Ticket #1785: csc-man-page-static-libs.patch

File csc-man-page-static-libs.patch, 385 bytes (added by tkurtbond, 3 years ago)

Patch for csc.mdoc to replace mention of -static-libs with -static.

  • csc.mdoc

    diff --git a/csc.mdoc b/csc.mdoc
    index 1e45a00c..60523331 100644
    a b Select a C compiler other than the default. 
    272272Select a C++ compiler other than the default.
    273273.It Fl ld Ar COMPILER
    274274Select a linker other than the default.
    275 .It Fl static-libs
     275.It Fl static
    276276Link with static CHICKEN libraries and extensions.
    277277.It Fl F Ns Ar <DIR>