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1Since version 2.2-1 I decided to drop the old packaging scheme with chicken
2and chicken-dev packages and now we have a libchicken0 package, with runtime
3libs, a libchicken-dev package, with header and static libs and, finally, a
4chicken-bin package that contains the tools.
5chicken-bin needs to depend on both libchicken0 (the compiler is linked against
6it) and on libchicken-dev to be able to compile scm files into C ones: I know
7that this is not a real common approach, but the alternative (merge -bin and
8-dev package) would be probably uglier because we will need to depend on both
9libpcre3 and libpcre3-dev!
10If you want to discuss a better approach feel free to contact me.
12Davide Puricelli <>
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