Ticket #879: check.log

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Log of entire make check run.

1mingw32-make[1]: Entering directory `c:/Dev/_src/chicken/trunk'
4chicken.exe  .\build-version.scm -optimize-level 2 -include-path . -include-path .\ -inline -ignore-repository -feature chicken-bootstrap -no-warnings -specialize -types .\types.db   -explicit-use -no-trace -output-file build-version.c
5gcc -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -c -march=native -O2 -IC:/Dev/MinGW32/include -IC:/Dev/GnuWin32/include -DPIC -DC_BUILDING_LIBCHICKEN build-version.c -o build-version.o -I. -I.\
6gcc -Wl,--enable-auto-import -shared -Wl,--out-implib,libchicken.dll.a \
7  -o libchicken.dll library.o eval.o data-structures.o ports.o files.o extras.o lolevel.o utils.o tcp.o srfi-1.o srfi-4.o srfi-13.o srfi-14.o srfi-18.o srfi-69.o posixwin.o irregex.o scheduler.o profiler.o stub.o expand.o modules.o chicken-syntax.o chicken-ffi-syntax.o build-version.o runtime.o apply-hack.x86.o -lm -lws2_32
8Creating library file: libchicken.dll.a
9gcc -Wl,--enable-auto-import -L. chicken.o batch-driver.o compiler.o optimizer.o compiler-syntax.o scrutinizer.o support.o c-platform.o c-backend.o -o chicken.exe \
10          -lchicken  -lm -lws2_32
11gcc -Wl,--enable-auto-import -L. csi.o  -o csi.exe -lchicken  -lm -lws2_32
12gcc -Wl,--enable-auto-import -L. csc.o  -o csc.exe -lchicken  -lm -lws2_32
13cd tests & runtests.bat
15        1 file(s) copied.
16Could Not Find c:\Dev\_src\chicken\trunk\foo.import.*
17======================================== compiler tests ...
18..\chicken "compiler-tests.scm" -output-file "a.c" -verbose -include-path ..
20Note: global variable `foo#bar' is only locally visible and never used
22Note: global variable `bla#blabla' is only locally visible and never used
23"gcc" "a.c" -o "a.o" -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -march=native -O2 -IC:/Dev/MinGW32/include -IC:/Dev/GnuWin32/include -I.. -I"C:/Dev/Chicken/include/chicken"
24rm a.c
25"gcc" "a.o" -o "a.out" -Wl,--enable-auto-import -LC:/Dev/MinGW32/lib -LC:/Dev/GnuWin32/lib -L.. -L"C:/Dev/Chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -lws2_32
26rm a.o
331 2 3
341 2 3 :1:2:3
351 2 3
36Good, unrepresentable C strings cause errors
37======================================== compiler inlining tests  ...
38..\chicken "inlining-tests.scm" -output-file "a.c" -verbose -include-path .. -optimize-level 3
39"gcc" "a.c" -o "a.o" -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -march=native -O2 -IC:/Dev/MinGW32/include -IC:/Dev/GnuWin32/include -I.. -I"C:/Dev/Chicken/include/chicken"
40rm a.c
41"gcc" "a.o" -o "a.out" -Wl,--enable-auto-import -LC:/Dev/MinGW32/lib -LC:/Dev/GnuWin32/lib -L.. -L"C:/Dev/Chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -lws2_32
42rm a.o
43======================================== scrutiny tests ...
44..\chicken "typematch-tests.scm" -output-file "a.c" -verbose -include-path .. -specialize -no-warnings
45"gcc" "a.c" -o "a.o" -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -march=native -O2 -IC:/Dev/MinGW32/include -IC:/Dev/GnuWin32/include -w -I.. -I"C:/Dev/Chicken/include/chicken"
46rm a.c
47"gcc" "a.o" -o "a.out" -Wl,--enable-auto-import -LC:/Dev/MinGW32/lib -LC:/Dev/GnuWin32/lib -L.. -L"C:/Dev/Chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -lws2_32
48rm a.o
49check fixnum 123
50check string abc
51check symbol (quote abc)
52check char x
53check boolean #t
54check number (+ 1 2)
55check (list fixnum) (quote (1))
56check (list symbol) (quote (a))
57check (list fixnum) (list 1)
58check pair (quote (1 . 2))
59check procedure +
60check vector (quote #(1))
61check null (quote ())
62check input-port (current-input-port)
63check blob (make-blob 10)
64check pointer (address->pointer 0)
65check pointer-vector (make-pointer-vector 1)
66check locative (make-locative a)
67check (struct promise) (##sys#make-structure (quote promise))
68check (pair fixnum float) (quote (1 . 2.3))
69check (vector symbol) (quote #(a))
70check (list string) (quote (ok))
71specialize fixnum
72specialize not fixnum
73specialize string
74specialize not string
75specialize symbol
76specialize not symbol
77specialize char
78specialize not char
79specialize boolean
80specialize not boolean
81specialize (list fixnum)
82specialize not (list fixnum)
83specialize pair
84specialize not pair
85specialize procedure
86specialize not procedure
87specialize (vector fixnum)
88specialize not (vector fixnum)
89specialize null
90specialize not null
91specialize undefined
92specialize not undefined
93specialize input-port
94specialize not input-port
95specialize blob
96specialize not blob
97specialize pointer
98specialize not pointer
99specialize pointer-vector
100specialize not pointer-vector
101specialize locative
102specialize not locative
103specialize (struct promise)
104specialize not (struct promise)
105specialize (pair fixnum float)
106specialize not (pair fixnum float)
107specialize (vector symbol)
108specialize not (vector symbol)
109specialize (or (list fixnum) symbol)
110specialize not (or (list fixnum) symbol)
111specialize (list fixnum)
112specialize not (list fixnum)
113specialize (or null pair)
114specialize not (or null pair)
115check predicate boolean boolean?
116check predicate boolean boolean?
117check predicate pair pair?
118check predicate null null?
119check predicate symbol symbol?
120check predicate number number?
121check predicate number number?
122check predicate fixnum exact?
123check predicate number real?
124check predicate number complex?
125check predicate float inexact?
126check predicate char char?
127check predicate string string?
128check predicate vector vector?
129check predicate procedure procedure?
130check predicate blob blob?
131check predicate (struct condition) condition?
132check predicate fixnum fixnum?
133check predicate float flonum?
134check predicate input-port input-port?
135check predicate pointer-vector pointer-vector?
136check predicate pointer pointer?
137(procedure (*) *) != (procedure () *)
138(procedure () *) != (procedure (*) *)
139(procedure (#!rest) . *) = (procedure (*) . *)
140(procedure (*) . *) = (procedure (#!rest) . *)
141(procedure () *) != (procedure () * *)
142(procedure () * *) != (procedure () *)
143..\chicken "scrutiny-tests.scm" -output-file "a.c" -verbose -include-path .. -scrutinize -ignore-repository -types ..\\types.db -verbose
144"gcc" "a.c" -o "a.o" -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -march=native -O2 -IC:/Dev/MinGW32/include -IC:/Dev/GnuWin32/include -I.. -I"C:/Dev/Chicken/include/chicken"
145rm a.c
146"gcc" "a.o" -o "a.out" -Wl,--enable-auto-import -LC:/Dev/MinGW32/lib -LC:/Dev/GnuWin32/lib -L.. -L"C:/Dev/Chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -lws2_32
147rm a.o
148Comparing files scrutiny.expected and SCRUTINY.OUT
149FC: no differences encountered
151..\chicken "scrutiny-tests-2.scm" -output-file "a.c" -verbose -include-path .. -scrutinize -analyze-only -ignore-repository -types ..\\types.db -verbose
152Comparing files scrutiny-2.expected and SCRUTINY-2.OUT
153FC: no differences encountered
155======================================== specialization tests ...
156Could Not Find c:\Dev\_src\chicken\trunk\tests\foo.types
157..\chicken "specialization-test-1.scm" -output-file "a.c" -verbose -include-path .. -emit-type-file foo.types -specialize -debug ox -emit-import-library foo
158hiding nonexported module bindings: foo#spec
159hiding nonexported module bindings: foo#spec14
160generating import library `foo.import.scm' for module `foo' ...
161eliminated procedure checks: 5
163  1 (foo#spec fixnum)
164  1 (= fixnum fixnum)
165  1 (foo#bar fixnum)
166  2 (zero? fixnum)
167safe globals: (foo#bar foo#foo)
169Note: global variable `foo#spec' is only locally visible and never used
170Removed `not' forms: 1
171removed side-effect free assignment to unused variable: foo#spec
172contracted procedure: k248
173contracted procedure: foo#spec14
174substituted constant variable: a266
175substituted constant variable: a275
176substituted constant variable: a273
177replaced variables: 9
178removed binding forms: 5
179substituted constant variable: x17
180folded constant expression: (+ (quote 1) (quote 1))
181replaced variables: 1
182removed binding forms: 12
183removed binding forms: 3
184contracted procedure: k264
185removed binding forms: 1
186substituted constant variable: a263
187folded constant expression: (= (quote 2) (quote 2))
188contracted procedure: k257
189removed binding forms: 2
190substituted constant variable: r258
191removed conditional forms: 1
192contracted procedure: k234
193removed binding forms: 2
194removed binding forms: 1
195simplifications: ((##core#call . 6))
196  call simplifications:
197    eq? 3
198    list
199    set-cdr!
200    list?
201contracted procedure: k236
202contracted procedure: k238
203contracted procedure: k248
204contracted procedure: k267
205contracted procedure: k276
206contracted procedure: k285
207simplifications: ((let . 1))
208removed binding forms: 6
209calls to known targets: 4
210"gcc" "a.c" -o "a.o" -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -march=native -O2 -IC:/Dev/MinGW32/include -IC:/Dev/GnuWin32/include -I.. -I"C:/Dev/Chicken/include/chicken"
211rm a.c
212"gcc" "a.o" -o "a.out" -Wl,--enable-auto-import -LC:/Dev/MinGW32/lib -LC:/Dev/GnuWin32/lib -L.. -L"C:/Dev/Chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -lws2_32
213rm a.o
214foo: 1
215bar: 1.
216..\chicken "specialization-test-2.scm" -output-file "a.c" -verbose -include-path .. -types foo.types -specialize -debug ox
217eliminated procedure checks: 3
219  1 (##sys#call-with-values (procedure () *) *)
220  1 (zero? fixnum)
221  1 (= fixnum fixnum)
222  1 (foo#bar fixnum)
223substituted constant variable: a277
224substituted constant variable: a275
225replaced variables: 8
226removed binding forms: 1
227removed binding forms: 10
228simplifications: ((##core#call . 5))
229  call simplifications:
230    ##sys#apply
231    car
232    string-length
233    eq? 2
234contracted procedure: k211
235contracted procedure: k217
236contracted procedure: k269
237removed binding forms: 3
238calls to known targets: 2
239"gcc" "a.c" -o "a.o" -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -march=native -O2 -IC:/Dev/MinGW32/include -IC:/Dev/GnuWin32/include -I.. -I"C:/Dev/Chicken/include/chicken"
240rm a.c
241"gcc" "a.o" -o "a.out" -Wl,--enable-auto-import -LC:/Dev/MinGW32/lib -LC:/Dev/GnuWin32/lib -L.. -L"C:/Dev/Chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -lws2_32
242rm a.o
243======================================== specialization benchmark ...
244..\chicken "fft.scm" -output-file "fft1.c" -verbose -include-path .. -optimize-level 2 -local -debug-level 0 -disable-interrupts -block
245"gcc" "fft1.c" -o "fft1.o" -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -march=native -O2 -IC:/Dev/MinGW32/include -IC:/Dev/GnuWin32/include -I.. -I"C:/Dev/Chicken/include/chicken"
246rm fft1.c
247"gcc" "fft1.o" -o "fft1" -Wl,--enable-auto-import -LC:/Dev/MinGW32/lib -LC:/Dev/GnuWin32/lib -L.. -L"C:/Dev/Chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -lws2_32
248rm fft1.o
249..\chicken "fft.scm" -output-file "fft2.c" -verbose -include-path .. -optimize-level 2 -local -specialize -debug x -debug-level 0 -disable-interrupts -block -specialize
250"gcc" "fft2.c" -o "fft2.o" -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -march=native -O2 -IC:/Dev/MinGW32/include -IC:/Dev/GnuWin32/include -I.. -I"C:/Dev/Chicken/include/chicken"
251rm fft2.c
252"gcc" "fft2.o" -o "fft2" -Wl,--enable-auto-import -LC:/Dev/MinGW32/lib -LC:/Dev/GnuWin32/lib -L.. -L"C:/Dev/Chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -lws2_32
253rm fft2.o
256======================================== callback tests ...
257..\chicken "callback-tests.scm" -output-file "a.c" -verbose -include-path ..
258"gcc" "a.c" -o "a.o" -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -march=native -O2 -IC:/Dev/MinGW32/include -IC:/Dev/GnuWin32/include -I.. -I"C:/Dev/Chicken/include/chicken"
259rm a.c
260"gcc" "a.o" -o "a.out" -Wl,--enable-auto-import -LC:/Dev/MinGW32/lib -LC:/Dev/GnuWin32/lib -L.. -L"C:/Dev/Chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -lws2_32
261rm a.o
262callbacks ...
264callbacks ...
267[panic] callback returned twice - execution terminated
269callback-tests.scm:16: print
271callback-tests.scm:17: ##sys#gc
272callback-tests.scm:17: g11
273callback-tests.scm:7: call/cc
274callback-tests.scm:9: print
275callback-tests.scm:19: command-line-arguments
276callback-tests.scm:20: k1
277callback-tests.scm:9: print     <--
278double-return from callback failed as it should.
279======================================== runtime tests ...
280many arguments supported.
281..\chicken "test-gc-hooks.scm" -output-file "a.c" -verbose -include-path ..
282"gcc" "a.c" -o "a.o" -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -march=native -O2 -IC:/Dev/MinGW32/include -IC:/Dev/GnuWin32/include -I.. -I"C:/Dev/Chicken/include/chicken"
283rm a.c
284"gcc" "a.o" -o "a.out" -Wl,--enable-auto-import -LC:/Dev/MinGW32/lib -LC:/Dev/GnuWin32/lib -L.. -L"C:/Dev/Chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -lws2_32
285rm a.o
286major gc ...
287>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=0, count=0
288[GC] level  1   gcs(minor)  4   gcs(major)  1
289[GC] stack      0x0024fea0      0x00287af4      0x0028fea0
290[GC]  from      0x0201d0e0      0x02038588      0x0205a170      0x0001b4a8
291[GC]    to      0x01fe0048      0x01fe0048      0x0201d0d8
292[GC] 0 locatives (from 32)
293<<<<< GC post hook - mode=1, count=0, ms=1
294minor gc ...
295>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=0, count=0
296<<<<< GC post hook - mode=0, count=0, ms=0
297alloc ...
298>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=0, count=0
299[GC] level  1   gcs(minor)  1   gcs(major)  2
300[GC] stack      0x0024fea0      0x0028f114      0x0028fea0
301[GC]  from      0x01fe0048      0x01ffb4f0      0x0201d0d8      0x0001b4a8
302[GC]    to      0x0201d0e0      0x0201d0e0      0x0205a170
303[GC] 0 locatives (from 32)
304<<<<< GC post hook - mode=1, count=0, ms=0
305>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=2, count=0
306[GC] (old) fromspace:   start=0x01fe0048,       limit=0x0201d0d8
307[GC] (old) tospace:     start=0x0201d0e0,       limit=0x0205a170
308[GC] resized heap to 11000004 bytes
309[GC] (new) fromspace:   start=0x020e0020,       limit=0x0261ec82
310[GC] (new) tospace:     start=0x02620020,       limit=0x02b5ec82
311<<<<< GC post hook - mode=2, count=0, ms=0
312>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=2, count=0
313[GC] (old) fromspace:   start=0x020e0020,       limit=0x0261ec82
314[GC] (old) tospace:     start=0x02620020,       limit=0x02b5ec82
315[GC] resized heap to 32000012 bytes
316[GC] (new) fromspace:   start=0x02b60020,       limit=0x03aa2426
317[GC] (new) tospace:     start=0x03ab0020,       limit=0x049f2426
318<<<<< GC post hook - mode=2, count=0, ms=0
319resize ...
320>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=2, count=0
321[GC] (old) fromspace:   start=0x02b60020,       limit=0x03aa2426
322[GC] (old) tospace:     start=0x03ab0020,       limit=0x049f2426
323[GC] resized heap to 64000024 bytes
324[GC] (new) fromspace:   start=0x04a00020,       limit=0x0688482c
325[GC] (new) tospace:     start=0x020e0020,       limit=0x03f6482c
326<<<<< GC post hook - mode=2, count=0, ms=0
327major gc ...
328>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=0, count=0
329>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=2, count=1
330[GC] (old) fromspace:   start=0x04a00020,       limit=0x0688482c
331[GC] (old) tospace:     start=0x020e0020,       limit=0x03f6482c
332[GC] resized heap to 32000012 bytes
333[GC] (new) fromspace:   start=0x06890020,       limit=0x077d2426
334[GC] (new) tospace:     start=0x020e0020,       limit=0x03022426
335<<<<< GC post hook - mode=2, count=1, ms=0
336[GC] level  1   gcs(minor)  0   gcs(major)  3
337[GC] stack      0x0024fea0      0x0028e594      0x0028fea0
338[GC]  from      0x06890020      0x068ab4c8      0x077d2426      0x0001b4a8
339[GC]    to      0x020e0020      0x020e0020      0x03022426
340[GC] 0 locatives (from 32)
341<<<<< GC post hook - mode=1, count=0, ms=0
342minor gc ...
343>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=0, count=0
344<<<<< GC post hook - mode=0, count=0, ms=0
345>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=0, count=0
346>>>>> GC pre hook - mode=2, count=1
347[GC] (old) fromspace:   start=0x06890020,       limit=0x077d2426
348[GC] (old) tospace:     start=0x020e0020,       limit=0x03022426
349[GC] resized heap to 16000006 bytes
350[GC] (new) fromspace:   start=0x03030020,       limit=0x037d1223
351[GC] (new) tospace:     start=0x020e0020,       limit=0x02881223
352<<<<< GC post hook - mode=2, count=1, ms=0
353[GC] level  1   gcs(minor)  1   gcs(major)  4
354[GC] stack      0x0024fea0      0x0028f9e4      0x0028fea0
355[GC]  from      0x03030020      0x0304b4f4      0x037d1223      0x0001b4d4
356[GC]    to      0x020e0020      0x020e0020      0x02881223
357[GC] 0 locatives (from 32)
358<<<<< GC post hook - mode=1, count=0, ms=1
359======================================== library tests ...
360..\chicken "library-tests.scm" -output-file "a.c" -verbose -include-path .. -specialize
362Warning: in local unknown procedure,
363  in local unknown procedure,
364  in toplevel unknown procedure:
365  (library-tests.scm:27) in procedure call to `finite?', expected argument #1 of type `number', but was given an argument of type `symbol'
367Warning: in local unknown procedure,
368  in local unknown procedure,
369  in toplevel unknown procedure:
370  (library-tests.scm:51) in procedure call to `exact?', expected argument #1 of type `number', but was given an argument of type `symbol'
372Warning: in local unknown procedure,
373  in local unknown procedure,
374  in toplevel unknown procedure:
375  (library-tests.scm:55) in procedure call to `inexact?', expected argument #1 of type `number', but was given an argument of type `symbol'
377Warning: in local unknown procedure,
378  in local unknown procedure,
379  in toplevel unknown procedure:
380  (library-tests.scm:95) in procedure call to `even?', expected argument #1 of type `number', but was given an argument of type `symbol'
382Warning: in local unknown procedure,
383  in local unknown procedure,
384  in toplevel unknown procedure:
385  (library-tests.scm:96) in procedure call to `odd?', expected argument #1 of type `number', but was given an argument of type `symbol'
386"gcc" "a.c" -o "a.o" -c  -fno-strict-aliasing -fwrapv -DHAVE_CHICKEN_CONFIG_H -DC_ENABLE_PTABLES -march=native -O2 -IC:/Dev/MinGW32/include -IC:/Dev/GnuWin32/include -I.. -I"C:/Dev/Chicken/include/chicken"
387rm a.c
388"gcc" "a.o" -o "a.out" -Wl,--enable-auto-import -LC:/Dev/MinGW32/lib -LC:/Dev/GnuWin32/lib -L.. -L"C:/Dev/Chicken/lib" -lchicken -lm -lws2_32
389rm a.o
391Error: (library-tests.scm:204) assertion failed: (= (atan 42. 1.2) (fpatan2 42. 1.2))
393        Call history:
395        library-tests.scm:186: number->string     
396        library-tests.scm:186: g820       
397        library-tests.scm:186: number->string     
398        library-tests.scm:186: g820       
399        library-tests.scm:186: number->string     
400        library-tests.scm:186: g820       
401        library-tests.scm:186: number->string     
402        library-tests.scm:186: g820       
403        library-tests.scm:186: number->string     
404        library-tests.scm:186: g820       
405        library-tests.scm:186: number->string     
406        library-tests.scm:186: g820       
407        library-tests.scm:186: number->string     
408        library-tests.scm:186: g820       
409        library-tests.scm:186: number->string     
410        library-tests.scm:204: ##sys#error              <--
411mingw32-make[1]: *** [check] Error 1
412mingw32-make[1]: Leaving directory `c:/Dev/_src/chicken/trunk'
413mingw32-make: *** [check] Error 2