash-table-ref' throws (exn access) on error
327- posix:
328  (local-time->seconds TIME)
329  (utc-time->seconds TIME)
330  (local-timezone-abbreviation)
331  `directory' takes optional path and dotfiles arguments
332  `[group|system]-information' return lists instead of multiple values
333- tcp:
334  (tcp-port-numbers PORT)
335- `set-dispatch-read-syntax!' has been renamed to `set-sharp-read-syntax!' (the old
336  name is still available but deprecated)
337- evaluated code generates call-trace information (as compiled code does), which
338  results in much better back-traces.
339- new foreign types `[unsigned-]int32' and `[unsigned-]integer32'
340- added SRFI-17 setters for many accessors of the core libraries
341- tinyclos: added a couple of missing classes for core library structures
342- `let[*]-values' is now SRFI-11 compliant
343- the finalizer-table is now resized dynamically, which speeds up code that uses
344  very many finalizers [Thanks to Zbigniew Szadkowski]
345- reloading compiled code dynamically does basically work (but still leaks memory)
346- the manual contains a section on pattern matching
347- libffi is used by default, when available
348- CHICKEN has now experimental support for the "CMake" build system <>
349  Many thanks to Bill Hoffmann from Kitware and Brandon van Every for helping with this
350- added compiler/runtime support for object serialization via the `s11n' extension
351  (see <>)
353Sergey Khorev has offered to help with maintaining the Windows port of CHICKEN.
354Thanks, Sergey!
356Many thanks Jean-Francois Bignolles, Patrick Brannan, Adam Buchbinder, Hans Bulfone, Category 5,
357John Cowan, datrus, Guillaume Germaine, Mario Domenech Goulart, Daniel B. Faken, Andrey Fomichev,
358Jarod Eells, Sven Hartrumpf, David Janssens, Daishi Kato, Levi Pearson, Pupeno, Eric Raible, Benedikt
359Rosenau, Reed Sheridan, Zbigniew Szadkowski and Mark Wutka for their helpful contributions,
360suggestions and bug reports!
362Special thanks to Kon Lovett for fixing countless open issues and many useful sugestions.
367- Many bugfixes
368- The read-syntax `#+X Y' is provided as a shorthand for `(cond-expand (X Y) (else))'
369- `foreign-parse' and `foreign-parse/spec' have been removed
370- lolevel: Executable byte-vector stuff has been removed
371- SRFIs 28, 31, 62 and 69 are now officially supported
372- New compiler option `-extension' simplifies static compilation of eggs
373- csc: changed `-E' to `-P', `-E' is now an alias for `-extension'
374- Embedding:
375  * All the `entry-point' related things have been removed, as has been `define-embedded',
376    calling Scheme from C is now exclusively done with callbacks
377  * Integrated boilerplate embedding API into the `eval' unit
378  * Added `CHICKEN_continue' API function
379  * Default "stub" toplevel (`CHICKEN_default_toplevel') allows embedding without a
380    separate Scheme file
381  * Different stack-levels during invocation of CHICKEN_run or callbacks could result
382    in crashes - this is now detected (or can be checked manually)
383- Added extension-specifier `(version ...)'
384- New FFI macros `foreign-declare', `foreign-parse' and `foreign-parse/declare' replace
385  the declaration-specifiers of the same name
386- Hash-table resizing was ridiculously slow, and should now be much faster
387- `define-foreign-record' handles recursive structures
388- `require-extension' is now available by default, and so can be used with the
389  plain Scheme evaluator
390- Procedures now contain some basic debug information, unless a file was compiled
391  with `-no-lambda-info'
392- compiler: `-debug-level 2' is now the default (enables trace- and lambda-info)
393- chicken-setup:
394  * handles direct downloads from arbitrary URLs
395  * HTML documentation for eggs can now be included into the egg and will be installed
396    in the repository (using the `documentation' info-property)
397  * `chicken-setup -docindex' shows path of generated documentation index for all
398    installed eggs
399- extras:
400  * SRFI-69 is now fully supported, note that THIS WILL BREAK EXISTING CODE, since
401    the API is not compatible to the previous one
402  * `clear-hash-table!', `get' and `put!' are gone
403  * `read-file' accepts optional reader procedure and max count
404  * `read-lines' accepts filename instead of port
405- library:
406  * `signum' is now exactness-preserving
407  * `procedure-information' returns some basic debug info for a given procedure
408  * Added `(warning MESSAGE ARGUMENTS ...)'
409  * `(promise? X)'
410- posix:
411  * `(current-directory DIR)' is equivalent to `(change-directory DIR)'
412- regex:
413  * `pattern->regexp' has been renamed to `glob->regexp'
414- The `format' library unit has been removed from the base system and is noww available
415  separately
416- SRFI-17, on the other hand has been moved into the base system
417- String literals and the print-names of symbol literals are now allocated in static
418  (non-GC'd) memory
419- If static or shared build is disabled, no `...-static' executables will be generated
422Many thanks to Ashley Bone, Thomas Chust, John Cowan, Alejandro Forero Cuervo, Daniel Faken, Sven
423Hartrumpf, Daishi Kato, Sergey Khorev, Kon Lovett, Gene Pavlovsky, Reed Sheridan and Ed Watkeys for
424their helpful contributions, suggestions and bug reports!
429- Many bugfixes
430- Loads of minor improvements (better error messages, more warnings, more error
431  checks, etc.)
432- On systems supported by the "libffi" library, the 128-argument limit can
433  be exceeded (currently to an arbitrary maximum of 1000). To take advantage
434  of this, add `--with-libffi' to the configuration options when building
435  chicken
436- The `libsrfi-chicken' and `libstuffed-chicken' libraries have been folded
437  into `libchicken', so only a single library is linked with generated
438  executables, which greatly simplifies and speeds up the build process.
439  It is recommended to remove any traced of `libstuffed-chicken.*' and
440  `libsrfi-chicken.*' before installing a new release. This requires also
441  to reinstall all eggs (extension libraries).
442- The compiler is able to inline more procedure calls
443- Implicit non-multival continuations (like in `begin' or 'let') accept multiple
444  values and discard all but the first value
445- finalization should actually work now and is much more efficient (unless
446  used excessively)
447- csi:
448  `advise' has been removed
449  `-eval' implies `-batch' and `-quiet'
450  added `-require-extension'
451  short option names are now supported and may be collapsed, if unambigous
452- New runtime options:
453  -:b (enter REPL on error)
454  -:B (ring bell on every major GC)
455  -:fNNN (set pending finalizer maximum limit)
456- New compiler options:
457  -accumulate-profile
458  -inline
459  -inline-limit
460  -emit-external-prototypes-first
461- The compiler-option `-require-for-syntax' has been renamed to `-require-extension'
462  and is the same as putting a `(require-extension ...)' form directly into the code
463- Removed compiler- and interpreter option `-no-feature'
464- New declarations:
465  (lambda-lift)
466  ([not] inline)
467  (inline-limit LIMIT)
468  (emit-external-prototypes-first)
469  ([not] check-c-syntax)
470- `foreign-callback-lambda[*]' has been renamed to `foreign-safe-lambda[*]' - the
471  old names are still valid but deprecated
472- New foreign type specifier `scheme-pointer' (the same as `pointer', which is
473  deprecated now)
474- Easy FFI:
475  `___scheme_pointer' and `___byte_vector' pseudo types
476  `___pointer' and `___length' markers
477  `default_renaming' and `opaque' pseudo declarations
478  `___inout' and `___out' argument markers work also for C++ reference types
479  Recognizes `C_word' and `size_t'
480- The reader supports selective case sensitive/insensitive reading using the
481  `#cs...' and `#ci...' syntax (as supported in PLT Scheme)
482- `\uXXXX' and `\UXXXXXXXX' escape-sequences for string literals
483- `#\UXXXXXXXX' character literal syntax
484- `\v', `\a' and `\f' escape sequences and `#\delete', `#\esc', `#\alarm', `#\vtab'
485  and `#\nul' character literals
486- `chicken-setup' supports proxy connections via the `-proxy' option
487- library:
488  (set-dynamic-load-mode! MODE)
489  `(end-of-file)' has been removed (use `#!eof' instead)
490- The alternative continuation API described in Marc Feeley's paper
491  "A better API for first class continuations" is supported natively:
492  (continuation-capture PROC)
493  (continuation-graft K THUNK)
494  (continuation-return K VALUE ...)
495  (continuation? X)
496- `foreign-primitive' and `define-extension' macros
497- tinyclos:
498  (instance-of? X)
499  `define-method' specializes on all arguments and allows DSSSL keyword argument lists
500- eval:
501  (set-dispatch-read-syntax! CHAR PROC)
502- extras:
503  (hash-table-update! HT KEY PROC INIT)
504  (hash-table-exists? HT KEY)
505  (hash-table-values HT)
506  (hash-table-keys HT)
507  (alist->hash-table ALIST [TEST SIZE])
508  `hash-table->list' has been renamed to `hash-table->alist
509  `hash-table-for-each' takes the arguments in reversed order (the old order is still
510  valid but deprecated)
511  Hash-tables support now user-defined hash functions
512- posix:
513  (file-link OLD NEW)
514  (symbolic-link? FILENAME)
515  (regular-file? FILENAME)
516  errno/exist
517  `process' and `process-execute' allow passing an environment
518- regex:
519  (regexp-escape STR)
520- tcp:
521  (tcp-listener-fileno LISTENER)
522- utils:
523  (port-for-each FN THUNK)
524  (port-map FN THUNK)
525- On Windows, the batch file `win-install.bat' can be used to install the system
526  into the desired location
527- Building Chicken on Windows with the free development tools from Microsoft (VCToolkit,
528  Platform Core SDK) has been tested and is documented in the file `vctk-install.txt'
529- The `-script-meta' option has been removed
530- The srfi-25 and srfi-37 library units and the test-infrastructure facility have been
531  removed from the core system and is now separately available as an extensions (eggs)
532- The syntax-case macro and module system has been removed and also available as an
533  extension. This implies that all compiler- and interpreter options related to hygienic
534  macros and syntax-case are gone as well.
535- All strictness compiler- and interpreter options (and the `strict-reader' parameter)
536  have been removed
537- the `examples' directory and its contents have been removed from the distribution
540Many thanks to William Annis, Mark Baily, Peter Bex, Dominique Boucher, Patrick Brannan,
541Thomas Chust, Alejandro Forero Cuervo, Graham Fawcett, Damian Gryski, Sven Hartrumpf,
542Hans Huebner, Christian Jaeger, Dale Jordan, Daishi Kato, Sergey Khorev, Krysztof Kowalczyk,
543Goran Krampe, John Lenz, Kon Lovett, Scott G. Miller, Julian Morrison, Nicolas Pelletier,
544Carlos Pita, Benedikt Rosenau, Andreas Rottmann, Reed Sheridan, Alex Shinn, Andrey Sidorenko,
545Michele Simionato, Volker Stolz, Sunnan, Zbigniew Szadkowski, Andre van Tonder, Henrik
546Tramberend and Mark Wutka for their helpful contributions, suggestions and bug reports!
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