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1ANN.: CHICKEN 4.0.0
3Version 4.0.0 of CHICKEN, the portable and practical Scheme system has
4been released. In addition to many bugfixes and cleaning up, it provides
5the following significant changes:
7- PCRE has been replaced by Alex Shinn's excellent "IrRegex" regular
8  expression package (while still being API compatible to the old
9  regular expression subsystem)
11- New implementations of tools to download, build and install extension
12  libraries, which are easier to use and provide more flexibility
14- The macro system has been completely rewritten and is now fully
15  hygienic with highlevel R5RS "syntax-rules" macros and low level
16  "explicit renaming" macros that allow full control over hygienie;
17  "define-macro" is not available anymore
19- A module system has been implemented that fully supports hygienic
20  macros and still integrates with separate and cross compilation
22- Experimental support for cross-module inlining
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